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  1. I also went to Frank few days ago..he is good as usual but cautious because of covid. Planning to keep it monthly as I did not get chance.
  2. Hi...the MCO has made difficult for massages. The last appointment with Frank was in Dec 19. Till now not able to get one from Frank. To maintain safety he has stopped all appointment since January 20. I wanted to have one recently last week but he said will start accepting appointments from June. After being at home for such a long time ...longing to have one.
  3. Su...since I came back been a few times to Frank. Of course it is always nice to have a good session from Frank. Planning to have an appointment with Frank sometime next week..
  4. Hi it is really good to be back in station and thanks to Su. I met up with Frank and i felt so good. Was away for a while and really missed him. Now i am back it will be easier for appointments.
  5. Hope 2014 is  agood year for all of us...........work, health, propserity and peace.   Appt this coming weekend with Frank.
  6.   Lower back problem is very common...even I also have the pain. Frank has told me many times, posture is important. But I am  more comfortable not sitting straight. I know it is not good. The sad part is I also do not try to help myself. But I always feel better after massage from Frank. I always tell Frank to concentrate on that area. He not only obliges but is also a good masseur.   
  7. Hi Trisha, I have already been 7 times so far this year. Missed all this last year. Only once i tried a new therapist recommended here in June as my regular Frank was not able to give an appt. In fact i am continuing with Frank. Frank has not lost any of his touch yet...LOL. It is good also to get his opinion on many things.
  8. Hi thanks to the forum, i had a session with another masseur, contact obtained from forum. I tried him as i could not get Frank. But i still prefer Frank.
  9. Hi Lina, I have not been able to get Frank lately. Is he still around? Plan to get a massage this week
  10. Hi i was overseas for almost a year and just came back last month. Guess what after settling down here, I had a massage session from Frank last week and planning one more in 2 weeks time. Lot to catch up as I have not had a massage all these months.Sure I missed his massages, thats why doing catch up work. I have not been to this site for a very very long time. Not to worry folks, since I am around will post any developments.
  11. Hi Folks, It has been ages since i went to Frank. Was out of country for couple of months. Nevertheless, I met up with him for an appointment few days back. In fact, I pestered him for an appointment due to my schedule. I think he re-scheduled other appointments to accommodate me. Sorry folks, if it was your appointment. Honestly, I was craving for his full body massage (complete therapy). I really felt wonderful - felt it so good after a long miss.
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