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  1. Adam: I kinda doubt u, y on earth u go and help people if u think the world is harsh, selfish, etc, etc, Its either u do it to make ur self feel good, but not the intentions of helping others, or u do it because u r forced to. Whoa, you think ur gf ur wife issit? If you complain, what is the benefits of having a wife, then, i think its ok, girlfriend dude, you ARE not suppose to benefit from them!! well, maybe at least sexually, then okay, anyway, they are gf not wife!! guys who do housework= fag? whoa! u r so sexist even to ur own mankind@~!! u said its its a harsh world, equality is the word, u r not in the olden days, where women havta bathe u and feed u, sorry to say man, u r born in the wrong century, too bad -lah
  2. Do you have this thing when u have bestfriends in your life, and u feel the pressure to stay loyal to your bestfriend? Issit considered 'betrayal' if you get new bestfriends? I don't know that is when guilt starts to kick in! Issit fair if ur bestfren got new bestfren that u dont know them? will u get jealous and such?
  3. heya, maybe she is just testing water..?, i think the grandma..its kinda lame excuse.. she is still thinking bout it.. she definitely know u like her.. maybe u shudnt put too much concern on this, it will happen, try focusing on other things like out with frens, get busy, yet still be there for her.. Just don't think too much, not good for ur brains..
  4. omg..this is cool.. makes me...horny..thou/..
  5. well, if ur not comfortable being friends..what 's the point? frens are frens, not boyfriends, so gotta differentiate that... even if my ex-bf do not have new gf, if..can't be frens,,then i wont be frens,, cos nothing in common.. but if realli can be frens, i will be frens with the new gf as well, doesnt matter
  6. hello, well,..maybe u dont like him as much as he likes u.. anyway, life is still a long journey, don't stress..things will work by itself he will come to u, when he is not upset, he is just being like a kid.. getting jealous is good, i will happy, if bf is jealous, means he cares and loves.. he is just jealous, he still likes u, don't panic, its not like u slept with someone or something.. just do what u like, but let him know before hand, but he might not like u as much, when u have these 'requirement'. cheers
  7. Hello everyone! Wow, nose cliiper, sounds..catchy to me, straight away bring to my attention! I think Fantasy have a point here, u guys shud not blame her for 'educating' the concept of beauty, she is just being nice. And I think she is being very direct and harsh, but that doesn't mean have the right for u to label her? 'australian educated or something? can't remember Anyway, i think Sasa is run by Japanese company, full of crap stuff that doesn't work! i think even if it works, its only a temporary thing. Yeah, only crazy Japs are so fond of this crazy makeups, look at them! like walking christmas tree! I think that before and after pic, is from make up? I can also do it in like 5 mins with my make up la, to make my nose higher, with the lighting effect. I think make up is the easiest way, instant, don't need wait forever! haha, buy la, so cheap..don't need to evaluate, try urself,
  8. Good Question! Why you asking others instead of yourself??
  9. We are always here for you, no matter what happens. Be strong! You know u can be strong! *hugz*
  10. Me and my fren in library-- My face after few drinks-- My Emo look-- At Supermarket..haha..stupid..--
  11. Add me in msn. then we can support each other:) --> nat_nat0lie@hotmail.com
  12. wear a shirt on top of the bikini, wear short pants cover the other half. good idea? still can wear and not offend?
  13. Nat_Nat0Lie


    There are many many girls out there like you, And you should cherish it. Don't worry about others, they are just trying to bemean you. Don't ever feel bad becos of that. Malaysia is a very conservative Muslim society, so , its not uncommon to get stares. If they stare at your boobs, stare at them back. Or be more 'garang or have a garang' look, Or just slap them ! hehehehe, you won;t get into trouble becos u r girl!make use of it
  14. I just bought a new top-only, and it cost freaking $AUD 80!!!!!!!!! wtf...nevermin dler...once in alife time
  15. I did not read all of it becos it is so long, but just the few lines. From the desciption of her, she sounds a bit like me. She got what you call Borderline personality disorder, yeah, I had it too. It s very hard for her to accept r/ship. She is also suffering. In her view, nobody understands her. Maybe you can ask her to talk to me!(optional) For you, you have to know that, you have to be real strong to be in a r/ship with her, i mean like REAL strong. This is seriously not easy. BPD suferers don't recover overnight. It takes...years and years and years and..u know.. many years. Till..some one will be patient enough to tell her that, everything is going to be all right. She will blow hot and cold, just ignore it. If she loves you, she will come back and seek you. Just make sure you don't do anything wrong. And be there for her. and you will be safe. If she does not care bout you, then she probably dont love you.
  16. Thanks guys, for all the encouragement! well, if you don't trust, its like fake...ewverything is so fake, becos I am not being myself, but instead just being sociable, which I dont like to do, that is why I want to learn how to trust people. I now learn to make simple steps to maintain friends. Cos, sometimes I just get really sensitive over small stuff! *cheers*
  17. I have this serious problem that I cant trust anyone around me. Be it friends, boyfriends, family, acquiantance, whatever, I just keep thinking people cant be trusted And this makes my social life die.. Any advice to reduce this step by step?
  18. What's the different between fubu and gf/bf? do liow, get bored dump, find another girl/boy, same ler, i actually think people who have the same fubu are even more loyal, but just too chicken shit to admit. Dont blame the world is doing it, becos it is not true, You are just assuming it, becos u want to think lie that from your few bad experiences
  19. I wonder when I will be ready. I am like a rollercoster@@
  20. punishment? with the corruption, every time big criminal can manage to "slip " away with the charges and stuff. what is the use anyway? If Its my government, i will legalise fire arms. Becos, everyone can protect them selves, we can have same equality to protect ourselves, and seen chinese seem to be more affluent than others, they are more likely to afford them. And, If I am a man wanna rape a girl, in a car, I will think twice, she might have a car and shoot me!, see " self -defence" And I will provide welfare to the society, regarding poverty ( politics..), so that people wont steal from other people becos, government will provide for free! My idea!
  21. heya girls, I think we are fortunate to be normal and have everything, think bout some unlucky people who lack of something (disabled), do not be unhappy, becos of the snares of the evil mind, the gossiping of the so called 'perfect sizes people' or the glare of the uncivilised. U are what u are, beautiful in the inside and the outside. remember Christina "words can bring me down" remember that breast are not for male pleasure only, they have many other purpose, such as for your baby. Do not be afraid and try to not accept your body. Before u want others to accept your body, u first hafta accept your own body, Big breast is entirely normal and beautiful!
  22. I guess most people are lucky to have education n all, its not fair for the people who don't I am just being fair to all I think men have pride too as well as women, so we shud not stereotype them, some people do think its fun n all, well NOT all u know, so, we be fair, just like some people copy in exams, and steal, but not ALL!! and do not stereotype me too, becos maybe I can 't stand people bullying one another
  23. Wah, like that ah, If i belanja u makan, then u mah accuse me bribery? MEANS what? I should not treat like..a human? or should i say, oh..I should nt do this and that or treat her better, becos what? she is not a human being?, or rather an object for u to criticise her and categorise her in some groups of stereotyping nature? Means what? I give you 50 dollars, because I think well..I wanna give u money.. does this means u r a gigolo? U crazy ah? U sleep or not, is another matter what, why wanna classify it together? And sommore, i think its just a gratitude of saying. okay, we are equal now..becos, well another party might be richer or got more materials So, what, if the female got more money, give male means he what, sell body ah another time, u crazy ah?
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