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  1. [b][color="blue"]Name of Company[/color]: [color="red"]Starrdome[/color] [/b] [b][color="blue"]Role[/color]:[color="red"]Model / Talent [/color][/b] [b][color="blue"]Remuneration[/color]: [color="red"]By Projects[/color][/b] [b][color="blue"]Requirements[/color]: [color="red"]a) Age between 5-30 yrs old - Male & Female Must be fluent in English. c) Newbies - training will be provided. d) Experienced promoters / usherers are encouraged to apply. [/color][/b] [b]Contact Person:talent@starrdome.com[/b] We are offering part time exclusive / non-exclusive contract for the position as per topic. Interested candidates kindly send your *FULL RESUME (including photos) to: talent@starrdome.com OR starrdome@gmail.com Thank you. For more info, kindly log on to [url="http://www.starrdome.com"]Starrdome[/url] [color="red"]*[b]Applications without photo(s) will not be entertained. * Do not PM me. Kindly contact the company through their company emails provided.[/b] [/color]
  2. Wow.. everyone have a good career here!
  3. www.starrdome.com

  4. www.starrdome.com

  5. [font="Arial"][size="4"][color="#0000ff"][b]-------STARRDOME----------- ( Events-Music-Publishing)[/b][/color][/size] Our publishing division will be launched soon![/font] [font="Arial"]We are looking for writers and novelists to join us and have your stories published under our management. Kindly submit your full CV to talent@starrdome.com OR [email="starrdome@gmail.com"]Email me[/email] or log on to our website for futher info : - [size="3"][color="#ff0000"]www.starrdome.com[/color][/size] - Thank you. [/font]
  6. You can try http://www.baddogzstudio.com/?page_id=24 He is quite good. Let me know if you need help to get thru him.
  7. [quote name='smiley.eyes' date='17 January 2009 - 10:00 PM' timestamp='1232200859' post='539099'] Anyone have 2nd hand keyboard for sale? My budget is RM500. [/quote] Are you still looking for the 2nd hand keys?
  8. Talent wanted for singing, backup / recording musician (sessionist), voice overs, acting and modeling (drama / tv commercial / event). Singer & Musician: We are looking for talent. Physical package is secondary. Actor & Model: We prefer with experience. * Under 18 years old, please provide your parents / caretaker's phone number. ( Emails will be considered to respect parent's privacy). Please email your detailed profile to starrdome@gmail.com Thank you.
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