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  1. Hi, Am heading down to Perth (16-18 Oct & 24-25 Oct) and Melbourne (18-23 Oct). Anyone wanna meet up at either cities? PM me!!
  2. I have a usual Lunch Partner. BUt lately I've been 'ta pao-ing' food from a nearby uncle stall (near my house). 1 dish=RM1. Cheap right? as opposed to the usual RM7-10 per meal at my office area! Saved up alot of money there.
  3. I'm using strictly OPI for now. love the brushes and the colours...... i got it for RM32.50!
  4. Shazzac


    Yup.. applying nail polish is a good way of getting rid of this bad habit.
  5. Shazzac


    Tried both before too. I love OPI. The colour stays on for at least 4 weeks. Others that i've tried are hard to apply and chips off easily. Bought my OPIs @ RM32.50.
  6. I went to Triangel once before. Not bad service! and Affordable too.
  7. Just got my 3 shadow pallette from Metro Warehouse Sales last thursday. RM50... very cheap.
  8. Shazzac

    Hair Relaxer

    I have fine hair and i've done this 'relaxing' before. The salon claimed that it's like hair rebonding but not as straight, it'll be more natural. Well, after having my hair 'relaxed'..... it looked the same. I was disappointed as i paid RM400 for it! I'd rather blow dry my hair myself. I was lazy before but it's much easier and cheaper.
  9. I'm using Redken's All Soft hair masque. I got it from the saloon at RM80 but found out that Shins are selling it at RM63.90!
  10. I've long changed my shower cream to J&J PH5.5. It does help alot. I scrub twice a week. It's cleared up nicely but of course there are some whiteheads at times and mayb a pimple or 2 pop up once in awhile.
  11. I have the same problem too but ever since i switched to OPI, my nail painting skills have changed. It's so easy to apply and the polish stays on for the most 1 month. Which saves alot of time repainting on a weekly basis. I think it's because of the brush quality.
  12. 2009 Travel Spots 1) Bali (CNY 2009) - Love the place but a little too humid and warm 2) SG (May 2009) 3) Perth & Sydney (Oct 2009) Not sure if there is any other destinations. Let's see how it goes. 2010 Travel Spots 1) Nagona (Feb 2009) - Skiing trip That's the plan for now!
  13. Shazzac


    Hey Joanne, If you'd really like some details - PM me. i was in Tokyo in Feb 08. It's not as expensive you think it is!
  14. Get Canmake Makeup for yourself. it's HALF the price there. Made in Japan mah. Anyways, go to some shopping malls, they have discounts on really nice handbags/scarfs/umbrellas/gloves that you would fall in love with. Also ALL branded goods (salvatore ferragamo/burberry/gucci) are abour 200 to 300 cheaper than it is in Malaysia. Also request for a tourist tax refund. They deduct off 5% off the normal price directly from your purchase (unlike Singapore/Thailand where you need to fill up a form n then claim the money back at the respective airport). The stuff available from the drugstore (pharmacy) are cheap too. Grab hold of shiseido/kose/kao stuff. Really cheap there, it's sold at drugstores unlike in Malaysia where it's considered expensive. Also dun forget to get lots of Disney merchandise from Disneyland/Disneysea. Hello Kitty stuff from Sanrio Puroland. You'll regret it if you don't. I bought too little stuff while i was there Feb 08. Would love to go back and shop like mad. Dun forget to go to Gotemba Factory Outlet (about 2hr bus ride from Tokyo) and it'll cost you around RM90 for a return bus ticket. Really CHEAP Gap clothes leh! RM145or a pair of latest jeans!!! and other branded goods as well. Adidas/Nike shoes/apparel (available at Gotemba Factory Outlet OR Garden Walk Makuhari (this one u need to take the JR train to station Kaihin Makuhari)) are so cheap. I got my ClimaCool shoes @ RM150! There are lots of other Japanese brands at Garden walk as well. Happy Shopping!
  15. Hey Esther, I've made a booking under Thai Airways for RM2209. but i think you need to book in advance. i booked the ticket in December and i think now it's about a 100 more or so. I'm stopping by Bangkok on the way back and it's free which is a good deal. I'm able to hit 2 cities/countries in one trip.
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