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  1. QUOTE (illkid25 @ Sep 14 2009, 09:32 PM) once i had 3some with my manager, 2 guys and a girl. kinda bored hmmm...interesting. y wud it be bored? u r the gal?
  2. lilboy07 - haha, im not sure whether can he handle both of us anot...lol forager - never thought of having myself enjoy tat kind of "pleasure", i guess my bf really lucky to have a gf like me. many ppl claimed tat every1 getting more open nowadays. is common in other countries, so wondering what malaysian thk abt it. but i guess i will just fantasize but not doing it, scared la...
  3. hey, just wondering what u gals thk abt 3some in malaysia? i always have this weird fantasy of me having sex with my bf n another unknown gal. when we both spotted some hot chicks, i will asked my bf to pick her up for 3some. fyi, i've not try it b4 n of cos, guys r still being themselve, why not for them? LOL. hopefully my question wont scare any1 off. just hope to discuss this question openly.
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