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  1. My two lunch partners just left the company, another one (also only one) tried to avoid having lunch outside due to the economic crisis (well, that's what she told me). So I'm all alone now...
  2. There's one in section 14, PJ. It's actually a seafood restaurant, just beside the Nissan show room. They do serve pork-free dim sum (not sure if it's authentic HK style??) during morning session, taste pretty good. I highly recommend a mango puree dessert. I went there for quite a lot of times, but never notice or remember the name of the restaurant... Anyone knows the name?
  3. MoonAngel


    Not really used to having breakfast ever since I studied in college, but trying to pick up that habit now. I think it's a great way for me to avoid overeating during lunch time, as I always get VERY hungry if without breakfast, so I eat more than usual for lunch, and trust me, you'll grow fat very easily that way!
  4. If you know the condo called 'Crimson', NZX is just opposite that condo. The food in Fullhouse taste alright, but if you've a big appetite, the portion might not be that satisfying... As for the design and atmosphere, I can't stop saying 'OMG, it's so cute!'. Haha!
  5. Just had my Valentine's dinner at La Cocina, planned to order their popular dish, paella negres, but only Valentine's set are served for tonight. From starter to dessert, all I can say is, the food is marvellous! It's above average and simply worth the price.
  6. MoonAngel


    Haha, most of my collegues leave the company sharp at 6pm. I guess there's nothing wrong with it if you really work hard and able to finish your things on time.
  7. I never receive any calls after office hours, as a majority of my colleagues are already married, they all spend their time at home with their family and nobody will work after office hours. If I'm on MC or holiday while everybody is working (hehe...), I DO NOT answer my phone because it's my private time and nobody should disturb me. That's why everytime before I go for holiday, I'll inform my colleagues and settle all the issues or projects that I work on.
  8. I'm also facing a somewhat similar situation here... I agree that job satisfaction is very important, but for those who come from not so well-off families, the salary is not an issue we can simply dismiss. I've seen my former colleagues worried about where to get the money for their rentals or pay the parking, when salary was delayed a few days. Job satisfaction is something I don't get much now, but I do try to spend my weekends and free time on activities I like (which I'm able to do thanks to the better pay). I guess you just have to balance up, although the choices are tough.
  9. Just came back from my Bangkok trip. I stayed in Legacy Suite, which is super clean and comfortable! I've read many reviews online about hotels in Bangkok, most of them said that it's pretty hard to find a hotel with very clean bathroom, but guess I finally found one. So far I haven't calculate my total damage on shopping... I supposed it's near 3K. I even got myself another big luggage bag for those extra goods. You can get luggage bags for a pretty decent price (not in shopping malls of course), so it's not necessary to buy one here and carry all the way long to Bangkok. If brands are not really a priority in your shopping list, then Platinum Mall is a must-go place. There are so many nice stuffs; clothes, shoes, bags, accessories etc. I didn't get any bags though, as I saw a few I like but a bit overpriced, such as 990 Baht. The variety of shoes are huge, but again, you get what you pay for. Clothes and accessories are definitely worth buying, you'll get a much better price if you buy 3 or more pieces.
  10. Yuri, just do what's best for yourself. Life is not so subjective, sometimes quitting something doesn't necessary mean you're weak, it's because you make choices and walk your own path that you think most suitable. As for relationship with other people, believe it or not, there are people who you can never successfully mingle with, call it 'different channel' if you like. If you can't stand it anymore, don't stay because you want to act tough or want to let others know you're not someone who will give up easily, be true to yourself. Quitting something does take courage after all...
  11. Nowadays, emails at the workplace not only serve the purpose of disseminating or exchanging information, they have somewhat become a weapon. Who to attack? Well, the co-workers of course. I realized that it has become some sort of 'practice' to 'cc:' or 'bcc:' more than one person into even the tiniest issue. If you use it correctly, it serves a purpose. However, there are people who write complaint letters, made rude remarks etc, when having (or simply wish to 'trigger' one) feuds with their colleagues. Some even gone to the extent of writing long email and 'cc:' your team mates and superiors in, just to remind you about a tiny mistake you made days ago! Well, is this crazy or what? Have you received any rude emails which serves no better purpose but to humiliate and attack you before? Or you've been the person misusing emails to create havoc in your workplace? Please share!
  12. The Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival will begin on 5th July until 1st September. So get ready to shop next month!
  13. MoonAngel

    La Senza

    Pretty disappointed with their products... Just found out that my newly bought pants and cami are 'defective', with a small hole, that is. I didn't noticed it when I bought it, now it's been a week not sure can change or not. Well, gonna find out soon tomorrow... It's my fault for not checking properly, but does that mean they can sell defective stuffs just because those are sales items (RM129 for 2) without even labelling them as 'defective'? Ah... Hope I can get an exchange tomorrow...
  14. Yeah, agree. But it's definitely much more expensive, haha! I do like the design pretty much, but then I look at it for a million times and still wonder what makes it worth that kindda price!
  15. Great videos. Without makeup, even celebrities are plain janes. Worst of all, some are even 'too ugly to be true'. The wonders of makeup!
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