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  1. 60 for 380km is 50% more on highway.. i stay near mrr2 so always use the highway to kepong cheras or ampang.. and usually i only drive at night because daytime i not driving to study.. recently i just change the exhaust system for my kembara... the old Kembara(non dvvt) using Euro II standard emission so it got install with a catalizer converter in their exhaust system.. which another reason why it drink more fuel beside it is full time 4wd and no engine varia timing(dvvt).. before that my kembara get 15-16sen/km(the best record lah)... now after taking out the catalizer it score 14sen/km.. latest refuel is rm50 for 350km.. but now once my car engine is running... outside will smell more 'smoke'.. "
  2. IMO cabin crew is a good job.. but if you just thinking of money better dont work as a cabin crew... you must love this job to serve the passenger.. as cabin crew in another word you also work as cleaner.. a maid or waitress... And this job is not easy as you though...I got friend working as cabin crew for MH since 2004.. and she ever think to quite the jobs...
  3. http://www.itambun.blogs.friendster.com duh.. now think back i feel ashame ler... duno how 2 face my frens..
  4. yea Neo is really a nice looking car.. for me it got better look than Gen2... however the Campro engine didnt look promising to me at all.. knowing Proton altitute which always making hoax news.. eg: Putra replacement model... Campro engine with Hamann supercharger... I think the GTi version you might need to wait another 2 years or it wont happen at all...
  5. hole in one!!! lolzZ!!!
  6. not to say chinese didnt involve in bribery at all.. well i have to said most chinese force to give bribery if they want their plan works... just an example our hakwer center stall...even you have a valid license but didnt give bribery to local government.. they will always send their enforcement to check you stall... even they spot a cockroch or big ant you will kena a summons.. both of you're true.. there is no perfect government to serve everyone in his own country... unfairness & discrimination is not only happen on our country... but atleast we still able to crictic them.. it just a freedom of speech anyway.. =)
  7. nah.. they cant do and didnt dare as well even they have enough evidence... why??? If suddenly our country become chaos eg: coup by army.. the economy will down until a critical level... people will directly lost their trust to government.. and the political will become very unstable.. n there might a clash like 13 may..
  8. he should directly blame on Daihatsu & Toyota since they are the major share holder of Perodua now... But trust me JC wont critic Japanese car manufacture at all..
  9. Super Samy is the person that our government need.. he bare anything from toll to broken flyover & construction delay ... yet he never blame those 'orang kerajaan/melayu' than he take it over for himself.. In the end the government will do any story to cover about the highways toll hike.. and the toll operator will give the gov minister some pocket monet or duit kopi(cannot say as corruption lah..) eg: Badawi's RM30million yatch from Ananda Krisnan..
  10. we are from Malaysia.. famous for NATO(no action talk only) ofcos none of us really dare to stand up & talk... the scary ISA n PDRM for sure will only backup the government... plus all the media will also stand at the government side.. that is the fact.. and our BN politic party is based on races... if we really talk about this n u not same race race with them... they will mark us racist n take 13th May incident to scare us... so just diam diam lah.. even now MCA/MIC also not dare to question Umno.. many politician or i should say, most Malaysian... they don't think bribery or money politic is kind of corruption.. it just a way of life...
  11. my favorite is from Kawasaki.. but my budget just enough to get a secondhand FXR150... which atcually not a superbike at all..
  12. Rush nowadays less people already.. but still not so many la-la than in Thai club... anyone go to Ruums before??
  13. many of people already lost their trust with Proton... they just like a ex-prisoner right now.. even my friend bought Kenari & Myvi even within the budget they able to get a Gen2..
  14. I'm driving a non-DVVT Kembara Manual.. with RM60 of petrol able to go for 380km... my best record is 420km with RM60+ of petrol.. If you going 2 get a Kembara.. better stick with manual transmission than auto... or else it will just like drinking water... FC on a car also depends how the way u driving the car... if you keep accelerate n push the car until 6000rpm.. even a Kancil will get higher FC than Kembara...
  15. European car got heavy cost of maintenance.. better avoid them... 20k how bout a kelisa or kenari??