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  1. [size="7"][color="red"][b]ANNOUNCEMENT :[/b][/color][/size] STOCKS CLEARANCE : [img][/img] [color="red"][b]ON Nitrocore 24 6lbs[/b][/color] Price : RM 230 Clearance Price : [color="red"][b]RM 160.00 !!!![/b][/color] Expiry Date : 06/2010 Servings Per Container : 56 Chow
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  4. Hii girls/guys, We're also adding articles section to help you guys achive your fitness goal healthily Maybe you want to take a peek at the Fat Loss Article HERE. Its still unfinished and unedited, but u guys can take a look first Chow
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  7. QUOTE (Agnes T @ Sep 27 2009, 10:11 PM) I don't know..when a person gain weight, will tend to eat non stop, very scarely, just like me... is there anyone ever heard of Hoodia supplement..? or anything can reduce appetite naturally? Please advice.. Lipo-6 Hers contains Hoodia and other thermogenics agent but you must follow healthy diet and workout too,after all its not just about looks, but for your health as well Chow
  8. QUOTE (NeO SaMuRaI @ Sep 18 2009, 06:24 PM) Awesome! What gains have you made (in mass) since you started? around 12kg lean mass, i didnt measure myself nowadays, i love the concept of mirror Chow
  9. u can use fat burners (thermogenics, appetite surpressant). NutreX Lipo6, NutreX Lipo-6 for Hers however you must follow good healthy diet and workout to get optimal results Chow
  10. count me in, started because i was skinny and loved it so far Chow
  11. i love tanned look, more sexy in bikinii Chow
  12. big boobs is a gift to women. why want to reduce it? lol. if you feel u're hunching, train for good posture, and exercise your lowerback like hyperextension to strengthen your lower back. and one more way to reduce it, is by having lower bodyfat level. Good luck Chow
  13. what is hen night? lol. sometimes bodybuilders do this, because its hard to find good bod male in here. i know coz sum of my frens do. maybe i can Chow
  14. Burly Gym, Suria Gym >>>ghetto gym Clark Hatch CS Chow
  15. after give birth usually will "grow" to at least one cup size. its not a must though. if your body a lil chubby, you can try exercise, it will reduce them a bit. but if you already have hourglass figure, well you shud proud off. lolll... you can exercise pectorals muscle underneath them to avoid them saggy later. good luck Chow