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    >I love cosmetics and skincare<br />>I love buying cosmetics and skincare..more than clothes and shoes<br />>I'm a fanatic esp in make up..enjoy the process of making myself look pretty all the time<br />>I read magazines and beauty blogs more hardworking than study<br />>I love trying new products and sharing my experiences :)<br />>My favourite magazines are Beauty, WITH, Ray,i do read Popteen and ViVi occasionally :)<br /><br />
  1. QUOTE (love^hurts @ May 21 2008, 02:38 PM) Not sure where you can find darphin or decleor but the salon that I usually went to use Payot products which I assume they sell them as well Mind to tell which salon u visit? U go there for facial? Where is it located and how is the price like? Sorry lotsa question Thanks..
  2. QUOTE (sweetbabe @ Sep 21 2008, 09:57 PM) I enjoy doing facial at Thalgo and Sothys, very comfortable Which Thalgo or Sothys outlets would u recommend? I heard good reviews for these 2 but not sure which outlet provide a better service How abt the price per session? any of ur fav beautician to recommend? I'm preparing for my wedding so currently surveying a good facial package... Thank you
  3. Wow..have not been here for quite sometime and now seems like it became a great platform for advertising?? Can the moderator do something with this? As our poor parrotsim is still waiting for the answer..... Hey parrotsim..seem like ur cousin's problem is kinda serious, it's better to bring him to c dr to seek for treatment, rather than u buy him the skincare As what he need is treatment and not skincare (eg Biotherm is a skincare, but not medication) So y not spend the money to pay for his treatment and let the dr to lecture him on how to take care for his own skin... He has to put his own effort to properly cleanse his skin, and take care of it in the 1st place
  4. Try to keep ur skincare simple after sun burnt aloe vera gel is good as it helps reduce the inflammation and redness, u shd apply it once u got sunburn looking at the date i thk now ur skin has became peeling.. use a gentle cleanser eg Cetaphil instead of soap type in this period, use fragrance free and less comegenic skincare brands such as Avene remember must apply sunblock when u go out u can start ur whitening products once ur skin finish the peeling and recovered(usually bcame darker/patchy due to the pigmentation) it's not impossible to get back ur normal skin tone, but it'll take some time to c the results, mayb at least 3 mths most important thg is make sure u apply sunblock when u r doing ur whitening process (rg whitening masks, essence or cream etc), or else ur effort will be wasted well of cos u wan faster u may try vit c injection
  5. try look for it in MAC...they have all the colours and shades or else u can try a face contouring powder fr Benefit, it has 2 shades- 1 for highlighting and another darker shade for shading, the colour looks natural, not too dark and saw it recommended by many famous MUA in Taiwan magazines, u can try at the counter try look for the colour which is pure chocolate brown, not yellowish and not too reddish, and u must try it on ur face
  6. u can try to purchase fr, but i thk NARS is not available there.. or else if u have frens go to US can ask them bring for u.. I asked my bro bought for me NARS and Hard Candy fr US Sephora too...
  7. Daytime: Cleansing-->Toning-->Essence(if u have)-->Moisturizing-->Sunblock Night time: Cleansing-->Toning-->Essence-->Night cream(moisturizing) These are the basic steps, sunblock is always the last to apply in ur skincare steps
  8. No..u better treat ur scalp 1st, u'll only have healthy hair when ur scalp is healthy too. Try Selsun Blue, it is very effective for dandruff. But if urs is serious 1..(very big area of dandruff and big pieces of dandruff), u may have to c dr. Bcos some fungal infection will cause dandruff too. Fyi dandruff can be a cause for hair loss. Dyeing ur hair will make the condition worse..pls hold it 1st, until ur scalp is back to normal
  9. For me i'd go for Damier. Y so puzzled? if u like the bag u'd definitely know which 1 u'd go for, if u dont like it might as well dont buy it~ don't buy it just bcos of the brand We r not the one who gonna use the no point asking us..cos u r the one to use it.. anyway honestly i do thk LV is too mature for a teenager sorry if cheche's words offend u...but these r my thoughts
  10. I'm not sure whether Paul Smith available in klcc, but actually if u have frens in UK u can ask them buy for u, the price is much cheaper there, but i dont remember how much the price diff already..
  11. the Gucci ones r sling bags, the 1st is Prada messenger bags if i'm not wrong. These r quite common pattern they shd be available I'd suggest u to go Starhill or KLCC...the shops r bigger and more variety for u to choose All these designer brands have ranges for men too
  12. u can do a purple+black smokey eyes with light pink blusher and lips, and remember to put on fake eyelashes too! it makes a lot of difference!!
  13. The body shop has very nice brushes collection at affordable price (all less than RM100), i bought the retractable blusher brush which i thk it's really convenient the brushes r very soft and it's not from animal.. other than that u may have a look at some other famous 1 eg MAC, Shu Uemura & Bobbi Brown...but if u wanna buy 1 whole set fr these prepare to burn a hole in ur pocket..
  14. Hmm..u r right too, gel eyeliner for me is as easy as pencil eyeliner, bcos in terms of controlling the amount and thickness of has more room to play u can really draw a very very fine eyeliner with the brush using gel eyeliner and slowly add up bit by bit while pencil liner (esp auto-liner which u cannot sharpen) is not as precise it's just up to personal preferences
  15. yaya pencil liner is easiest to control comparing others.. anyway i'd suggest u go to the counter and ask the SA to let u try the eyeliner, then test for the lasting when u go back home normally i'll do so..i test 1 by 1, just tell them u wanna c if it suits u or can it last on ur eyelids,they will understand cos it is very much depends on Make Up Forever..i din try but straight away bought it..cos many ppl say it wont smudge, but for does