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  1. cheelyboy, thx for the info & guideline, its very helpful...seems like, its not an easy job to work as a talent...
  2. i hv my nail done at color culture...wonder the K Care @ tmn Megah provides nail services too?
  3. makeupjunk


    ya, was using nailtek b4 i switched to OPI....if u don hv the budget, sally hansen's works ok too..
  4. would like to ask, as talents, how do they get pay? right aft the job is done, or months later? as well, mind to share, usually, how much do they get for a shoot?
  5. Niza oledi PM it to u....luckily i chk back this thread.....anyway thx a lot
  6. nisak.. i hv already replied to u..no wonder didnt hear fr u..i will PM the email to u, ok..so sorry abt tat
  7. hi liv, great ti hear tat u luv it...tq
  8. parkson members' day oct 31 2008
  9. I have BB lip gloss to let go...pls chk out my sales blog for more details
  10. I have updated my sales item at my sales blog....please feel free to drop by makeupjunk's sales blog if you need further translation, please let me know..
  11. Kevin Beauty Maker 星燦許願盒-貝殼星紗 eyeshadow SOLD been sick this few days...no time to update new stuff.... still sick now..
  12. serene, at the moment, still available..but i dono if starry really want it or not... let's wait till monday ok...if still no words from her...will sell it to u ok ah??? cynnz, let me chk how many pack i can mk 1st..then i will decide the price.... an nisak lippie ah...i hv to chk..may be stil got la...brushes lei..still struggling dono should let go or not? mine are MAC or BB, mostly new lei..
  13. sorry ah..a bit bz thie few days..will post the pic soon..
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