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  1. Mother's milk is best for babies with supplements in consultation with paediatrician. That said, Dugro is not advisable for baby and children.
  2. I import my supplements because KL only has 1 of the four I require. I do not sell / market or offer any MLM network. I believe it is important to understand what we supplement body. Do you agree?
  3. You are welcome... you are such a sporting and nice Babe/Mod. Muah:)
  4. Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eye off your goal - Henry Ford
  5. Most members will vote for Cleo one... its one of the highest circulated English magazine in Malaysia. Somemore the babes like the... Most Eligible Bachelor, Cleo Cover Girl, and like Skye mention... the topics. Ask HuiChi... she can confirm
  6. next to KLCC (KL Convention Centre) Who wants to marry Anthem?
  7. Although I have not met Amber Chia in person... but I think her physical appearance is not super-pretty. However, she is very versatile and talented with pose. Some of her photoshot, cannot clearly tell its her... and she 'fits' in Not that I pro Amber Chia, but better to have her around then all the foreign models. Especially the slimming centres use alot of Hongkies... and some Singaporean... I prefer to see local babes... Siti Nurhaliza also nevermind Maybe the MyB babes should have an album... maybe DiGiCrox could put up a portfolio?? then advertisers can have more selection
  8. I believe Michelle is going to make the wise decision and get something simple and practical. If you dont mind my suggestion... we should start sharing with her tips to taking care of her new baby... + Get sit covers... even bed has bedsheet. + Do not leave anything valuable... Laptop/ Celphone in car or backsit... Lock them in the trunk. Sometimes thiefts will break the window and take simple stuff. + If you lost your car and have to make police report... (maybe you forgot to lock the car)... report as you locked it. Otherwise police might blame you for it. + Get handsfree kit for mobile phone... its just safer, besides avoid saman. + Remember to keep track when was your last engine oil change and when is your next. + Preferably use unleaded petrol... cleaner for engine and environment, even though less power for the engine. + Always tell other drivers if you are making a turn... use signal. Dont take forgranted. You communicate with them, they avoid accident. + When in car, always keep your car door lock, avoid car-jackers. + If people bang your car, u see all of them are men like samseng. write down their license plate and go to the nearest police station to make a report. They could be trying to trick you, just to rob / carjack. + If you see a piece of newspaper on the road, somewhat deserted.... dont roll over it.... try to drive around... it could be covering the road with nails to puncture your tyre and then get you to stop your car. + If you bang someone and the damage is minor. Offer to send his/her car to mechanic and agree to the cost of repair and pay for it. Reporting to police small damage and claim insurance may cause you more... ask your dad clarify this. + If you are in highways, obey speed limits and stay in the left (correct lane), nowadays, speeding can be caught by camera then mail saman to your address.
  9. Skye made a point... its always employer's choice vs. employee (fresh or exp) Which is better choice depends on your homework/research on each company. Question you posed to them and who will you be reporting to... One thing nice about MNC is there could be opportunity for post overseas... then again local company can also grow overseas and even more opportunity for locals. Again the choice is not simple... case-by-case consideration required. I recall you said fresh grad... so its likely no opportunity for foreign postings in either company. Here is one point to help you consider... MNC usually makes your resume look better... eg. you worked in Coca-Cola vs. Fizzi Cola. But you are there to learn. In learning you will make mistakes and offend people. Do you want to leave a poor impression in ie. Coca-Cola? Consider you learn in Fizzi then next time you want to go to Coca-cola. It will look like an upgrade in your career... vs. Coca-Cola moving to Fizzi. I dont really want to mislead you. You could be the 1 in a million talent but went to Fizzi and got stuck there Well all the best in your consideration and decision... do let us know the results
  10. Welcome JayMee! In MalaysianBabes.Net, chocolate is free... if you know the right people... hehehe Have fun and invite your friends!
  11. Thanx Shazzac. Something to kick-start the fun... Ingredients 1. Chocolates - 500gm 2. Flour - 20gm 3. Eggs - 2 4. Butter - 10gm 5. Banana - 'secukup rasa' / as many as you like 6. Whipped cream 7. Ice-cream (to top off at the end) 8. Strawberry / Cherry Cooking method is up to your imagination... ... but decide what are you hungry, for in the first place
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