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  1. i've just bought this trail pack in another place.. wat i can say is.. i personally think its d same thing as Dermedex.. the cleanser n the refining cream r the same.. same smell same texture..
  2. hi, i wana ask: [size="4"][color="#ff0000"]does applying eye primer prevents khol/crayon/pencil eyeliner frm smudging?? [/color][/size] i've never tried any primer on b4.. could any babes recommend me some not so pricy yet good primer? i jz need primer for eyes cz my eyelids are hell lot oilier thn u can imagine! >.< i can never use khol or any pencil eyeliner cz they'll smudge in jz 1 hour's time.. recently i bought a blue pencil eyeliner from Body Shop (its called Eye Definer fyi) n im relly loving its bright color! bt sadly, after just 1 hour or putting it on, it smudges n d color doesnt look so vibrant anymore =( so i thought of getting an eye primer to solve my "eyeliner-smudges-cz-of-oily-eyelids problem".. i've look trough dis thread n read about many primers dat i never even heard of.. can any1 recommend me primers dat can be easily found in malaysian local stores? eg. watsons, guardian, sasa, jusco or even parkson will do =) thnx babes~!
  3. jz a quick silly question: [color="#00BFFF"][b]can i mix 2 diff BB n use??[/b][/color]i hv 1 Etude House's BB n 1 Skin Food BB. Etude's looks very pale n abit dry on my face, n Skin Food's color is jz rite bt feels slightly oily after apply.. i was wondering can i mix them 2gather for use??
  4. [quote name='jc_lynn' date='30 August 2009 - 01:17 AM' timestamp='1251566269' post='568895'] i heard etude's bb cream is good. anyone tried both etude and skinfood aloe? can give a comparison? personally i've tried many of etude house's nail polish. bought their konad accessories as well nail polish remover. nail buffer pencil sharperner [img][/img] [/quote] hi, i've also heard dat Etude's BB Cream is good.. i personally gt Etude's [color="#0000ff"]Precious Mineral BB Cream Sheer Silky Skin SPF30. [/color]i'm currently using my [color="#9932cc"][color="#000000"]Skin Food's[/color] Peach Sake Pore BB Cream SPF20. [color="#000000"]Since ur asking about comparison of Etude n Skin Food's BB cream.. i thought of doing a review on it too(although im bt using d Skin Food BB dat u ask abt) so here's d result i gt.. [/color] [img][/img] [/color][color="#000000"]as u can c frm d above pic, i applied both of d BB on d back of my hand.. Left side is Skin Food n right side is Etude House's.. d result shows dat Etude's BB appears to b "whiter" than SkinFood's BB.. SkinFood's BB suites my natural skin tone more.. both says to b oil-controlling (i hv combination skin), both texture is about d same bt i feel SkinFood's is slightly more creamy thn Etude's and Etude's feel abit dry when applying.. i think bcz d Etude BB i use gt whitening function so it looks abit fairer on my skin as im medium skin tonned n abit yellowish undertone.. perhaps babes with fairer skin tone will b more suitable to use Etude's [img][/img] i thought of mixing both BBs togather for use.. i wonder izzit safe to do so? [img][/img] hope it helps tho.. cheers~![/color] [img][/img]
  5. i've used d line for damaged hair (shampoo + conditioner + mask).. i feel my split ends is no so worse thn b4.. bt stil hv some split ends happening tho.. overall i think its quite good.. i've bought d Royal Jelly line n mayb will do a review of in soon enof =D
  6. [quote name='d3vil doll' date='11 August 2009 - 11:27 AM' timestamp='1249961273' post='566369'] I'm a B become C.And now my C looks so ''full'' going to be D . Imagine D . With C also I complain big with D I will DIE and wont hessitate to go under the knife so I dont be too meaty. And I'm no pornstar so why i wanna keep a D boobs?Furthermore in my line,a B is ebough,C is considered off track ,no need to mention about D [/quote] wow.. d3vil doll.. hw d hell (oops sorry) can dis happen?? i mean, ur nt pragnent or wat r u?? hw come ur boobs can grow cups bigger so fast?? o.O and u said u drink protein shakes.. wat actually does it do?? it realy help boobs to grow??
