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  1. I want :- 1. To be millionnaire 2. Happy Life 3. MAC BOOK AIR hahaha.....
  2. I guess mine is worst...mine is MNC company but no bonus at all and only a pathetic 2 - 3 % increment each lah you tell me to continue working here?
  3. That's very nice but a bit too high I think. I love crocs too and have a pair of flip flop and it is so comfy....
  4. It is entirely up to you...some people look pretty too even without make up...natural beauty mah
  5. BabyHudu...I also love your design a lot ler....the colour and pattern is so outstanding and special. Hehehe...would be waiting for you to post more pictures
  6. I have been using St Ives for years liao. I like their scrub most. Hehehe....good good My acne reduced a lot after using it. Thumbs up
  7. The "Dry Cut" at 1 utama is not bad i can give it a try. It is located somewhere near the Big Apple Donut. Hehehe...
  8. Me wash my hair everyday also...if i do not do so, my hair will be oily the next day ler. Hehehe
  9. I recommend sticker lah.....
  10. Trudtox is good ler...right after drinking it for around 8 hours, you can go do big business in the toilet smoothly
  11. sounded so easy with making the yoghurt. But if i remember corrrectly, i saw some selling yoghurt mixture at the supermarket...anyone tried that before?
  12. Hmmm....i am also not sure what i am entitled for with this ING medical card. I only go for outpatient benefits only. Hmmm.....any FAQ online on all this issues and the procedure ar?
  13. Wahhh...all of you gals are so smart in DIY your nails .... thumbs up
  14. What is the purpose of eating EPO? Some told me is for skin and some say it is for which is which? Blur here.
  15. Talking about that, is there any yoghurt mixed that can be prepare when you wanna eat? Better this way for me. Hehehe Or any home recipe to do yoghurt? Hehehe...