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  1. Just back from previous, which i don't know who I am. Just back because I was chance my mind set, Just change back my real image. elle, huchi, funnyface86, tommyboy, missy Z,Fred (admin), Nivac, elorix, bkk, Ray, venven81, berlyn, LoveTragedy(especially him), cossie, pink melon, always~,luvade, miracle, 3feetshow,Mysterious Gal,astrosuge (the posting that he telling me are more easy to understand),cheekyboy,epileatheral (the devil king),Nat_Nat0Lie,kyliemc,yan yan, nightga,haute_couture, shadowprincess,jacqline,missyjac,otaichi,SushiWassabi,Vivian,william,wind & wildberr... Ref: Who know my Feeling 2005 ~I am awake now~, I know what i want to do....
  2. I think alot ppl mistake that i'm chester in MYB when i introduction myself in some where fair or Friendster. Now I re-introduct again, Chester071 AKA Joker_king in MYB,not same as Chester... Thank you
  3. i meet her few time,she quite nice girl...
  4. Kill me better than u ask me sell my car, i will take bus sometime, about "belanja" Girl..... Ai~ because i'm so soft when girl asking me go to lunch lo and paid like "Boss" (Tell you seriously, i won't belanja makan before i gradute and working in Plaza Imbi, but I Migrasi to another branch.....Then......)
  5. Of course la, because u can see me always in kiosk nearby Plaza low yat mah.....
  6. If i got Change , I don't want to live this City and Run away to another place which i don't know....
  7. If i got change i want to destroy KL by using Katana like a Sephiroh (FF7 Devil Character)
  8. If got change i would like to restart the 4 years ago my first love to ask her "Do you love me ?"
  9. If got change i won't to be Joker King, i want to be Jia Ming '家(Home)銘(Name)'....
  10. If got change i would like that reborn my life again from my painful heart.
  11. Joker_King67


    I was thinking want to put TATU in my whole back side, Graphic is Crossing, Isn't nice or not ?? same as my Avatar pic but i make it smaller and can put around 67 pcs for crossing... Please Give me some suggestion which got putting TATU before, and your idea..... I was tall about around 188 cm and around 88 kg.. FOR ADMIN***I don't know where should i put, so......
  12. Last time got one topic regard girl fight, would be like this ?? http://tabmok99.mortalkombatonline.com/mk_vs_sf.html
  13. 1st & 4th job =I was worked before but i not really intrested work it 3rd ,5th & 6th job =I don't like LCD style 2nd & 7th = i looking it but the place and timing not match Thx for your advice, you really helpful for me.....
  14. You mean one girl took 5 guy to fight it ?? Are you watching wrestling ??
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