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  1. Have started to have appointments with Frank since Dec on regular basis after Ifieza advised to get Frank through email. I enjoy the appointments as this is one way to relieve my work stress
  2. Thanks to you Ifieza. I managed to get in touch with Frank through email. Same email. I had a great appointment over the weekend. I felt so good after a long lay off. Best part he gave a discount for me. I think December is off peak for him as many go on holidays. Thanks again folks.
  3. Thanks for letting me know that Franks no is not in use. Been trying for almost 2 months..never occured to email him....just want to have regular sessions with him. Was outstation for sometime. Guess email is the same....frank196656@yahoo.com Merry xmas to all
  4. Body massage@yoni massage@breast massage@oil massage@push up massage@tradisional massage@relaxing massage0183600511

  5. i started going back to Frank in Sept after a long layoff,, after that i think i have been a few times. The latest was last week when i was already near the place after work b ut heavy rain came. i waited for sometime in the car but the rain got heavier and even the umbrella never hepled. Lucky i had hot shower and a very satisfying massage. But i had to drive back in wet dress...LOL  
  6. Hi after a long time it feels good to have massage from Frank. Actually i have been to 2 others, once when in Penang and Malacca when i was on holiday. Somehow i get drawn to Frank. I cant actually describe it. I think it is his approach. 
  7. Hi Cynthia, how was the your appointment with Frank. My appointment with Frank last week was washed out due to the rain. Difficult for me to have appointment also as io some time work late. Must try him next Saturday. I understand that he is busy during weekends.
  8. Anybody had massage lately from Frank?..have not been to him for the past 2 months.
  9. [quote name='Jen Pei' timestamp='1305923672' post='595982'] Hi, does Frank charge very expensive? Where is the shop? Thank you! [/quote] [size="4"]Hi why don't you personally email to him. You can ask the details directly. Mail is frank196656@yahoo.com[/size]
  10. [size="4"]why so quiet nowadays....just feel like having another massage from Frank. Anybody here went to Frank lately?[/size]
  11. Hey, been away very long time from this forum. Whats new here....Anything interesting...Where is the topic heading to..As for me nothing new to report.. After a couple of months, I went for a session with Frank last week. I felt very good after that . Many months no massage lor.
  12. Hi Lina, I had a therapy with Frank over the weekend too. Wow Lina, i did not know whether we had the same therapy or somewhat similar therapy. But I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to have it again just before Christmas. I have 2 masseurs who I interchange depending on my moods. But now have decided to stick with Frank. Although rooms are expensive , it is really nice and spacious; I feel very safe. As I was the last person, he actually let me stay overnight in the room. Of course alone lah -no breakfast ha ha. I am thinking of having another session before Christmas,,,,,,due to holiday season and new year coming soon. I have friend wanting the massage but i am afraid to give the contact as she will know I am going to him. She wants a recommendation and I am wondering how to do it.
  13. [quote name='qatris' date='09 July 2010 - 07:50 PM' timestamp='1278672642' post='586052'] hi, i emailed him to enquire abt the massage ystrday. Im interestd to exp a sesn wth him mayb end of the mth. However im a lil sceptical on the venue. It's a no star hotel. Wher r u going to c him? Thx [/quote] hi quatris, I already had 2 sessions in 3 weeks with Frank. I enjoyed it so much that I went for another session with him. I had it in PJ a very good and clean place. I am already thinking of going again, may be in mid Sept 2010. If you want more info, you may email me at: woomichelle1981@yahoo.com. michellebabe
  14. Hi , i have already arranged an appointment this month end with Frank in PJ for a full body massage. I did not go for the past 3 months as i was overseas. The last appointment with him was some months back. It is good now that i am back to get into regular monthly session. I feel rejuvenated after each session. michellebabe1981
  15. [quote name='mixybabe' date='13 April 2010 - 10:56 AM' timestamp='1271127375' post='581620'] hi babes....how if i just want a firming massage...and not enlargement...can it be done? please advice.. [/quote] any muscles can be toned and firmed, including the breast although the breast also has adipose tissue. i recently had one from Frank . i felt good but i also think that physical excercises are also important.