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  1. grrr delete loh sniff can't do ... attending "cat" @ home xD
  2. T__T I'm not welcome anymore in here?
  3. sn0w|e


    MSN = for my gaming buddies YM = for other chat frenz IRC = for being nawty hahaha
  4. I laughed my arse off watching dis ... darn funny WoW pawns ...
  5. gud luck in WoW dun get too addicted lol I heard lotsa cute guys in WoW :Þ
  6. fred, i got the rss link de http://feeds.feedburner.com/lostsoul i dun need to add in my blog or how?
  7. huhu ... i'll try come by once in a while on weekends gah .... miss me? lai lai me give u all hugss
  8. jenai u in here? u play RAN rite? me with KO but I voted e-max de hahaha
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