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  1. western doc is it all the girls like romantic?
  2. What i think here is different. Normally it is possible for a guy to love/like more than 1 girl, just depend on which one is he love more. If he got feeling with other girl, he might still got feeling with his current gf. However, i still don't agree a guy to have more than 1 gf at the same time. So what this guy should do is think who he love more? who is more important to him? Then make a decision to choose only one. But don't take too much time on this, if not, somebody might get hurt
  3. I am very tired....coz keep working and working every week day, the work can't finish one, need to OT myself again
  4. Hot body? No need too hot, as long as it is acceptable Pretty face? No need too pretty, as long as like a normal Personality? Is important, but not the first, as long as not too bad and i can accept is enough.. Really hard too choose if want the best for one, terrible for the other two. i think is average in this 3 field is enough..
  5. i don't think should ask where he live at the beginning...i think you should ask how long he had been a yoga instructor and why he choose this career etc after asking his name....later you can proceed to topic related to yoga...if got chance, then only ask where he live and other things more detail about him
  6. king, not every guy like cute girls, i am one of the example...hahaha but i like to see girl smile, but not laugh.....smile make them look sweet
  7. i think i mostly will stay in m'sia for whole life unless my company send me overseas.....
  8. hot^wave

    Moon Cake

    i seldom eat mooncake even i like it....normally i will only buy for my family and my gf family here got ppl said RM22 for one mooncake? so expensive..... is it taste nice?
  9. Hello x 3, welcome to MYB you sure will like here very much do enjoy yourself
  10. hot^wave

    EPL talk

    king, finally my Liverpool win a match...hopefully it will continue it and beat tottenham this week
  11. hot^wave

    EPL talk

    Liverpool, where are you? why lost again? Tonight must beat Newcastle....
  12. another strawberry? you like to eat strawberry anyway, welcome to MYB.....do enjoy yourself here
  13. welcome to MYB...you won't reget in joining MYB enjoy yourself here
  14. hot^wave

    i have never

    I have never see lordy kiss lordy before....when both of you want to have a real kiss?hahaha...
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