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  1. i'll be going there again this weekend. any idea where can i get good otakx2 or authentic nasi dagang and such? *im heading to Kuala Terengganu, therefore will do a quick stop at cherating area...had no idea where's kuantan...
  2. I like this pix nicex2
  3. yea. the backdrop is simple... just add in some words (album name,etc) i think its great.
  4. is that point blanc? can use the 1st pic as album cover...
  5. might be going.but definately wont bring my dog there.
  6. its something like microsoft remote desktop that allows remote controlling of another pc.Its a freeware and commercial edition
  7. same goes to my dog last time. nowdays she's fine. :s no idea what happened though
  8. the last pic nice! oh yea...y still "the 2007 gallery of digicrox" ??? now 2008 le..apa macam?
  9. *swt ..i missed it....
  10. vietnam? cool!... whoa...just come back got shooting ady..ur schedule quite tight too.. btw..the park look deserted :s
  11. fast got new ones.... just fresh frm your memory card huh?
  12. depends on ur purpose...if its not for normal use, get Core2 Duo. The processor is MUCH better than Turion... and if u're running Vista, make sure u have at least 2GB ram or u can add in another 2GB ram,its around rm150 only
  13. composition is good for the 1st set of pics...... btw..the planes flew really low on the last pic
  14. lol...i got this from NASA official website... he's a space participant...NEVER an astronaut..i dunno why the press keep on denying it... source: if u look closely, everyone in the picture wears the same logo except mr sms. and if u click on the link....under crew profile,he's the only one without a 'purpose' there....
  15. oh anthony this is where u been all the while ...lots of pics there...