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  1. Does anybody here is a member to the celebrity fitness gym? Can u share how much is the monthly fee for the passport & home membership?
  2.   Yeaaayyy!!! I'm joining the event!  :bounce:
  3. yeahhh.... d color combination looks cool!  I wonder where can i get this!   :sadwalk:
  4. My mom taught me to use sebamed soap when i have the rashes & its effective!
  5. The news about the missing MH370 Mas Airlines Aeroplane who was supposed to travel from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) to Beijing has been spread worldwide. The flight boarded from KLIA on 8th March 2014 and until today the whereabout is still a mystery. Where can it be? How are the passengers and the cabin crew? Are they ok? Let's pray for MH370 hoping that they safely arrived Malaysia.  
  6. I want a pair of nike training shoes & a pair of nike running shoes...pls!!!! Make it pink...or mint green!        
  7. I love OldTown cafe but nowadays the proce is getting more expensive!
  8. I'm thinking about furthering my study in MBA as a part time. What is the best universities or colleges should i go? I prefer somewhere in KL or Selangor area...
  9. Have you come into a situation where you feel like changing your hairstyle but u are clueless about which hairstyle is perfect for u? Ahaaa..nowadays there is a few apps on your smartphones that can gives u idea on what hairstyle suits u... Try these:   Hairstyles (iphone & android); Hair Color (iphone & android); Sturk (iphone); and ChouChou (iphone)
  10. Girls... What is your favourite M.A.C lipstick shade? Let's share your opinion :)  
  11. What about 2013? do they already review for the beuaty award already? I vote for Maybelline for its mascara <3
  12. I normally use Shu Uemura uv base that contain SPF 30. But if i'm going to the beach, i normally use etude house sunblock
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