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  1. I'm planning to get braces..i've went to Ong dental surgery for 1st appointment..quoted rm 3000 for normal braces without including xray, molding, tooth extracting. i wanna know have anybody here/your friend/relatives etc, went to Ong dental surgery for braces?? is he good? is his orthodontics skills good? is the result good? and anybody know if do orthodontics at Hospital Universiti have to wait how long..i heard pay 750 can cut Q..is it true?? pls feel free to drop comments.. thank you..
  2. Hey ppl, this might look really nonsense. Aren't u ppl curious on how many couples actually share their social network's password, like facebook, twitter, blogs or whatever passwords? Share the info. Do u actually hv the password(s)? if yes, tell us how did u get ur partner's password. u asked for it? he/she just gave it to u? why do u want it? To show as a sign of trust between the two or other reasons. if no, do u wanna know? why? Pls feel free to share whatever u feel like.
  3. heya. i'm back, after so long. updates: i shall update u guys here with what had happened after my last post here which was soooooo long already. i forgived him, but i sort of cant get over it. and, i knew he's still smsing her although he promised not to contact her anymore. but i was being very considerate and tolerate with him already, i respect his privacy, i try to force myself not to check on his sms. but, at the end i cannot resist it anymore, so i checked his sms inbox finally. here's the sad part. i saw his flirting msg'es and the girl's flirting back. what the hell!! and they're going out quite often while he has promised me nv contact her or wont kiss her. they're building a bf/gf relationship instead. what the hell! my bf even make handmade chocs for her, and me the later. bring me to the place where both of him and the girl "dated". worst part is, the girl knows he got girlfren but nv sees me b4. she blogs(i somehow found her blog) about the outings with my bf. flirting with him like: u just miss a chance to kiss me, u know what u feel for me. blaa... mms'ing him her sexy pictures randomly without my bf requesting it. what a bitch. no offense. i'm not bad mouthing her, it's true with proof. i know its my bf's fault, but without her goda-goda him, tak jadi one lo. so me n my bf argued when i found out this. he keep quiet and denied. i show him all the pictures of that girl he kept in phone. the sms'es.. then he said it's she the one sending her all those, not he wanted it. but he kept it!!! and his response was flirting back.. [img]http://www.malaysianbabes.net/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/sad.gif[/img] really very sad. and disappointed. almost cry everyday those days. he confessed that, he wanted to make her fall in love with him(i know the girl will not) and revenge on her, coz last time when he chased her during highschool, she played him and fooled his feelings for her. he begged me to let him continue this with the girl, he said that he thinks that the girl fell for him already and his plan is almost successful. but i think otherwise, the girl's just playing him AGAIN. i said no, ntwn me and the girl, he can only choose one. he chose me, kononnya, dunno how true it is, but i chose to believe him again. but of coz, cant trust him fully first few months. quite dramatic. now, we're still together. nothing dramatic/tragedy happening, not that i know of. not sure if he still keep in touch with that girl, most probably not. my bf is studying oversea now, so long distance relationship again. *haiz* still love me i suppose so. will send me bday, xmas and future valentines gifts from abroad. the girl changed 2 BF after my bf and hers "affair" (not yet a bf'gf r.ship i think) *maybe it does not even count one for her* do u ppl think that i made the correct decision? pls do comments. sorry for the long post. too much to update.
  4. QUOTE (HughieRmX @ May 23 2009, 01:28 PM) Hmm .. I'll PM you later on .. yes yes..PM me later k? thanks!!!
  5. QUOTE (d3vil doll @ May 23 2009, 01:38 AM) Definately no.If he can have 2 gf,I cant see why I cant have 20 bfs @ the same time hahahahha. I LIKE YOUR ANSWER!! straight to the point!! and funny, as usual!!
  6. timothyngim, it means having your love partner having two gf/bf, and u're one of them. eg: one girl two bf, or one guy two gf! (and you're the one who is sharing ur bf/gf!) so would that change ur answer then?
