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  1. hey peeps, its been long since i frequented this place. im in dire need of some advice from you ladies. as you all know this year's ushering year of the tiger lin chor yat (day one), clashes with V'day. So for those who are in courtship, how do you deal with this? as for myself im in a dilemma as my hometown is in the north while my babe's hometown is in the south. Since day one CNY clashing with Vday it is definitely impossible to meet up for a romantic candle light dinner. so ladies, how many delayed days do you think is reasonable for you based on this scenario? i plan to celebrate the belated Vday possibly after a week. i say a week as i have a big family & hometown friends to attend to. do you (ladies) think that is too much? i was wondering if Vday packages in restaurants are affected this year with this clash? any advice, just shoot! thanks!!
  2. Hello all babes, Don't know whether you all are using canon camera or not. If you are using one, then Canon is looking for girls to be featured in their ads. They did mention that they need girls who are using EOS DSLR, with basic photography knowledge though. I think if using canon compact camera also can submit lah, as long as it's canon cameras then ok liao gua. Just try try your luck lor. Who knows you will be chosen. Some more can earn 500 bucks, then can go shopping with the money liao~ hehehe.... http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=1...4479&ref=mf
  3. i think u really need to brush up your conversation skills and need to be good when you chatting up with the girls. sometimes girls like abit of bad boy in a guy. bad boy not being too gangsta or what, just be abit daring and 'brutal'. if you wear glasses, maybe try wearing contacts when you go out, or if you are skinny, try go gym like Joukowski said. above all try to flaunt your best feat, not too excessive otherwise they start puking. most important, be yourself, dont bullshit and be honest. if you have any hobbies try to get involve in clubs or societies. you might get to hook up with someone much easier in that way cos you share common ground and there's much to talk about when you share somethin you both like. chill man, listen to this - http://youtube.com/watch?v=76bLITHVpL8
  4. waa..after so many years this thread still active.
  5. they are already here, based in malaysia's very own transformers fan club site @ www.transmy.com. Malaysian release will be the 28th June. the premiere for malaysian transformer club is one day earlier. there will be a huge transfomers exhibition called Robotcon in Cineleisure, Damansara from 22nd-24th June in conjunction wif the movie.
  6. i see a cool fan made MV for Ipohmali in youtube. check this out; beware cos ipohian's who watch that clip will feel home sick. hehe
  7. eh let this tread that simon setup became official thread for urban music (R&B/hiphop/rap/ragga) fans. maybe who knows if enough quorum, can organise an outing at a suggested joint, and everyone can dress up like a homie from compton or south central hahaha..
  8. ayyo, wussup simon. im also urban music fan, strictly for my niggas! but too bad im not in KL lah..im not KL resident either, but is nice to see urban music kaki like you. i also dun like trance, techno, house musick, pop (sorry to those fans), so i have no idea whr in Klang valley that serve purely urban music where all da niggas (and nigga wannabe like us haha) to hangabout? im in UK at the mo, and i club once in da blue moon and i only go to 1 particular R&B/hiphop club lah in my plc here where you can see tha niggas doin dance battle there and the DJ's skit skit n loopin like no tomorrow. atmosphere so on lah cos they will start off with old skool hiphop like LL Cool J's up to 90's hiphop then to modern ones like Nas, JayZ, DMX & 50cent. chicks are hot, black, but chun wei...mostly like Beyonce/Aaliyah look, white also alot..sexay like Fergie. Asian can count wif fingers cos chinkee-chinks dun feel comfy around niggas. chinkee-chinks prefer live gigs only as they r mostly fan of alternative rock, ska & punk, and oh, shuffling in techno/trance clubs. i happens to have fren who DJing there lah but that dood is a ragga dood who plays lotsa Sean Paul shit..i masuk there normally free cos i know the manager, eh i long time din club now aih soo busy with life. kaki also gatal already. Akon came to Ruums last week aight? Got go not? Some of my friends went n they claimed that the place is so darn on i heard. Raekwon from Wu-tang performed in my plc last year autumn. but i missed it, damnit. Btw im a big fan of Wu-Tang Clan, BTNH, Pac & NWA. Howbout cha?
  9. in a relationship, both parties must be honest. in this scenario, - X scolded C - X not supposed to scold C, UNLESS C is banning all guy friends from contacting her, then i can say C is very possessive. - X must show, or inform C on regular basis if the SMS's are getting more overflirtatious & explicit. as a gf, X must DELETE those explicit messages to show that she is devoted to C. - C can allow X and X's ex to continue as normal friends. I see no harm in that, provided X must be honest to C in her friendship with her ex'. - C must keep his cool. Don't need to confront X's ex as X can use this to accuse C a green eye monster n a trouble maker. So C musn't go there. - X musn't threaten C for breakups. That shows she got hidden agendas, or her faith in the relationship is faltering. It can arouse suspicion. It is very unhealthy to threaten each other for breakups especially on petty issues. Couples must work together to solve the problem instead of running away from the problem.
  10. in times like these, u need to be heard..and to be heard, try blogging!
  11. such a waste cos they were so young and youthful; havent seen much and experience much in life. I hope the authorities nail down the perpetrators asap and bring them to justice.
  12. not being biased about foreigners regardless of religion or creed they are, but i can tell you that most foreigners that reside in malaysia temporarily will behave so well (goody goody, law abiding, etc) that you will be charmed by their sincereity and all those typical chivalrous b***s*** just cos they are in your country. once they gotcha and bring you back to their country then you will be finished. you will be trapped in their country and will experience tremendously difficult times just in case if you face difficulties in adjusting to their culture, custom and religion OR he just simply turned out to be a monster in disguise. And when that happens, there will be no turning back as the authorities does not recognise the rights of women (certain mid-east, african n 3rd world ctry) or you will have to face troublesome immigration procedures etc. i bet u gotta think more than twice before deciding, especially he was just a friend!
  13. hi jerry, that stereotyping is blind & unresonated. this gal must be so full of herself (perasan) thinking that every guy that add her up wanna shag her. if u kena again, ask them if shagging virtually is do-able? they cant even use simple common sense. these cheapos you feed them to the tiger, the tiger also go choke itself to death. no worries Jerry, u so sincere type, surely got cool gals here that will appreciate your sincerity. hahaha.
  14. hi jerry, hope u r chillin now. net was indeed a strange place. i did admire your courage to bring it up though, but be prepared that this person that you are referring to might have read this post and plan to retaliate against u in many ways possible such as defaming and maliciously tarnishing ur rep. make sure u got ur chat history ready just in case if this byotch shows up & launch an all out attack against u with her kuncu-kuncu (who knows?), u at least got some of defense against that. net can be a dangerous place, it depends on how u see it..i have made great friends in MYB and elsewhere, and shitty ones as well. the most important thing is stay positive, know ur intentions well and steer clear away from fiascos like these. dont worry, there are still many ppl in this forum who r lovely, kind n nice. good luck!
  15. mine: netmoirs of a solemn rover happy new year btw.
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