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  1. 9) Don’t pick your pimples. << is so hard to do, for me....
  2. is it available in Malaysia?
  3. [b]TP117-011 FLARED WAISTED RIHANNA TOP (Dark brown / Ash gold brown) RM 45[/b] + Round high neckline + Hemmed waist + Flare waist line + Padded shoulders + Zipper at the back Fits Size S - M (UK 6 - See more at [url="http://www.facebook.com/pages/Arius-Clothing/112045535500136#!/media/set/?set=a.114841318612917.20058.101746923255690"]ALBUM[/url]
  4. [IMG]http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h171/ava-fashionista/clothes%20for%20sale/IMG_7181a.jpg[/IMG] http://ariusfashion.blogspot.com / [url="http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=120979&id=101746923255690#!/pages/ARIUS/101746923255690"]ARIUS FACEBOOK[/url] [b]SEXY MAXI DRESS - ARMY GREEN, MIDNITE BLUE, BLACK[/b] RM72 + Embellished neck maxi dress (metal chain in brass gold finish) + Fitted chest hem + Long flare skirt + Adjustable strap at the back (tie and knot) + Lycra like material (98% Elastane 2% Cotton) - tight fit Fits Size S - M (6 - 8 UK) Length 120cm Model's height 168cm
  5. I use maybelline Volum' Express (Cat eyes) value for money
  6. SUN YOGA at TTDI http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=28346412778&v=wall
  7. i jz bought recently in Guardian, set of 6 + 2 at RM65+ had 2nd bottle alr. not much reaction except rumbling in the stomach, or was it intestines. and passing wind. let's see what's next..
  8. La Senza, XIXILI... there's one bra shop at THE CURVE, next to THEBODYSHOP.. it have quite a range of similar bras
  9. i think major retailers have it.. like Parkson, Metrojaya. but i cant be too sure..
  10. it's a light version, not exactly perfume / edt the instructions actually says : Spray onto skin after a bath or shower, or as often as required. u may wanna layer it with it's own range of edp / edt
  11. after washing, you need to let it air dry. one half dried, need to apply curling products - ie. cream or .. foam / mousse. curling shampoo helps too! when i first permed my hair for the first time, wasnt used to it. after a mth or so, got used to it and loving it. i guess curly hair takes more effort than straight hair. be patient and learn about your hair. esp curly hair, not every product you buy may work. i have different curling cream for different effect, depends on my mood all the best
  12. i take "milk thistle and dandelion" from BIO-LIFE - it's a liver tonic
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