  7. Hey everyone, try out the poll above!! And, give some comments on why you chose that answer!! If you chose 'Others' be sure to tell us why. Thanks!!
  8. hello everybody..Many will say LDR, long distance relationships are hard to maintain. I'm afraid i might be getting one in a few months time. I'm quite worried bout it. So, I wish to know more about maintaining LDR. Pls be kind to share your story here. It can be any LDR story, whether u're having it now, losing it, failed or successful ones..ANY!! Pls share your experience here. Tell me more about ur LDR, for examples, lk the diffulcuties that hv to be gone through, the disadvantage of having LDR, maintaning the relationship..etc etc..anything. THANKS!!
  9. QUOTE (HughieRmX @ May 22 2009, 06:17 PM) Hmm .. last time my situation are almost similar to yours and I was undergoing a LDR that time. But things gone bad .. and ended up badly. Anyway, to me .. not necessary have to be in shopping malls. Watching Movies at home or doing something together would be nice .. As for me, I will sometimes prefer to stay at home and do some household chores and cook together with my Girl. Tiring but yet Fun to spend our precious time together. Sometimes I will bring her along to join events and participate road shows or expo. Coincidently, my n my bf is goin to have LDR too..and, he's goin there (US) for quite long. I'm quite worried. Do u mind telling me what happened to you n ur gf? So tht i might take it as a reference? Thanks.
  10. QUOTE (parrotsim @ May 18 2009, 11:09 PM) your bf very handsome kar?? i think u should end this crazy relationship..it sounds too crazy and a bit funny . a guy who cannot resist the temptetion from outside is far to dangerous to be with..now u are young,ditch him~~u are young, and u have time to find a new and a thousand times better bf + u wont feel too hurt cos he has not really done stg that hurt u too much~either way, u win~haha!! i dare not say he's very handsome. but ok ok laa.. a very nice person, lk to help ppl, love family, love friends. i think ur comment is very funny too..thanks.
  11. haha..d3vil doll..u're so humorous..even in your self description. :)

  12. QUOTE (d3vil doll @ May 19 2009, 12:15 AM) Great ,@ leat u smile and forgets ur misery for a few seconds Try and speak out those two lines and see what he has to say.This guy clearly needs ''a taste of his own medicine''. While I know and totally undertstands the whole feeling of betrayal and how u feel @ the moment deep down inside,well,u dont deserve being the ''official gf'' to some jerks that keep another ''mistress gf'' outside. Based on all ur post,I make a wild guess that u must either still a late teens or that ur young adults,early 20s at most,but I'm sure u way not older than 22 years old. Ur bf is indicating that he feel a lil bit bored of being with u and hes dying inside for some lil excitement,that is why he stray looking for b!tches.new girl=new relationship=new excitement Do keep in mind that he himself too have his own life,his privacy.Well,its his right if he wants to spend time with others or his friend.He need his space or else he will feel suffocated in relationship.He needs time off on his own,just like u do.He need his all boys nite out,just like u need ur all hens nite out. And one more thing,based on ur words(highlighted in bold red)he clearly indicates that he has kinda of liking/crush/love towards the ''mistress gf'' On ur bf thoughts of kissing her ,is that as per my 1st reply to u,this all is just a fantasy.FANTASY=NO REAL HARM.(Unless of course he really go cheated on u behind ur back) Another note,the other girl must posses some quality which ur bf longs for,but u dont have that quality. So,this is time for u to do some self improvements and some serious deep thinking.Improve urself in both ways be it external (ur total outlooks) / internal(personality,esteem) Tell u what,for such a young age, u have lotsa fish in the huge pond to choose from.Many other guys for u to fish on.Not worth it if u have constantly vying his attention and grab him back @ the time,trying to stop the other ''mistress gf'' from snatching him away from u.If he wanna go,just let him go to then.Based on what u mention,u already give him more than enough chances U deserve better,someone that knows how to cherish u,love u. Before u wanna bad mouth the "mistress gf'' do u really knows her well?What if its ur bf that starts to cari pasal 1st?That could be so much possibility,ya know.Not to blame whatever happens in ur relationship solely on the girls shoulder alone. And the ''he's mine now'' means nothing.Not neccessary she