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  1. shiseido has realli good mascara base too!! now using it...it realli holds ur eye lashes curled very nicely for long time..can realli see the before and after effect!! *luvs*
  2. XinJie

    perm hair

    wow..laetitia..ur hair must look great!! i luv luv luv rainie's hairstyle n im dyin to get it .. plsplspls..care to show some pics?
  3. oh..last pair?..coz i might onli be able to buy it on the end of this month...wat if tat pair is sold be then? will there be any new stock comin in?
  4. hi zin, im going back to aus soon end of this month n i plan to buy the crystal lens from you =) jus wondering is the crystal lens same as free teen lens? i have short sighted..my power is aroun 4.50..are the lenses with short sighted power? when im in australia..i can pay u thru pay pal rite? thx =)
  5. aww..babylicious i realli think tat ure a realli hot babe too =P
  6. i guess ppl dun like me sometimes because im seem to be abit quiet n reserved when i see them..especially those ppl whom i havent met in quite a while..and they end up thinking that im arrogant...actually im just super shy and all the while wats in my mind is bout wat to say to them and how to say it...
  7. yeah..white one or dark blue casing one leh?...which has finer texture?..hmm same as eli i feel like trying dior two way cake too but after finishing my current chanel one..
  8. yeah wearing bra while sleeping isnt very comfortable at all..ive not been wearing them while zzing since 15... my sleeping wear..hmm..my comfy spagettis and panties
  9. im using the spf 50 one from shiseido..quite good
  10. theng: nice nice!! ur skin so good ler...luv ur eyes and eyelashes too =)
  11. XinJie

    Chanel cosmetics

    elli: chanel two way cake realli good lor..i think compacts are definitely easier to apply and faster to apply if compared to liquid..good especially for times when u wanna go out and wanna get ready in a shorter time..hmm..i guess use two way cake adi shud be no need liquid foundation adi..coz if not scared will be abit too thick
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