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    Bred in Msia KL, currently in Sg. Going bac in 10 yrs time
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    Travelling, Reading Magazines & Sophie Kinsela's Shopaholic Series, Window Shopping (Seriously), SMS-ing & not to forget, beautifying myself every now n then!!
  1. Yeah I love taking photos during my trip.but too bad sometimes frens juz dun seem to understand and i must do smthg silly to capture their attention else they wont tkae my photo! I love travelling becos it sounds GLAMOROUS!wahaha how superficial me
  2. Ques

    snatch thefts...

    oh tht means the big portion of our bag is contented with things mostly to harm the snatch thief?! Ah...wht's the purpose of carrying a bag then?uh
  3. Ques


    yeah i used ginvera b4 n find it quite nice. currently using Shiseido warm scrub and pore minimizing essence. although it's pricey but the result is satisfactory though.
  4. guys are easier la especially u have much shorter hair than us girls.
  5. I wanna be a girl still. But this time round, i wanna be a hip superb model~!yoohoo
  6. A: no. i'm not a last-minute-person. well, it depends though, for things tht i like i can rush it for u.and also the person who hand me the assignment hahah..favouritism ekekke. for my own stuff, i will get things done early. Q: Met any weirdo at public place b4?
  7. yeah cheese fondue it's called! i tried choc fondue at KLCC only.but cant have too much cos u'll feel bloated very soon.
  8. Ques

    hair trend

    i admire ur courage la girls. i always wanted to change my hairstyle, maybe straightening or perming. but it's the $$ tht make me think twice n procrastinate until now. n also one thing i'm worried of, if do rebonding scared later my hair look unnatural n frizzy after some time. Anyone did deionizing b4?wanted to know the effect leh..here in sg cost 98 bucks but i duno how long it could last me
  9. oh i wish to celebrate this yr christmas with a bunch of close friend in KL...i hate singapore~!wooowoooo
  10. Ques


    Kindergarten: St Ronan Pri: SRJK © Chong Hwa Sec: Chong Hwa Independent High School Uni: National University of Singapore (NUS) hey hey hey any same batchers?!
  11. Used SIMPLE a few yrs back simply becos it contains no fragrance n "simple" in terms of the chemicals they used. hehe but the result is not quite good though
  12. Ques

    The Thinker

    Came across this via newspaper this evening. This is the same treatment doctors carry out on dying adults right? I see no harm la..if the doctors are very sure that tht's the last resort to end the babies' pain. Wht do u think?
  13. oh my all time favourite -- Milo!! I don't know tht we cant take coffee/tea during menses leh..wht are the consequences?
  14. Personally I don't favour foul-words and neither would I let my boyfren use them when there's only 2 of us. But sometimes guys juz wanna act macho when there'are frens ard so juz let it be.
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