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  1. You Are 30% Boyish and 70% Girlish Even if you're not a girl, you're very feminine. You're in touch with your feelings, and your heart rules you. A bit of a emotional roller coaster, one moment you're up and the next you're down. But no matter what, you try to be as cute and perky as possible.
  2. Peachgal

    Grad School

    Thanks lot gals/guys...all the advice really helps... Below are some clarifications... First of all... I dont think I will take part time study...reason is that I will probably be continuing my study oversea and if so I will need to apply for a job oversea b4 i could take part time study...mayb I should consider part time job if possible... Reason I wanna attend grad school I am actually interested in Industrial/Organizational Psyc...plan to work in HR, PR, Marketing field...but i am only a BA student majoring in Psyc...irrelevant for jobs in these fields...my only options will be edu, social, counselling field which dont really interest me...maybe a MA or PHD in I/O may helps??? On the other hand...since my friend is now taking grad school...the way he talks seems to giv me the impression that I made the wrong choice for not going to grad school once after I grad...its not right for me to work in the very beginning...i am on the wrong track go back to the right track quick...making me feeling guilty... To make it worst...moz of my friends are taking grad school after they grad...1 by 1 applying for grad school... making me feeling left out... Mayb the feeling of not wanting to b left out and all those brain washing thingy been influencing my decision? Reason I wanna work b4 grad school Since I start working...I found that I really lack of what i call 'society experience'...and I find that 'society experience' is esential when working...and I kinna enjoy my working life now...I am learning new things everyday...thgs I nvr learn b4...Is it bc I am new to the working life thats y I kinna enjoyin it now and i may regret later? On the other hand...i cant find any grad school which offers any interesting research in I/O psyc...plan to look for a better research rathe rthan taking whatever thats available and regret later...Am I juz being too picky? Ans to wen's ques...gotto depends on the research...either one will do... Thanks for all the help...your help is much appreciated...
  3. Accept the facts and enjoy the remaining time we hav together...treasure every moments we have together... To get married or not is not a big deal...as you said 'a paper means nthg'...some ppl may think the 'paper' is nthg...but some really treat the 'paper' as the way to show their love towards their partner-IMPORTANT!!! Married or not he/she may still pass away, you will still be by his/her side when he/she pass away (given that u nvr leave him/her) seeing him/her pass away...crying days n nights, you may leave the past behind and move on enjoying your life...I dont think getting married or not is the real prob...the decision if you would stay or leave/giv up on him/her is the critical problem...
  4. Peachgal

    Grad School

    I need some advice here... Well, I juz finished my BA in Art Majoring in Psyc this May...I am currently working in a telecommunication company near KL...my prob is that I am not sure if I should apply for grad school now...I did plan to continue wid grad school after I got my degree...but after I started working...I feel that I kinna lack of working experience and plan to work for some time before I continue wid my grad school...but my fren who is now in grad school same major...keep persuading me to take grad school..he sounds as if I will regret if I dun take grad school as I am unable to excel in my job with juz a degree... I can do nthg wid juz a BA in Psych...so now i am confused...If i decide to go for grad school then i will have to giv up working...by doing so I am worried that I will hav no experience at all when I go back into the society after i finish my grad school...which will be dont know how many yrs later... But if i giv up grad school then am i trying to giv up a good opportunity...as ppl usually say...higher edu better pay higher respect...will i regret later if I giv up grad school now? Plz help...I am darn *pening* here...i gotto start applying for grad school now as the due date is near... Thanks...
  5. All of us tend to go through some changes throughout our life...as long as we know what we are doing...and dare to risk for the changes...i dont see there's anythg wrong with it... We accept the person as who he/she is...not through our expectation...whether he/she should behave in certain ways...
  6. Try to get out of my home... What I did...further my studies in overseas...far far away fr home...miss home during that period I been away but nvr regret...at least I learn bout the real world outside... You nvr knows how inconvenience it is...living alone...untill you really experience it...
  7. Good Listener... Cant stand having a bf who wont listen to my problem...piss me off with all those bs instead of relevant advice or suggestion...ppl who use bs as advice really irritates me...
  8. Peachgal

    Glance and stare

    hate ppl staring at me...feel very uncomfortable...i will usually pretend i notice nthg and get away asap...dont care where and what i am doing...
  9. I lie to save the trouble of explaining the truth... I lie to get out of trouble...
  10. Peachgal

    Inner Dragon

    As the Earth's bountiful Skin, your Dragon color is... TAN Your Inner Dragon is the true draconic magic-user. Tans have been all but forgotten in popular literature, but that suits them just fine. They're slightly shy and spend most of their time in impassable mountain valleys. When feeling brave or adventurous, Tans use their shape-shifting ability to blend in with society. Given a choice, however, Tans still much prefer to be left to their own devices. You like to spend time devising new and interesting spells and potions, and counting and hoarding your gigantic treasure. Your favorable attributes are longevity, security, magic, and reverence for life. To top it off, your breath weapon is a curious mix of Fire and Air. Just tell folks to watch out, as a Tan you've got a seriously short temper!
  11. Totally agreed with Skype...Try imagine customer calling in to ask questions and you cant ans their ques...they will scold you like hell...eg, 'what are you doing in customer service when you cant even ans my ques? You did better go home...quit the job...you are useless...' / 'Pass me to someone who knows better...you are no use at all...' These are only some of the feedbacks...there are more which are much more sarcastic...better be well prepared then being embrassed (embrassed yourself i mean)...Lucky you the company provide training and such high salary...I took up such job w/out any training and got scolded so often...darn it...So dont complain and enjoy your job... GOOD LUCK!
  12. Juz wanna know what you gals/guys think about those gals who...go clubbing often...reason is to fish (look for good looking and rich guys) ... with the hope that these guys could give them a few hundreds or more a mth as pocket $$$ ... gals: you think you are or will be one of these gals? guys: you think you will get involve wid these gals? PS. I understand that this is none of our business...its their life...but I juz wanna know whats your opinion on them...truly fr your heart... ***no offense juz pure discussion...
  13. I used to visit MYB everyday b4 this...find this site very informative...left the site for sometime...found everythg's different when I revisited the forum...ya...more members and topics...but not informative enough...what I mean by informative are those stuff that's educational...information which allow me to learn new thgs...knowledge...in short...found this site more commercial like recently... ***Juz my point of view...
  14. I was diagnosed with IBS when i was studying in Canada...I have all the symptoms mentioned in the article...the doc gav me some pills to relieve the gas etc...but since they dont hav the drug here in Msia i stop taking the pills...Since then I went n see doc every mth regarding my gastric...guess what...the doc juz gav me normal pills to stop the pain...nvr suspect I hav IBS...the doc even say I gotto go for xray if my gastric pain bcome too serious...he say he is not sure whats the prob... I also lazy wanna tell him wats my prob actually...haih... As for gastric n bloating...I usually wont care a bit bout it...pain??? juz keep on torturing me till u are satisfied wid it...i gave up...i surrender...
  15. Tried taking cigarette...but didnt get addicted... I heard that nicotine helps to keep us awake...my friends will suddenly bcome heavy smokers when it comes to exam time...as they need to stay awake during the nites to study...they will take nicotine to keep them fresh...wont last long juz half n hr and they will need to go replenish...I ask y not take cafein instead...with this they wont need to rep every half n hr...they ans that wid nicotine you still can sleep when u want to but caffeine...it keeeps you awake all nite long...wanna sleep also cannot sleep although you are very tired...thats y they turn to nicotine... PS. Not sure if thats juz an excuse...but I agreed with the fact that taking caffeine is not the rite choice if u wanna stay awake...it is torturing instead...
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