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  1. Hi All, I am preparing buy LV Speedy 25 at KL. Have anyone know how much is it?
  2. Hi Girls, I have a question here, that is where i can find YSL Cosmetic store at KL. That is because i saw some of beauty blog, most of them recommended that YSL foundation, concealer very nice. So have anyone using or used YSL before? I doubt that is it very nice? I also hope to get one.
  3. i am using bobbi brown eye gel liner and MAC liquid eye liner and MAC crayon pencil. i felt is nice for me.
  4. just bought a Braun Buffel wallet... also searhing long type Gucci wallet. have anyone have any good recommend and how much in RM??
  5. QUOTE (melissa_bylau @ Jul 3 2009, 01:51 PM) i love tis bag oso..my frend jz bought a shoulder bag,almost same like tie..it is rm1850..i oso plan wan buy a big shoulder bag .... EDITED: KINDLY REMOVE THE [IMG] TAGS WHEN QUOTING IMAGE Wow... just RM1850? I just bought a messenger bag from HK with HKD 4500 around Rm2000. for this shoulder bag price is normal price. if normal price, i also have planning to get one.
  6. i am very disappointing cox LV speendy 25 already out of stock at HK... have anyone know that have stock at Malaysia?
  7. QUOTE (Bluebell @ Apr 17 2009, 11:41 AM) Hi Nokomoli... which hotel u stay? Free and easy? Actually this is my first time to HK, feel so nervous and exciting. Cant't want to start my shopping spree at HK.... I will stay at Standford Hotel. i go with my frenz... we dun take any travel packages cox their transport really very convenience. no need so nervous cox their ppl really very nice. now i also cannot wait go to HK and i every day just do many many researches about where should i visit or what food should i eat or what brand should i buy and really cheaper than here..... It really kill me cox now my heart already at Hong Kong..... hehe every day just thinking HK...haha
  8. QUOTE (EveryGirlsFavorites @ Apr 12 2009, 09:25 AM) How about these everygirlsfavs.blogspot.com Affordable and authentic I'm planning to get LV zipper wallet or gucci wallet. but i don't know their price. Have anyone can give me suggestion?
  9. QUOTE (Bluebell @ Apr 16 2009, 02:51 PM) Hi... im new in this forum. Which web site u menetioned that show the pricing? Cox i find it in Gucci official web site. Actually im going to Hk in July, i was thinking which brand to buy (LV or Gucci). is it? you are going to HK In July. I will go to HK in middle of June also. When i come back from HK, i will tell you the price, but i really dun noe which branded bag is nicer. Cox currently many girls shopping at KL such as pavilion, they also have branded bag. Majority girls carried Neverfull LV bag too. So i prefer buy a branded bag which is less ppl carried. Girls, do you have any good sugegsetion to me?
  10. Hi, As i know Gucci have sales but LV dun have. So May i know when have sales?
  11. Currently i'm using Paul Frank Wallet which have 12 plots. but now i searching any other wallet is suitable. How about LV. Is it buy LV or Gucci?
  12. QUOTE (SnoopChic @ Apr 9 2009, 04:39 PM) I find Gucci cheaper in Hong Kong, although not much, its cheaper by RM100-300, depending on the bag. =) Ya... I view Gucci Web site and its shown the price obviously cheaper than LV. So girl... which brand you are more preferred?
  13. Thanks you comments. So can i ask how much you buy in Hong Kong? U buy speedy 25 ?
  14. Hi, I will travel go to Hong Kong soon. I have planningg buy a LV bag too at there. But ii doubt that is buy at malaysia more worth(more cheaper) than Hong Kong? i have planning NeverFull GM bag or speedy 30. Can anyone tell me the price(Malaysia and/or Hong Kong)?
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