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  1. get over it easily if they c u like tis they will laugh at u oni u think they will care u back meh wan let them laugh u meh no worth that oni
  2. even if get over it no more pain like last time....but still there is the later where u will reminds of ex if u do something....anything tat reminds of u of ur ex....then pain comes... but tis will get over it once u think n tis ppls not worth our time .....no use to sad for tis ppls .....juz forget la
  3. lonely will make us thinking of something we supposed to forget long time ? such as ex or watever is it ? somehow.....already pass so many months.... but coz of lonely i think..if not oso wont appear on my mind sometimes.... im supposed to forget her already...and get over it totally i know i don't want to be with her anymore...if not oso wont play the "silent break" and "slowly avoid" things last time la... but y now...suddenly in friendster c her back...feel like a bit miss like that geh....y leh... i mean...im sure i don love her like last time.....will nervous or sad coz of her actions....but y still on my mind geh ?....y still miss ? ....maybe is very lonely so oni will leh... like my fren said...."if now got other gal to replace her....will u accept it n can get over her ? if yes...is lonely so no ppl to think of oni will think of her.....if other can replace mean no love her la...is it
  4. so so so lonely ...fren wont help much. Go out have a drink ? eat ? shopping ? Tat is very boring. Never think of being a solo would be so lonely. Forgot the last time i really laugh out from my heart happily.
  5. go to a travel which require to stay there....or stay in either ones house la
  6. coca

    How much should pay?

    hehehe oic.....i've edi bought a vios last year which is my weekend car coz turn the vios into rally looks wan buy a kancil to play play thinking of kelisa but the price i would rather buy others
  7. wats the point of living more if is a boring lonely life might juz dream a bit even its not reality life
  8. Before i start on my experienced view y are u so sure ur being cheated on ? Make sure ur being cheated on before u make an assumption. I myself have let my ex saw many 'flirting sms" in my hp b4. And the way she act is juz like u. Voice it out if u feel angry. We won't know ur angry if u don voice it out n keep it inside Actually i was juz testing my ex out but too bad she failed her test If still love someone, i will choose to let them go if they decided to let us go in the first place. But in tat case, i will be relieve and live more happier even it is going to be a boring life with loneliness
  9. It's a short relationship but sweet in tat period. Although its jus a month , which is really short. Sometimes, the guy really wan to know if the gal really serious in tis relationship before o not. But the end is a worst one. No formal break up but juz a " no contact each other " type. Seems both oso feel like giving up tis thing. The reason of break up will forever no one knows. More over, they live far from each other. Gal is juz a college student on her first year course while guy is in the working world. From the start already is wrong. But becoz of the sweet feeling of being together, they somehow got together. But many things happen, its long to be post here anyway. Its already a past. So, tis means they are not fated to be together anyway. Giving up this relationship may be very lonely and boring sometimes. But to suffer in tis "cold treatment" or lack of care from the partner, rather juz remain single again. Single is boring but no nid suffer so much tears. Although both already break off so long ( few months liao ) , sometimes the guy will wondering wat is the reason of breaking up. Sometimes nid to be formal a bit to cut off things to stick in our mind longer than that. But, is not important anymore. Juz take it as a dream. Sometimes life need dream if not will be vert boring
  10. anyone here have a kancil or kelisa or RM 30K transport ? how much installment monthly if repayment of 9 years ?
  11. c my first post................she make u love her.........when u love her....wat can y do now ? ...will u leave her ? becoz her attitude is totally not the same person u know online ? after met her attitude is more to an ass.....
  12. y ask me tat gal not oni so like to play , she is also not caring at all. she no call his bf. miss call n expect bf to call her back. if not will miss call until hp want break. if tat is me i will break with tat person who is so like to play n not caring at all.
  13. i oso think she is this type of ppls also. so she can get on with it. sure she don like to lonely coz she is muz couple to anyone oso can one. as long got couple , she will do anything juz to get into a couple. she scare lonely so couple whole time whoever is wat will be la.
  14. Tis girl also have many ex bf b4. Longest relationship was 3 months while others would be few weeks to a month. Tis girl also admit last time is childish n was juz playing relationships only. But she says that she is tired of it already. She wan a long lasting relationship already. She found him already. He is her forever love. During the first week of relationship, the gal find the guy very frequently. About 10 times a day. Any calls or sms no reply from guy, she will call or sms until the guy hp ring to no battery But after later on, found out that tis gal got ppl going after also She can get a bf anytime from those who already going after her for years
  15. A girl make you love her by always chat with you on the phone. She always go out with you during her free time. But she will never go to places which is nearby her home or places where there is many ppls or her frens will be at those places normally. She is someone you know not long. Starting from a stranger to normal friends. You guys know from the net. She always tell you "I Love You". She is you girlfriend even before you two met. But she admits she is your girlfriend. One day you found out she was just acting infront of you all the while (acting just like an angel) but behind her face she was a devil (a playboy/playgirl) she lied to you. She not only share her secret to you but to other boy/girl but not you and he/she still can tell you "I Love You" Wat will u do ? Wat type of ppl is tis ?
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