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  1. E-Sel-C

    Skin 11

    [quote name='Aurora' date='11 November 2010 - 01:54 PM' timestamp='1289454890' post='589942'] Hey babes! Just wondering if any of you have been to [url="http://www.skin11.com.my/"]Skin 11[/url]? If yes, how do you find the facial treatment there? I'm having a face full of blackheads and clogged open pores, so I'm thinking to sign up for a treatment package there. RM 899 for 10 sessions and 3 products (facial wash, blackhead gel and toner). Worth the deal? [/quote] I applied for the exact same package deal! The thing about Skin 11 is, they're not really consistent with their treatments. Sometimes they exfoliate, sometimes they don't. Sometimes blackheads extractions can take up the entire session and such. 1 session is 90 minutes. I went there and my face got brighter, my blackheads condition also got better as well! I think the facial wash is a tad bit drying for my skin and the toner is only so-so. And as for the blackhead gel, I don't find that it does much, because your blackheads will be easier to extract if you drink more water. =) What I can say that the blackheads extraction and masks are really great, they don't really pop pimples for you, you might need to request for that. I go to the Taipan branch and they're ok though quite pushy into introducing their products. The Puchong ones however, might not be so friendly. But if it's something like getting the cleanser at RM 95 (if my memory serves me right) and the toner at about the same price as well, I suggest you can skip those 2 and buy something cheaper, since with the money you save from the products, you might be able to go for more sessions or so =D As for the blackhead gel, it didn't work for me so no way am I going to repurchase that. Products, not buying, but I will go back there if it's for the service. =D
  2. E-Sel-C

    Monthly Facial?

    usually what's so special about facials are not the masks. It's more about the facial extractions and "special stuff" you can get there and not at home. For one, facial extractions should always be done by a pro if possible, and they usually have some fancy dandy masks to give you like "papaya repairing mask" to help the condition of your skin after they've done whatever they think needs to be done to your skin like...blackhead extractions. So yea. It's purely personal for reasons to go for facials. I've been to trialed ones and I can say someone to help you do all those stuff while you catch up on sleep is not bad. And yes it's pricey, but we're paying for service =P You can go ask around for cheaper facials though ^^ Just make sure they're handling your face correctly =D
  3. It depends. The cost price for a Beauty Diary mask is RM 2.40 per piece. So if it's like RM 1.90 per piece you would know it's fake cause....well who wants to lose money? There are also a few more methods to check if it's fake or real. For example the serial code. Buying from Guardians will obviously cost a lot more (RM 1-2 price increase) because of the rents and what not. However, if you're going to buy online, just ask as much questions as you can. Ask the sellers to take pictures for you and so on =)
  4. [quote name='AngelFoot' date='10 April 2010 - 12:29 PM' timestamp='1270873757' post='581450'] 17boxes left...come grab it fast. thanks~ [/quote] is there anymore left? O.o
  5. Hello! Don't worry. Even single girls experience that too. Comparison is something that everyone goes through in life. I'm not some girl with all the wisdom in the world and I've not been through the harshest things in life, but I think it's good if you're comparing to improve yourself like say, you want to be more healthy so you can run more than 1 km next time in a marathon. That comparison is good for motivation. I know what you mean when you say your BF doesn't mind but you do. As females, we can't help but feel self conscious when we're presented with a "better being". But think this, while you're there feeling inferior in terms of beauty compared to them, they might be feeling inferior in some other terms compared to you. We're not perfect so there's always place for improvement but what's important is that you improve, and feel good about that improvement instead of going "gah, I'm still no better than her in bla bla bla". Since your BF already loves you the way you are, I guess it's time you love yourself too! ^^ PS: women are the at they're best when they're confident! And they're the best when they smile =) In my humble opinion, Enjoy ya life!
  6. I have wavy and very "obedient" hair so It's easy for me to make my curls more intense. Basically you might want to try this: When your hair is damp, spray on some leave in conditioner and put some gloss serum or something, then when it's drier (the leave-in conditioner will make your hair slightly....wetter?), twist your hair into a bun and hold it with a chopstick (or two) till it dries. It gives me really nice perm-like results after it dries and my friends always ask me if I perm my hair. But then again my hair is very "obedient" so I have no idea if it works for you O.o just a tip. Also, if you're using curling thongs, it'll be good to put mousse while your hair is damp and spray styling spray AFTER you dry your hair for that extra hold tell me if it helps k? XD
  7. E-Sel-C