is refering to ur bf,so stop being ridiculuos And yea,one more thing,u mentioned that the ''mistress gf'' knows ur bf and vice versa when shes is ur bf's best friend gf.And that ur bf likes her too.THAT CLEARLY means that he still likes her long time ago,but due to certain circumstances theyre never together and then ur bf met u and settled for u.But what he feels now is that ur not as good as the ''mistress gf''(which obviously he still harbour his liking for her till today) No body can tells u what to do.Just follow ur heart.Good luck! very true, d3vil doll..you've just pointed the path clearly for me. I feel much much better right now after reading your post. Thanks alot..and, i'm smiling when i type this. And, yup! i'm 20 turning 21 this year. you're a real pro. I like your thinkings..you're very matured in thinking. i wish i can think lk you.. As you've mentioned, he might getting bored being with me and searching for new excitements..i've always been trying to be his dream gf, ideal gf, be a 100% perfect gf. I try not to think too much when he's lk he's reluctant to tell the truth, i try giving him the best of me, i try shower him enough care and affection, i try to be what he wanted me to, i try giving him the most freedom i can give, i try not checking on him every now and then. No temper. Always listen to him etc etc. But, it seems that's not only it. I think he needs more? or maybe there're some criterias that i missed out in order to be his ideal gf? and yup, you're right..i think i should make some self improvements to attract more of his attention..and to prevent him get hooked on with some HOT GIRLS out there. Yup, about the fantasy thing, i understand. and, i'm feeling grateful that he didn't actually cheated on me. i hope fantasy is really=no real harm. What i'm sad n wondering about is what makes him thought of doin an unloyal act to me? Is he really goin to do that? Coz he sounded quite serious when he was telling me that. I'm wondering if i've done something wrong or if there's anything i can't give him..or is it kissing me is not a fun for him anymore? I know i might be worrying too much. But, as a gf of his, i cant help but to start wondering what had happened between us..anything went wrong? We never argued before, in other ppl's eyes, we're the perfect couple, still very loving together after so long. I do hope it's just another fantasy of him. I know it's normal for him to have fantasy over another girl, but he has never been that serious over a "fantasy". i think he's telling the truth bout wanting to kiss her..i think he still have the left-over love/crush on her. He might really go kiss her if nothing is done to improve the relationship btwn me n him. I hope things wont go further now. I'll take your advice and try to mend things back. i'm sorry bout the bad mouth thingy..i was just a lil pissed when i was typing my last post. Now that, i've a more peaceful mind. And, about the merebut-rebut thing on FACEBOOK, it's just a game, doesn't mean anything. Now that i feel i'm childish. Thanks for slapping me to awake. Just that, u know, when you're pissed, everything looks so wrong in your eyes..everything looks very unfair to you. I was feeling a lil tak puas hati that time when i see her keep snatching him away from me in that game..as if she really wants to steal him away.. *smiled at myself for being silly* i'll try jaga baik-baik on my guy. my head is fully stuffed with all of him...love is really blind. And, u mentioned that i'm still young, have alot more chances to get a better bf huh? yup, i agree with that. But, i'm loser in love, lk it's my destiny. I know this is not the right way to think of. but, i dunno why, i keep having this thought in mind. Maybe because i'm slower in the healing process after every broken relationship. (This is my 2nd bf, btw.) And, i lost faith n trust on love after a broken relationship. Lesser n lesser faith n trust after one n another failed relationships. I can hardly give in the fullest in a relationship, and, when i give in, i get hurt easier n lead to a more severe depression after it ended and, dare not try it again, coz i cant bear that kind of pain again to exchange with temporary sweetness/happiness. They beat my confidence down badly. So, i will always try my best to not to screw up in a relationship. Thanks d3vil doll, you've been giving me strength i needed and thanks for all the comments that the others had given me. I really appreaciates them alot..They really helped, makes me feel that i'm not alone in this. Thanks for keeping me accompanied. THANKS!! I will try my best to work things out..
