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  1. Hi everyone, I have a 2nd hand guitar which I got from a friend. She tried to repair it (replaced the strings and all), says she found it in a dumpster. She is not a professional guitar or repairer, just one of her hobbies. I took it so as not to waste a guitar. Unfortunately said guitar has broken in half but I feel wasted to throw it away, therefore I'm wondering if there are any guitar enthusiasts here who do collect broken guitars and rehabilitate them to be like new again? Please PM me as I would like to pass it to you so you can make it like new and you can sell it again.
  2. Your nick is Judy (female) but the way you talk, Alvin can be a girl's nick name? I don't think so
  3. [quote name='alexisbabe' timestamp='1339566619' post='609171'] There is this new low-cost Airline! Scoot! The parent company- Singapore Air Line, started operate in June, first flight to Sydney, Australia. [/quote] Yes, this is the airline that caused Tony Fernandes to order Air Asia X to pull back Paris and London, and suddenly to focus on Sydney suddenly. Because this airline would be the competitor to Air Asia Group.
  4. [quote name='BabyJas' timestamp='1336578000' post='608187'] but the problem is that, we are friends.. im scared that once i ask him, if rejected, everything will become awkward.. >.< And it may ruin your friendship as well T_T hmm.. not sure bout that.. coz he said he liked a girl in our class.. he said it too now.. but i was kinda hoping that is not true.. wahahah xD [/quote] Wondering how he said it. As if he said it casually in a way it can be a trademark of a casanova/playboy. Or he may just be saying it for fun to "test" her reaction. Did he say directly to her? -timothyngim-
  5. [quote name='greekgod' timestamp='1334540378' post='607395'] I think this is the real deal But you are meeting an extremely shy guy who think he don't deserve you... Why don't you ask him does he like you? This is an important question... Remember, he is shy so you should expect a shy respond... [/quote] The jackpot!!! You are dealing with a guy who is interested in you but: 1. He is extremely shy 2. He has been rejected before/been "burnt" in a bad relationship before and therefore hesitant to go "full ahead" to ask you out/to be his gf.
  6. Of course its difficult. NOTHING is free in this world. Do you think they would sell the whole flight free? Out of 110 seats on the flight maybe only 5-6 seats are at that "zero fare". Its just a marketing gimmick to draw traffic to their website, which pusposefully makes the server full, turning it into a "if you are lucky then you get it". And in accordance with International Passenger Air Laws, no matter how free or how expensive the airfare is, airport taxes must also be paid, whether paid to the airlines (as in the case of Malaysia) or paid to the airport by cash (as in the case of Indonesia and Philippines). By the way, depending on your destination, AirAsia is not necesarily the cheapest and best deal going there. Big cities like Bangkok and Jakarta have tons of flights going there, and its not by Air Asia (supposedly cheap) alone. Therefore explore more and do more research about your destination city. For example, "transit" flights are normally the cheapest of the lot as you are only buying "halfway" tickets. And of course, do not complain that Air Asia is so difficult because that is how it has been all these while, that is how the CEO does business.
