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  1. im using only nokia 6230 so cheap ler... but plan to upgrade to either nokia n80 or 3250 the twist phone
  2. Why not u try to sit down and think properly what u want it first? If you cant get urself into one piece (dont know what u want) then how to guide ur gf or to even understand her? About ur gadgets thingy... its nothing bad that u spend it on ur interest once in a while... for instance, changing cellphone every month is crazy ok? That is wasting money.. but if ur just changing it once in a bluemoon.. that's normal.. talk to ur gf about it and promise her that u'll get her gift while u buy ur stuffs (maybe she wont sound u anymore when u bought her some stuffs) Well.. gift means small small thing also can.. not neccessary must be jewellery or something pricey.. think about it
  3. omg.. what kind of guy is that.. .no money DONT DATE lah... can minus this and that... ask him to get a life man... no pride at all..
  4. yea.. he's totally such a irresponsible guy... this type of guy will only polute the world and also the guys' reputation... Time will heal her broken heart as u've already tried ur best to cheer her up.. one day she'll realise its not worth to be in this condition for this unworthy bf of hers
  5. Sighz.. every relationship will like this... me and my bf for 2 years plus liao.. bored with him also but wanna break.. dun have the heart coz still love him.. what to do?? Try something fresh to excite urself with him lor... do the things u guys never tried before... and open ur heart to feel his presence again.. this will help heaps
  6. actually it really depend on u... if i were u.. i'll give him a second chance.. dont always look back into the past but live in present.. open ur heart to feel the things he's doing for u... maybe u'll feel happier this way instead of locking urself up with those hurtful memories.. just control urself not to think about the bad stuffs can edi.. My bf did the same to me before as in.. regretted that he chose me but didnt continue to wait for the girl he loved before.. i was badly hurted but now i've been together with him for 28 months... can u see the point? Good luck
  7. yeah.. cook together and watch dvd together in my room.. and sometimes play LAN games since i hav 3 computers at home.. sometimes hug each other to sleep... maybe find things to talk abt lor if it's very bored
  8. ya.. get on with ur life.. he doesnt worth a tiny effort of urs when he cant accept the fact.. maybe he's still living in a dream world of his... ask him to be REAL man..
  9. Yeah, i just had my heart broken last week when i couldnt sleep for 3 nights in a row and resulted I got a high fever up to 39 celcius? That's crazy right? I couldnt eat and sleep but that.. sigh.. didnt help me to slim down though.. wakaka.. i'm crazy.. Anywayz, it depends on individuals.. like my friend, she can just pretend nothing happens and live thru her daily life.. her reason is, why wanna let it bothers us so much when we still gotta go thru our lives in anyway.. wow.. i wonder how many peeps can actually go thru that concept of life
  10. WOW.. so whenever you're heart broken just tell us know ok? Then tell us ur house address, we'll drive our cars there for free washing KAkakaka
  11. I'm so excited about it cos my bf is longing for it, he wants it but it's selling at kinda expensive price. Sigh, but I dun think can give it to him on his birthday this month, 21st.. Anyway i'm so happy to find it cheaper price and so convinient for me no need to crack my head to find it anymore.. thanks ar mizzy z to post this thread.. i'm crazy
  12. Mizzy Z, I want to buy the 12 colours mood clock for two! When can I get it? And what do u mean by COD gotta pay RM10 upfront? Might be meeting u at kelana jaya station or Sunway there... Oh yeah, please contact me at 012-6628771 (Sara) to tell me the details and tell me altogether I have to pay how much ok?
  13. Hello everyone... has anybody uses a PalmOne Zire 71 before? If yes, do you have SanDisk WiFi Card for sale? LoL... I'm really in need of that wifi card now... coz i've dumped my zire 71 aside for many years even though it's a pretty old model but i've checked it out, it can go online by using that wifi card.... Pls pls.. or if u know where to buy it pls inform me yeah... thanks in advance and MUAKS.. special kiss from me HAHAHA
  14. Hehehe.. Mr wrong seems to be the good friend of our lives
  15. me very bad in all these romantic stuffs.. but my bf's excellent at it.. he will use at least a month of two to plan for my birthday and our anniversaries.. such lovely bf he is
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