  13. QUOTE (d3vil doll @ May 18 2009, 11:10 AM) based on ur wors,which i highlighted in red,its just a fantasy right? theres nothing wrong to fantasise,unless he really cheated on u,by going to kiss the girl and sleep with her ask him this : ''Honey,what will u feel if I go kiss ur best friend? I find him hot lar,he got nice looking lips and he seems like a great kisser too'' or try ''Honey,do u think its a good idea if u kiss the girl u like in my presence and i kissed ur best friend in ur presence?Isnt that cool? Say that and see what he has to say.Look @ his reaction hi d3vil doll, i like your words. you're humorous, u made me at least smiled for a few seconds. yea, i thought of that too. but, he sounds quite serious on the "feels lk kissing her thing." He asked me to stop him.. that day, me n him were supposed on a date out. but, unfortunately, i've an emergency and i gotta rush home. I was driving that day, and the whole journey he was sms'ing SOMEONE, which i think is that girl. Then, when i settled my stuff, planning to ask him out, he said, he was out with FRIENDS. Then, i asked, who? Then only, he told me the girl's name and they went to library, only two of them. Obviously, he doesn't feel lk telling me if i don't ask. He asked me to not to think too much, not to angry..blaaa. so, ok lo. Then, later at night, he confessed, saying he has an urge to kiss her. WHHHAAAATTTTT!! i trust him, not to think too much, now he's giving me this!! haiz..disappointed. They only seeing each other for the first time after being with me for 2 years. ONE TIME only, makes him wanna kiss the girl. He told me he liked that girl when that girl is with his best friend last time. What am i to him now? disposable girlfriend? but i love him so much, he apologized, so i forgived him. and then, about that girl..she's a lil too "easy-goin", can simply have an "affair" with ppl. I wonder does my bf told him about my existence. If yes, then that girl is quite cheap..and, know what? that girl MEREBUT my bf on friends for sale on FACEBOOK, so i keep buying him back as a property of mine, maybe she dunno i'm his gf? then u know what? She is kind of garang la, she put "he's mine now" to show off. So means what? The girl likes my bf too? I'M SO FRUSTRATED!!! SAVE ME!! I hope they wont get further than this. i felt so unfair. i'm his gf and she's just some other girl on road.. PLS TEACH ME HOW TO DO, i dont wnat to lose him, i love him.
  14. QUOTE (Little Donut @ May 18 2009, 10:54 AM) he obviously has problems committing to your relationship. that is a selfish attitude! Have u ever asked him how he would have felt if you do the same thing to him? ditch him before he cheats on you. Can you hear the alarm bell ringing already???? i sensed it, i sensed the warning light is lighted. but, forgive me for my foolness..i'm not willing to accept the fact..i'm stupid, i know.
  15. QUOTE (timothyngim @ May 18 2009, 06:25 AM) Hmm.... Your situation, you should maybe drag him aside (yes, drag) and to him and ask him why why why are you doing this to me either way, you have to keep him on a short leash, maybe you can try "disciplining" him if he tries to kiss with other girls, maybe you can him??? (Example) In his eyes, i'm a crybaby, he thinks that i only know how to cry instead of facing/solving the problem. so i think he doesn't like me to cry. And, i asked him, why? he said, maybe it's because i liked that girl before. He is the first time goin out with her one on one after having me as his gf.. and then, just meeting one time only, makes him FEELS lk kissing her. I dunno how to react, whether to angry with him or to scold him? i didn't do all that. I love him too much to even to be angry with him. i dunno how. I asked, if you really love me, why are you doin this to me? then he apologized, saying he only love me, no one can replace me etc etc. So, i forgived him, since he didn't cheated on me for real. But, with this incident, i sensed that he doesn't love me as much as last time already. i feel terribly sad now.
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