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  1. i like NESLO......hahaha....
  2. thanks big eye...i think i should try Cethaphil... i put makeup everyday and i sit in front of the com n in air-cond room during work time....i scared my skin would become dryer....tats y i use moistirizer....so now every morning i cleanse>toner>tea tree oil>serum>moisturizer>makeup everyday before i go work.... but then during night time after my work i try to avoid applying moisturizer....i jst cleanse>toner>tea tree oil....but after few hours my face become oily.... then recently i notice there is a show in 8TV on REE Skin Facial treatment that can actually treat problematic skin...that why i plan to go for facial treatment...but i spn noe where coz i'm currently working in JB and i'm not familiar with the place yet...i would like to try to go for a facial treatment....i jst don noe should i go or not...
  3. hi i'm new here....i jst wanna ask, can facial actually treat skin that have pimple problem? i've never been to facial before...but i heard that some of my friend's skin get worst after facial....so, how can i know that they are using the right product for me? thanks
  4. Hi everyone, Previously i don have a proper skin care product until one of my friend told me that i must have at least 3 basic care (cleansing, tonering & moisturising) in order to improve my skin problem which i always have on my forehead, chin and sometimes my nose. Then i I heard that The Skin Food is good. I tried it for nearly 3 months but there it doesn't work well on my skin and i notice that now i even have pimples on my face area. I just wonder if anyone out there have a sensitive skin (skin with belmish, pimple, acne or etc) and you've tried some good product that can give solution to your skin problem, could you please share some of your tips here. Tell us what skin care product that you use to minimise pimple and blackheads, how do you take care of your skin problem. Please I really hope someone could save me from my skin problem....plz... Thanks...
  5. can anyone out there recommend me a place for me n my friends to gather around to chit-chat and eat during night time in JB area? i hope to find a place that we can sit for a long time and also with a nice environment. ohyeah....not expensive place but a reasonable price might do.... thanks....
  6. QUOTE (dr3amygirl @ May 22 2009, 11:28 PM) Hey babes and guys, do you have any secret way of showing love between you and your bf/gf that only the both of you know and understand. Could be special word or special way you look at each other. Lemme start. Me and my bf we will hold each other's hand and squeeze 3 times to say 'I love you'. We do this when we are in a crowd or among friends and family because saying/whispering 'I love you' can seem abit irritating to other people. my BF n I did the same thing too... we squeeze other hand 3 times, tap each other hand 3 times....all 3 times to signalize "I Love You".... i love it so much....sometimes he even took my hand n wrote "i love you" on my palm.....
  7. QUOTE (d3vil doll @ May 14 2009, 06:46 PM) for ur age,u will benefit from lettuce cucumber water jelly range for toner,essence,moisturiser.And to control ur oily t-zone peach sake serum does a great job oh....lettuce cucumber water jelly range suits me?hehe i tot peach sake range suits me coz i hav a combination skin...actually wats d different for both of it? ohyea....can u tell me the use of the essence? actually wats d diff of essence n serum.....? thanks....
  8. i'm 25 years old.....currently using cleanser - aiken scrub - nivea toner - nokdu (korea brand) moisturiser - nokdu (korea brand) i think both my toner n moisturiser doesn't suit me....i feel oily sometimes after few hours using it...(especially myt-zone area)
  9. d3vil doll: do you hav any skin food product that can recommend me to make my skin glow.....coz that day a SA told me that my skin was fair but at d same time it cause a bit yellowish on my skin colour.....
  10. d3vil doll: i've read ur reply there... thanks for all the advise....i think i'll go to the skin food shop to get it...thanks...
  11. d3vil doll: i would like to ask is it ok for me to apply toner on my pimples area? and the tea tree oil i should apply after toner to the affected area right?
  12. d3vil doll: i saw your reply on the steps of the skin care/ how we should use it....but i wonder if we can apply toner to our pimple affected area? coz i heard some say can and some say cannot? can u guide me to the correct way? erm....do you have the price of peach sake skin care product from the skin food? coz i wanna make some budget/ prepare myself when the next time i visit the skin food shop ..... thanks thanks
  13. Then usually how u guys tried a product...whether if the product suits you or not? i jst scared it will b waste after i bought it..? hope you can guide me in this situation... d3vil doll: sorry i tot the tomato whitening spot serum was the same as peach sake serum.... so, i will need 2 use cleanser > toner > peach sake serum > tomato whitening spot serum > moisturizer ??? is that right?
  14. that means i hav to use the tomato whitening spot serum rather than the peach sake serum right?
  15. `cherish: i've tried the bio-essence that day when the promoter tried it on my hand....i din feel any sticky or oily when she apply it on my hand....i feel good wit it....but i don know if it suit the skin of my face since face n hand was different right? so,...i don noe if i can trust the promoter or not.... .... d3vil doll: i hav pimple on my face (especially on my chin) ...but if i hav pimple on my face, can i still use the peach sake range product that u recommend me from skin food? will it decrease the pimple on my face? and also remove my scar?