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  1. You must get down to the root problem which is internal. No matter how many facial products you use, it will not control the secretion of oil from your glands. Something has to be fixed internally...don't you agree?
  2. Try aloe vera gel. So far the Herbaline Aloe Vera gel seems to be working pretty good for me on healing scars. And also, never never peel off the scar, it will take longer time to heal. Learnt that the hard way.
  3. Remember to cleanse internally as well. Cosmetics will only work for a certain time, then its effect will cease after that.
  4. I have been on EPO lately to regulate menstrual cycle and it works really well. As for skin I can't comment because I think Bee Pollen works better.
  5. A lot of ppl isn't happy with our PM huh? A sleeping PM is better than a douche bag president rite.
  6. how's the panasonic 8 in 1? I almost bought the Phillips 8 in 1
  7. Yea didn't know that...your topic caught me eye ...H O L I D A Y
  8. You should thank HINDRAF for making this joy of yours possible. Seriously??!!! We are getting a holiday??!!
  9. Do a colon and bowel cleanse. Can see your tummy reduce effectively. Then go join some form of Dance. You feel better and live 10 years longer
  10. I love C&E La Source hand cream. The bestest. It absorbs fast.
  11. I love Lilies but after what I heard from someone that Lilies are also called Lavatory Lilies cos they grow near the jamban, I am trying not to adore lilies too much.
  12. Has anyone tried the IzzI service? For a PCMCIA card package, it is only RM 66 a month. Any good feedback on the service? I am thinking of terminating Streamyx to switch to this if it is good.
  13. How much is it to rent a saree? I have a friend's wedding coming up and we have to wear saree. Where exactly in Hartamas did you rent the saree from?
  14. Why are you getting all worked up? I'm just like any acne sufferer here looking for a solution but the difference is I'm a very skeptical one . And also please review your posts before hitting submit button. It is beginning not to make any sense. Serious language and flow of idea problem.
  15. Concrete argument please. It's only natural for people to doubt an obscure product that can do miracles ok. From all the reviews it seems flawless, too good to be true. So all people need are RESULTS RESULTS RESULTS. Can you prove it here? Let me reiterate, please visit www.acne.org where real people posts real results and not just talk talk talk and rebutting with weak and senseless comments. Marilyn, can you prove it? people dun wanna hear what you think about my blunt remarks.
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