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    i love shopping..super shoppaholic~!!!!<br />my all time favourite~~<br />cosmetic..spicy food lover..fashion magazine..online etc..
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  2. *th3Ng*


    may i know where the Diva located in 1U..?? near where..which floor..??
  3. hey dear..sorry for my late reply ya.. top 25 sold edi..sorry.. for jeans 02..its still available.. ok..i'll giv u the measurement n model pic asap..n oso the price..
  4. hi dear..sorry for my so so late reply..being very busy lately.. here are the model pics tat u required..
  5. kire~sweet pic wif ur bf.. lisa~pretty..n i like the efferct after edit.. next time teach me..
  6. thankss everyone for the complimentss.. muacksss..
  7. dear..the bag 07 was sold edi..sorry ya.. and so sorry for my late reply.. glad tat u love it.. hehe..reply long time edi.. reply edi.. sweetie..just bank in the money to me..then i'll post the items to u. or we can COD at kl area..
  8. long time no post here..here's my outfir for tuesday at mid valley.. seldom dress like this..
  9. thankss sally~!!!! no ppl said me look like ayumi hamasaki..u are the 1st one..
  10. tEddysWinkLe~wow..very nice.. i like the color of eyeshadow very much..look really sweet.. and u really good in posting..hehe look cool
  11. strawberrybaby~nice nice..look very very natural~!!!!
  13. thankss dear lisa~!!! the shu eyebrow pencil i think is RM50++..cant remember the exact price.. hehe..should try..coz their eyebrow pencil very special, it sharpen different as other brand.. can help us draw eyebrow easily n nice nice. hehe..thankss sweetie~!!! shu eyebrow pencil is Rm50++, shu UV base is bout RM125 thankss for the compliments..sweetiess..muackss..
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