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  1. Hi, first ever post and I'm replying to an oversized boobs forum! Unlike most of you, I did do the breast reduction surgery, it really reshaped my breasts and although I am still wearing a D or F cup (depends on cutting) at least my breasts don't look ugly. FYI the dr will make sure the surgery doesn't touch your milk ducts. This was our main concern, but when I had my baby last year I could still express milk. I decided to do the breast reduction surgery because I had a lot of back pain and was really uncomfortable with the way I looked. Like most of you said, couldn't find tops which fit (and I'm very petite - only 5ft which seems to make it worse). With a lot of support from my mom, aunts, and even grandma/grandaunts, I finally did the surgery in 2003. However you have to make sure you talk to the doctor in detail, read up on the surgery very carefully ... my good friend who also had the surgery earlier this year had a different experience coz she was allergic to the painkiller or anesthetic (something like that) but they didn't know until it was too late... and she also had cuillots (not sure of the spelling, but it's when your skin doesn't repair well after a cut) and so had to go through again to repair. I was just thankful that my experience was plain sailing.. and can get reimbursement from insurance some more! (FYI breast reduction is considered medically necessary and not cosmetic, so, depending on how your doc fills out the insurance forms, you may be able to get back almost 100%). So yeah... for those who are really suffering (and I mean REALLY suffering) from the big ones you may just consider this surgery. Now I'm using Xixili bras also... love them! They give me really good support & I do use them for exercising as well. As for tops, I usually go to Mark's & Spencer's now.. they almost always have something nice for me to buy! Not for the "brand" but more for the fit. If you have to pay a bit to look nice, then what to do.. if not most of us will just be wearing oversized t-shirts! Haha. Speaking of "donating", ehrm. Yeah, my cousin sisters on dad's side are pretty small and they always ask if they can have some of mine! (I wish I can give la.. hehe).