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  1. GeniE

    clubbing tops

    i agree lorr.... noone would be wearing that kind of wear here lorr... look more like lingerie lehzzz
  2. Yay Yay !!! I'm In !!! you gals going ???? the price is ok and got free membership to 12SI somemoree !! yay... nexxt time can go Atmos for free lor ??? ekekkee...
  3. This product has been quite a hit in Korea, Japan and Taiwan !!! it's really very very very very amazing lorrr !!! dunno whether we can get this kind of cosmetic product in Malaysia onot lehzzz... if can i would really like to buy 1 pair and see it by myself lorr... very very the cool larr.. it can make your eyes look bigger !! after you put on this contact lens and that put on some makeup, the difference is sooooooooo bigggg !!!!! ekekekkee.. dunno whether nowadays all the girl eyes big big is because of this onot.. next time must go nearer and see properly
  4. whooppppppssss................. !!!!! sorry sorry, didn't say properly larrr... sorrrrrry horrr.... the MAC Shadestick is the one that kassie shown.. it's not the stick cream foundation.. 10q kassie 10q 10q, yap... that's the color i have also.. !!! love blue
  5. GeniE

    Bra Straps

    What do you understand about that ? you don't even wear a bra. shut up if you have no constructive comments !! Bleak !
  6. just a little question... where you gals usually go buy your shoe aah ?? like Vincci, Blay, nose ???
  7. i realize recently i suddenly have a loooooot of things i carry when i go out... normal handbags no longer can fit all my stuffs jor lor... anyone can receommend where i can get nice nice, cheap cheap and big big bag ? kekekeke..
  8. You know larr.... stupid weather... soooooo HOT !!! what are the combination or steps of lotions and mosturizers you use these days before walk under the stupid HOT sun ??
  9. Can't decide on these 2 lehhhh.... dunno want to get which one... would like to hear from you galss... pls pls... Chanel cristalle gloss or Dior ultra gloss?
  10. These really gotta be my new lemmings !!!!! super impressed by it. put them on like 12 and when i got home at 3am my makeup was still there!!!! it rocks!!!
  11. GeniE

    Factory Outlets

    Is there any other Factory Outlet stores other than F.O.S ??? has been wondering lehzz... pluss horr, F.O.S i think actually not that nice lor..
  12. WoW.... nice nice... CHeck this out !!! Anyone is into DKNY Handbags too?? Surf ard DKNY Website and their online store was link to http://www.eluxury.com/ lorr.... very very nice aaahhh...
  13. GeniE

    Bra Straps

    Anyone know where to buy those tee/fabric material bra stripes that tie like a halter-neck ribbon. Normally wore under a wider neckline top to show off the pretty stripes? aiyerrrr......... dun really know how to describe LArrr !! Hope someone knows what I am trying to say
  14. Really love to hear the opinions from you girls on these lar !!! it'll be interesting do you prefer cream or powder blushers and why? which do you find has more staying power? which do you find easier to apply? which do you usually use? what do you think are the pros and cons of each?
  15. GeniE


    AVON is not malaysia brand right ???? my friend and i were arguing about whether AVON is Malaysia brand onot..... coz horr... she said the style like very malaysia like that, then i said no lorrr.... anyone use AVON's product before onot ?
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