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  1. i LOVE samantha jones . Agree with you, undeniable, hate to watch carrie and big, they are so annoying and wasting my time.
  2. mine are Food cause need food to survive. Why am i like this? Can you believe that i never own a single cosmetic before? not a single one. Once in a while, might use facial cleanser depend on my mood, others non. (not that my face is superb good, my face pimples always pop out and have scar too) As for clothes and accessories, i think i own enough? not willing to spend so much.
  3. babe, you only need to take much care of your eye bags, but i understand that it is difficult, not easy. No one is perfect in this world. You look pretty and sweet enough and do not need to change anything. I love your eye as it sparkle it self, your features too. oh btw, the foundation might be fairer than your skin tone, you might need to choose slightly darker shades. just my point of view. (not so sure about it coz i my self do not put on any make up, never to be exact).
  4. haha, agreed with you, though i never ask him before but then im sure he will feel gross about this kind of stuff. im still doubt about it.
  5. where did you get your cheongsam?
  6. wen, love your tote. It's so beautiful. Are you a fan of Marc Jacobs? I'm extremely in love with his design too. bobo, i love all your outfit, so lovely and pretty.
  7. suYUki


    Thank you. Btw how much does it cost for the Shiseido Extra Smooth Sun Protection Lotion SPF 34. PA++? i'm kind of interested to buy but then not so sure whether it suits me or not, im worry it might blog my pore coz i have a lots of blackhead around my nose area. i'm still looking for a good one to apply on my face.
  8. suYUki


    CrabApple-@, which sunblock are you using right now?
  9. Rayleen, where are you right now? I sooooo love and adore your make up skill. This is the type of make up that i always wanted. How i wish i could hire you as my make up artist for my future wedding pic. DamianP, can i hire you too? Love your photography skill. when you loving birds coming back to kl?
  10. wen how much is it does your bag cost? Any particular brand? Im sooooo in love with it. Gorgeous... classy yet elegant, so like 'wen' style. you know what i mean.
  11. there's already a similar post. Why don’t you do a search for it before you posting this up again? Pls check and search the topic before you post any new topic. Thanks.
  12. mizz_yueque, you are one lucky babes, able to shop so much. how i wish i have 10% of your wardrobe. I don't shop like that. I only shop when i NEED so my closet is extremely small, only have those basic clothes that every girls own. Pls donate to me can~ jk jk, there are lots more people that needed those clothes than me.
  13. Babes, i been looking for the top for quite some time (electric blue and red colour). I couldn't find else where. Im so in love with the top. If any babes came across the top as below, pls let me know about it okie. Thank you.
  14. smileyc240, you had so much fun travel around western country. How nice~
  15. shhhh.... i know i dont know even tiny bit about beauty care stuff at all... Thank you Teff.
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