  7. Hi Tiney, I would like to help you here. However, before I can do so, just some curiosity, how do you know the guy? Is he your colleague? School mate? Hopefully you can "hit your target". That way then it would be better to advice you. ~timothyngim~
  8. [quote name='Sd My' timestamp='1320985945' post='602025'] Me too have a plan to go to phuket Thanks for every one who share for nice places in Phuket... [/quote] Okays, have a nice trip :-) You staying at where? Baumanburi Resort? The Phuket Fantasea is worth visiting. (Though I haven't been there myself) If you are flying AK or FD there be aware of the check-in charges and long queues. -timothyngim-
  9. [quote name='dean1789' timestamp='1320515570' post='601612'] hi,,i'm planning to go to phuket or krabi for holiday wif my partner on mac 2012 during school holiday,,,any1 who been there can advise me,,which hotel n best place to visit/, and if any1 wanna join the trip also it'll be more fun... [/quote] So do you want to go both to Krabi and Phuket or 1 each only? As keep in mind that both places are a distance apart, although next to each other. Phuket is the more famous 1. When booking packages: (I assume you're flying from KL) For Phuket, normally most travel agencies have tours that include the air-ticket as well. Therefore I advice you not to book the Air Asia first. Now the current trend for TAs is to use "transit flight" which means the flight is not from KL. In this case, they normally use Qatar Airways which comes from Doha, Qatar and picks up pax from KL before proceeding to Phuket, as these flights are the cheapest (as you are "along their route") and not many people outside the TA industry know they fly to Phuket (normally what comes to mind is the usual MAS, Air Asia or THAI). Packages are normall 3D2N or 4D3N, do you prefer Free & Easy (no itinerary except hotel and transfers) or Full board (full tour and itinerary, normally meals included). For Krabi, being less known, only Air Asia flies directly there from KL currently, therefore most packages from travel agency are only ground only (air-ticket not included), and even that, it is very rare and very few compared to Phuket. Most packages unlike Phuket, are only Free and Easy available. Free & Easy tours of course you can purchase optional tours which can be from the tour guide there. Another option (which may not be available all the time) is to take a cruise which goes to both Phuket and Krabi, but that route normally only sails from Penang Port. Do let me know if you want to travel. -timothyngim-
  10. [quote name='marwanee' timestamp='1320683849' post='601749'] [color="#292929"][font="Arial"][size="2"][b]OFFICIAL STATEMENTS[/b][/size][/font][/color] [color="#292929"][font="Arial"][size="2"][url="http://www.thailandtourismupdate.com/OfficialStatementInfo/47/610/Situation-Update-Flooding-in-Thailand"]Situation Update: Flooding in Thailand[/url][/size][/font][/color] [color="#555555"][font="Arial"][size="2"]TAT News As of November 5, 2011 02:00 PM Most areas of central Bangkok where tourists normally go are not flooded at this time. The Chao Phraya River, which runs through Bangkok, is at a higher-than-normal level. This is causing some flooding at tourist attractions that are close to the river. Areas flooded in Bangkok Metropolitan Area includes suburbs in the east and west, the west bank of the Chao Phraya River, and districts in the northern part of the city.[/size][/font][/color] [/quote] That is in Bangkok, it does not affect Phuket or Krabi at all which is waaaay South.
  11. [quote name='sass_o' timestamp='1161217048' post='335990'] I actually brought my birth cert with me too but noone asked for it. Perhaps it was the fasting month and not everyone was active or awake enough! [/quote] From my experience at the Wangsa Maju office, they only ask for birth cert if its your first time applying. For renewal cases once they see your old passport they normally won't want the birth cert.
  12. [quote name='Sd My' timestamp='1320717162' post='601766'] Hope it will get better soon On December I have plan to go to Phuket, and have couple of day to visit Bangkok too. Hope I can make it and have my happy holiday shopping there [/quote] Hi Sd My, if flood gets too bad then safer to stay in Phuket only.
  13. timothyngim

    US Trip

    [quote name='yyyen' timestamp='1282114522' post='587881'] thank you for your info. it is means i hv to buy bank draft in CAN 75.00 from bank and not bank in the money as US Embassy at Alliance Bank? How about the application form ? Do i need to submit it online first and arrange for appointment or fill up the application form at Menara Tan & Tan Canada High Comm ? [/quote] yyyen, not sure if you have gone to Canada already or not, but you must buy the bank draft in CAD 75.00 from any bank, normally RHB or Maybank have this service. Exchange rate is [b]STRICTLY THE BANK'S RATE[/b] and of course bank will have service charge as well. You need to fill up the form in the PDF (fillable PDF) and then print it out and sign it. (The barcode cannot photostat, its more tedious than US visa). Then submit will all your photostated documents to Menara Tan & Tan. (No appointment needed, based on first come first serve basis)
  14. Its better to get Travel Insurance because who knows what might happen when you are overseas, and most insurance covers flight delays as well. As long as you are taking flight, then at least get some insurance. After all its quite cheap compared to your whole ticket price. Maybe around RM 36 only (Chartis Insurance)
  15. I actually worked for a job recruitment agency before (JobsDB) and one of my colleagues there was with Inter-Excel Advisory before. Once we were chatting about why many companies reject applicants. She then revealed on one of her experiences. Her team flew to Bangkok once to process applications for an intake. This was how they selected the candidates: every candidate has to attach photograph. As you know in Thailand lots of pretty girls, so they will select only the prettiest and perfect looking. Means if the photograph show have 1 blemish, (1 imperfection) they will immediately reject that candidate, from the thousands that pour in. -timothyngim-
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