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  1. hi, it wil be good if u cud translate for those non chinese literate ppl like me lo. wud love to know wat are these 34 tips. hope u cud help me out ere.
  2. hi everyone, this is my very first post of my own. after stumblin upon this forum, my interest in weight loss has increased. so much so tat i'm oledi workin towards losin weight. while doin som research on water diet, i came across this detox program called the master cleanse diet. it is a ten days based detox program. sounds very promisin and i wud like to try it out. from my research, it says tat even beyonce has used this diet program to shed the extra weight for her role in the movie dreamgals. she lost a total of 9kgs in 2 weeks. tats freakin alot. n she looked hawt in dreamgirls. it also says tat many hollywood stars practise this diet. i just wanna know if anyone of ya heard or have tried this diet plan before. if so, i hope u can share ur experiences ere with me. i just started on herbalife afta hearin great reviews of its effectiveness. n i dowan to keep changing diet plans. currently i'm goin to stick to herbalife, but perhaps i wil try out the master cleanse program when i have my semester holiday. i dont think i can survive the plan wif my normal work routine. hope to get som feedback from u MYB readers. together lets work towards an effective weight loss program ...... http://www.themastercleansediet.org
  3. dear pityfatty, u know just looking at the title of dis post made me think bout myself. i had to read it. u remind me so much of myself. unfortunately i'm still FAT. i hate using tat word but tat is the case. ever since i was small i hav always been on the heavy side. i've tried everythin but i hav also given up just as quickly. there was no one to guide me or inspire me. al i got from ppl ( frens, family, colleagues) was u're FAT.
  4. noel, yes u hav answered al my concerns. i know there's no such thing as a miracle pill or solution. in the end of the day it all comes back to doin it the rite way. i'm trying to do so. but i feel that bein in my current weight it restricts my exercise regimes. esp when i'm doin cardio. moreover with my asthma i just find it so frustratin at times. my head says go but my body just gives up. i'm hopin by takin dis herbal life product i wud be able to lose a few kgs and it wil help me wif my exercises. i do bring my inhaler along. but i try not to use it tat often. i'm not a chronic asthmatic. i manage to control it to a certain degree. but afta almost 8 yrs i recently got a severe attack tat almost got me hospitalised. during tat time the doctors prescribed me with some steriods based medication for almost 2 weeks. i was at 98 kgs before the attack, but afta that i shot to 103kgs. i spoke to my doctor bout the weight gain, and he said it was common due to the medication. i'm currently 28 yrs of age, and i wanna take control of my health. i wud be lyin if i said physical look is not wat i'm afta but my main concern is my health. as i said before i hav always been on the heavy side. i just wanna be on a healthy weight. afta years of yo yo diets and all i know tat all tat is pure bull. instead i think i only ruined my health and metabolism. i'm currenty goin to true fitness on a regular basis wif a fren. i normal go for the threadmill, stepper, som abdomen slimmin machine thingy and body balance class. i attended RPM classes twice but it was too demandin for me. also bcos of all the letdown of past experiments i find myself emotionally drained. tat's why i've decided to do it rite and stick to my goal. i found this forum by chance but afta readin other ppls fight against weightloss it made me realise it's somthin we can overcome. it also irks me when some1 with an average weight complains about being fat. cos they dont know wat fat is. but then again different ppl hav diff opinions. i'm actually workin near curve. i might drop by and see ya. cos afta readin ur reply it somhow gave me the strength to go on. hopefully i can achieve my goals. thanks once again p/s nope i can't swim for nuts.... sad i know...
  5. can i hav ur fren's contact? i wanna try out this product as well. but i am a lil apprehensive to try it out.
  6. hi, i bumped into this forum while doin som research on herbalife. my fren is trying it out and wanted to know more bout the product & its effectiveness. i on the other hand wud like to giv it a try but i'm stil a lil apprehensive. i hav always been on the heavy side since i was young. hav been tryin al sorts of diets since i was small. and gav up on all too soon. but now i'm very worried bout my weight & health. i wanna lose weight the healthy way, and som of my frens were recommendin herbalife. i'm currently 165cm tall and weight bout 102kgs. i've been puttin on weight with the years. feelin very depressed and emotionally drained. i hav joined gym wif a fellow fren who wants to lose weight as well. been regularly goin to the gym (2-4times a week) for bout 3 months now. my problem is i'm an asthmatic therefore i get tired and breathless afta exercisin for bout 30 mins. i wanna lose som ... actually loads of weight cos and it is emotionally wearin me out. before investin into this product i wanna know its effectiveness. i don wanna be let down again. hope som 1 ere cud help me out.
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