    Sasa's mask

    I rarely buy masks at Sasa since they're quite pricey. But I've tried one Nerolli mask which comes in a box of 3. Didn't work out for me =(, why not try masks from other stores like Skin Food's Cucumber Wash Off Mask, the Rice Wash Off Mask is meant to exfoliate your skin rather than moisturise it. Of you can try their Kiwi Wash Off Mask, try asking the SA about hydrating masks there. Wash off Mask are around RM 40-RM 50. These are in tubs TheFaceShop has wash off masks too, though I'm not sure of the price range. But these are in tubes. These are the more affordable brands in Malaysia as they're from Korea...your next step would be those high end ones O.o Like The Body Shop sells a great Aloe Hydrating Mask at RM 70++ hope it helps =)
  8. [quote name='silverdegene' date='03 February 2010 - 11:41 PM' timestamp='1265211675' post='578628'] You can also try ettusais's whitening essense! non greasy very suitable for all skin type and its design for acne prone skin too. It also help fading brown spot and acne scar. The price might be alittle expensive comparing with the hada labo ones, but really worth it. Only one drop enough to cover the whole face and neck and can last for more than 9 months! ps: i'm not getting any commision from ettusai and I'm not a sales person for ettusais! haha [/quote] I heard Ettusais is a high end brand O.o and apparently a bottle of 40 ml for this retails at RM 114? Not sure if it's true la, got it from the net. If that's the case I can't afford it T__T student ini banyak poor heh, my whole month's pocket money pun tak cukup T__T XD But thanks for the advice! ^^ and you know the product is good when people who don't get paid recommend it =P sad that I don't have that honor to own such a great product =(
  9. [quote name='silverdegene' date='03 February 2010 - 04:14 PM' timestamp='1265184874' post='578619'] I think they are out of stock as it is also one of the fast selling products.. the price is approx 50++ i found quite a few stock in jj kepong and one u guardians.. maybe u can go check it out! [/quote] Ahh thanks a bunch! ^^ Will go there after I get my pay =P just ran out of moisturizer recently XD
  10. well this product IS sold exclusively in Guardians. But I was wondering, do they have a moisturizer for this range? Because I went to Taipan's Guardian and could only find the masks and cleanser for the SHA and whintening range and this lotion. Could not find a moisturizer. So...does it exist? Price please? =P
  11. I guess since it's a grey skirt with black leggings, it's very easy to match. Try a tank top with a jacket or an off shoulder shirt. Black and grey's are quite verstile so you don't need to worry about going wrong....that is unless you're going to wear this HUGE neon T-shirt O.o
  12. Thank God I studided my Biology properly....and to think I just finished SPM and here I am ranting on Bio... ANYWAY! We can't change our hair types(as in change the hair type when it grows) . Because whether our hair is straight, curly, or wavy all depends on the shape of our hair follicles. Think of it as toothpaste, if the toothpaste's tube's opening were a triangle instead, the stream of toothpaste would look completely different =P. Straight hair grows from round follicles, waves from ovals and tight,round curls from round follicles. Soo....unless you're going to undergo a very very LONG surgery to reshape all your hair follicles, you're not going to be able to "grow" straight hair when your hair's naturally curly. But for those hair that has already squeezed itself out of its follicle, feel free to go for rebonding or perming or whatever humans do to reshape their hair. Hope that helped!
  13. E-Sel-C

    Etude House

    [quote name='yuuichi' date='07 December 2009 - 07:20 PM' timestamp='1260184829' post='576486'] hi. I have heard quite a number of good reviews about Etude House. So, may I know the price list for this products? and does it have sales/promotion now? where is the exact location of this store at pyramid (haha.. i seldom been to pyramid [img]http://www.malaysianbabes.net/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/rolleyes.gif[/img]) ? thanks. [/quote] In pyramid it's on the topmost floor. Near Burger Kings and the ice atrium. I buy the masks there. -Essence Mask Range: RM 9.90 -Nature in Every Mask Range RM 6.90 =)
  14. hahah welcome! I'm from Subang "SS" area ^^ lol....hope you'll enjoy your stay here~
  15. [quote name='Valerie.t' date='06 December 2009 - 02:09 PM' timestamp='1260079796' post='576382'] Hi Everyone, This is Valerie here, i stumbled upon this awesome forum hence decided to join. Hopefully i will be able to make new friends from here. [/quote] Hi and welcome to the forum! ^^ Hope you'll find some useful stuff here! Look around and enjoy your stay! ^^
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