  7. [quote name='fairish' date='07 August 2009 - 02:14 PM' timestamp='1249625691' post='565855'] Do they have etude house in sunway pyramid? anybody know how much is the [b]Precious Mineral BB Cream Sheer Glowing Skin[/b]?? does this suitable for a very dry skin?? [/quote] im frm Penang so im nt sure Sunsay Pyramid gt o nt.. i gt d [color="#0000ff"][b]Precious Mineral BB Cream Sheer Silky Skin [/b][/color][color="#000000"]for RM56 (or RM65??) if im nt mistaken[/color].. d sales girl recommand it to me as i hav combination skin.. i think Sheer Glowing is suitable for dry skin n d price is no difference with Silky Skin.. u can try ask d promoter for opinion.. i hvnt use d BB Cream yet.. after i do, mayb i will hv some review about it here =)
  8. [quote name='d3vil doll' date='09 September 2009 - 08:21 AM' timestamp='1252455660' post='570041'] [img][/img] Any reviews for this item ? [/quote] its d new Perfect Automatic Liner rite?? i gt dis Perfect Automatic Liner in Green (GR604) n Blue (BL603) i hv d previous ones Neo Automatic Liner in all colors except pure black n white. i saw d new ones in Cleo n i fell in love with d bold colors!! bt after i bought n use it, all i can say is dat i like Neo better bcoz d color shows more thn Perfect. Perfect is all black based.. d colors doesnt show much on my eye lids as im medium toned.. Perfect's colors r "若隐若现" actually.. bt i like colors liners to shout out for me as im nt good in putting on eye shadow =( i tried putting all d new colors on d back of my hand dat day in watsons.. i duno its my eye problem o wat.. bt wat i saw was: - Perfect red is abit darker thn Neo red - Perfect brown looks d same as Neo brown - Perfect gold looks abit like Neo brown other thn these, d rest of Perfect jz looks like Black to me if c frm far cz d colors r too dark @@" (including d green n blue dat i bought!) another thing, i feel dat Perfect is too watery for me.. Neo's color is more small stroke of Neo works better than two stokes of Perfect O.o one stroke of Perfect, i c nothing bt a thin layer of watery black P/s: above is jz my personal point of view about d Perfect Automatic Liner.. hope i din offend any1 who love d product (if i did, im sorry!) cheers~! =)
  9. [quote name='YungSernLang' date='26 December 2008 - 05:36 AM' timestamp='1230241002' post='535162'] DKNY delicious cost you rm279.90 if u purchase from sasa, but if u prefer the more worthy package, do go to dkny booth in shopping centre and hunt for a 100ml Green bottle, 1 Miniature and a hand lotion for 300, i get 1 for myself recently, really worth the price... [/quote] ya, i gt mine frm d DKNY booth in Pacific =) d set i bought contains a 100ml of Fresh Blossom (pink one) n a tube of Red Apple LipGloss. it's normal price is RM350 (RM290 for d perfume n RM60 for lipgloss). bt it was a promotion dat day, d sales person gv me a RM50 voucher so i bought d set for jz RM300 =D. in addition, i gt a DKNY silver tote n also d sales person gv me a free sample of Green Apple. may it b my worthiest buy dat day! hehex =D i like Green Apple in d beginning.. bt since i can remmber d scent of Green Apple, i found out dat everywhere i go i smell alot of people using it! dats d reason i go for Fresh Blossom.. for me, i'm currently using Fresh Blossom (love it!).. i gt another tube of JLo's Live Lux which yet to b used.. n i like Escada's Ocean Lounge too =D
  10. fall sick.. no voice ><

  11. fall sick.. no voice ><

  12. QUOTE (blueorchid @ May 2 2009, 05:14 PM) It does work and personally, Emergency Lash RX is the best eyelashes serum I have used thus far. It helps to lengthen as well as thicken my lashes. My current one is already my 3rd purchase It's pretty pricey but it's definitely worth the price! I'm very satisfied with the results hi, can i kno hw many ml is a tube of Emergency Lash Rx? it seems small in the ads..
  13. hey.. i hav d same problem too! for La Senza, Sorci Age i wear 34/32C Cotton Shop, Priere Cardin, Audrey, Triumph, i need 32D.. XixiLi i wear 32E Sloggi and Young Hearts.. i can hardly find a size dat suites my boobs.. sometimes even though C.Shop, P.Cardin, Audrey n Triumph hav cup C n D, they still dont cover up my boobs well enough it all depends on d cutting.. i think i like XixiLi and La Senza more (although they are quite pricey..range from RM80 n above..) bt it feels comfortable wearing them i first discovered i am a 36C when i was 17.. even d promoter doesnt believe i am 36C until she c my lumps when she gv me 36B .. i was kinda plump dat time, so it dint bother me y i hav C cup. bt as i finished my secondary school and managed to lose some weight, i am still wearing C (or D cup now) 166cm tall, weight 51kg, waist 25" n hip 35".. i think its normal for me to hav size D boobs? i had to admit i thought of going anorexia to slim down more n to lose my boobs size last time..and its until i met my bf dat i stared to love my boobs agian now, sometime i wonder not y i dun hav smaller boobs bt y nt bigger ones? silly isnt?