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  1. [url="http://www.tictactoe.cc"][size="5"][img]http://www.malaysianbabes.net/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/wub.gif[/img] [/url][url="http://www.tictactoe.cc/"][size="5"]www.tictactoe.cc[/size][/url][url="http://www.tictactoe.cc"] [size="5"][i]Send your love one a TICTACTOE Notebook Handbag (XOXO), with Special built quality & weight balance notebook compartment. skype: mytictactoe.cc Msn : sales@tictactoe.cc Mobile: 019-2789288[/i][/size] [/size][/url]
  2. dear.... I believe in unique design & quality. feel free to visit www.tictactoe.cc give me some comment on the design.
  3. Ladies Notebook Handbag, get discount if buy though me. www.tictactoe.cc
  4. Ladies Notebook Handbag 12-15", special built quality, special discount if buy though me. www.tictactoe.cc
  5. QUOTE (sarahT @ Oct 5 2009, 11:57 PM) hi there.. i have seen the bags... not to say not nice but quite expensive.. with tat pricing, ppl can get other branding as well.. but there is always chance.. just remember the market is huge for u.. so give it a try... anyway where are the product from again? tictactoe? Thank you very much SarahT, true is quite expensive, I oredi get one and have use for 3 weeks, i think is quite worth it lar... since I am quite a heavy user. The bag is quality is ok & quite interesting coz with the notebook compartment, and key chain holder inside. I think will try out this market lor... since a lot women now also need to carry notebook everywhere they go... i just don't know how to reach correct target audiance ? This is from HongKong designer & made in Thailand.
  6. hi... I wanted to start this new business... Ladies Notebook Bag. How many people carry notebook to work ? I kind of like the brand, outlook & quality of it. Since selling in internet... anyone will support ??? hahaha....
  7. thank for all advice... I think manage a relationship is just like manage a business... always need to think of new think, spend time on it... do a lot of experiment. I really apprecia all the memory given by my ex. good & bad. Cheers.... for you
  8. QUOTE (sweetie belle @ Sep 27 2009, 11:14 PM) play a lil trick over him lo..like teasing him, tell a joke or "yellow" kind the best, cook his fav meal, atleast have a movie night with him, seduce him by wearing sexy lingerie, write him a memo-tell him hw u feel, make him a suprise gift, kiss him whenever u feel like, kiss his sensitive bosy part, can stimulate intimation between both of ur and lead to high sex drive, hmm...etc etc.... woh... expert.... huh....
  9. QUOTE (sarahT @ Sep 27 2009, 06:05 PM) haha wat do u mean u are siow to bag? u are crazy to bag izzit? hehe then u shud get into my blog n check out those bag.. www.bagzmaniac.blogspot.com yes.yes... i have check your blog, those bag are quite nice but I have quite similar bag oredi ... so now getting some special or useful bag. I just bought 1 Tictactoe 12" notebag. The finishing is ok, the bag also very... light after I put in my notebook. I was thinking of selling this brand bag since is quite rare. Also don't know how to start to sell .... hahaha...
  10. really sweet as memory... why husband never like BF huh ? hahaha..... hope or clear indication also hopeles.... how to maintain husband & wife relationship like before wedding ?
  11. QUOTE (sarahT @ Sep 27 2009, 04:28 PM) Hi there.. thanks for ur reply.. well.. for PG bag.. i take directly from Taiwan PG mall.. those are original and quality is control lo.. compare to other supplier from local, all their PG are imitation with bad quality anyway you guys can check on my blog to see if there is any other bag i can sell... www.bagzmaniac.blogspot.com www.facebook.com/bagzmaniac and i still wanna expand my choice of bags.. so give me some supplier contact or maybe if u are one then let me know.. 6017-337 5757 hi saraht, may I know where you from , I know a friend who are bag supplier but their product is a bit high end lar... if interested pls call or sms 019-278 9288
  12. really miss the time spend when inlove. Being love & care all time, day to night. Every single min spend with .... I have quite a lot of special stuff from him... wondering how is he now ?
  13. QUOTE (Zoel @ Aug 26 2009, 12:32 PM) No one? I only know this in Singapore ...this brand price is around RM 300-800, there 1 time I saw once at FOS, with very... cheap price, but i think those are rejected model or good. hope this help
  14. i am those "siow" for bag, i think if you want to start bag business, u should think who is your target audience, "price range" then only decide where to get the supplier from.
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