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  1. i'm searching for a shampoo product that helps to soften my hair and not letting it dried at its, with nice fragrance, affordable price and come with conditioner and treatment.any suggestion?.
  2. any suggestion for sunblock?..
  3. taylor swift - white horse delta goodrem - not me, not i plain white t's - hate (i really don't like u) good luck and move on, girl.!..
  4. <br /><br /><br /> well,i got classes to attend..i dont think this is going to work..but thanx anyway..
  5. i'm going to a prom in two months time. sadly, last week i have to join an explorace and my skin is now darker than before.. i'm very worried because i'm sure i will not look good in my prom dress.. can someone help me pls..i need tips and maybe any suggestion on products that i can use to heal my skin. i want to be the most beautiful girl on the prom,so pls help me..
  6. mine is C..none of my girls are C..most are A and B.. sometimes i feel weird because mine was too huge.. boys also like to stare at "them".. make me feel embarrased..;( plus,my friends told me (a fact) that their sisters' boobs grew 2sizes after giving birth.. so,now they are A size, and maybe after pregnant they'll be C.. so,whatabout the C's?..what if mine grown to D or DD?..
  7. hell no!.. with RM1000 i can buy a wardrobe of shoes!..
  8. i don't get it..why leg?..
  9. i'm using intimate..affordable for students, well-absorbed, comfy-especially with wings..not too thick.. u should try it!
  10.'s not my crush that i'm talking is obviously almost all guys that i have seen not being a gentlemen..u know, like let a lady lead the way..instead, this one guy wait for me to open the door for him!..what happen to the world??..
  11. i think hot curlss will be hot this season
  12. Nick:redkebaya Age:20 Location:Shah ALam My Top 10 List: 1.brand new phone 2.ipod touch *haha* very own car AND cash guess 6.a perfect job (well i'm still studying rite now!) 7.tonnes of shoes 8.flawless skin 9.flat tummy 10.wardrobe full of designer clothes
  13. it would be great if he is more educated than i am..cos he IS a guy, he NEEDS to guide me in life..if he is less-educated than me, then how is our life is going to be?..
  14. below 21?..too soon, i think..if 21 n above, it will make a lot more sense..haha..but not for me yet!..
  15. ok, i'm sure its true that he's already with someone else..its ok, i guess..i have to accept the fact that i need to get over him..and maybe this will be my lesson in d future..