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  1. QUOTE (d3vil doll @ Aug 7 2009, 10:37 AM) Get her an owl(HUGE) soft toy Or alternatively get her make up sets as she will sets foot in the working world and shall need that! oh!! the owl ! !i didn't think about that ~ hehe thanx for the help!!!
  2. Hello everyone~ My sister is graduating next week, i wanna give her a gift! but i have no absolute idea what to give her. i need help!! help! help!!!! any suggestion is welcome hehehe
  3. QUOTE (chemistry @ Jun 6 2009, 12:06 AM) hey babes, i need some advice... im tempted to be a model recently, so i tot of looking/applying modeling jobs tru online. if they select me, thats my luck. if no, i dont mind. at least i give a try la. i dont even have a portfolio, so all this while, all my pictures was taken personally. so well, i found this freelance modeling job and i sent an email to show my interest in that job. my respond: Hi, im interested to be model...bla bla...plz check out profile and pictures. (of coz in a proper way la) she replied: You have presence of look and hair that meet assignment requirement, How much is your total modeling experience and in which category? are you ok with Glamour, Clubbing, Bare Back Gown, Scarf Top, Bikini, Implied nude? Please provide more photos. and reference of your past work contact such as agency or photographers or models my respond: I do not have any modeling experience; but I'm willing to learn and follow instruction from the photographer/instructor. I'm fine with bare back gown and scarf top. But, I'm sorry to say that I'm not ok with taking implied nude or expose picture. Enclosed are my recent photos and my personal profile. * I do not have any reference of my past work and contact. And, those photos are taken personally. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks for your time and consideration. she replied: what you have is fantastic look, big eyes and not too skinny body type that meet my assignment requirement. But what you really lacking is good photos, proper guidance or training how to do modeling type photos and a complete modeling portfolio. to go in to modeling properly u need to have portfolio first, are you interested to create one first then its easy to plan. my respond: Thanks for your compliment. Of course I'm interested to create a portfolio of mine. But, how? I have several questions to ask, if you don't mind. 1) May I know what is your name of your company and the location? Any website for me to view? 2) Any cost to create a portfolio? 3) What are the procedure? she replied: 1) I am miss Kazumi Yukogwa, sharon is my english name. you check more about the service we provide at, mainly in to modeling, fashion, clothing, dating, property and serch for any type of profesisonal services. I am from fashion, modeling, photography section. i am located in tokyo - Japan, but i have contact, partners in asian countries to work on my behalf 2) Cost: if you pefrom fashion, glamour, bikini, lingerie, partial nude type of modeling then i can sponsor full and i will deduct the portfolio charges from the future jobs i get for you. If you perform any few of the above mention modeling type then you have pay Rm300 for your portfolio. and i will provide you trainer to guid you step by step with training in posing and expressions for you rportfolio creation. so best quality is guaranteed. 3) Procedure: Decide first, if interested you will register with us either fully sponsored or no sponsorship and then i will book your appointment for portfolio creaiton. My self will contact you from Japan or my organizer wil contact you internationally to discuss apointment, things to prepare and so on. so, wat do u think babes? is it a scam? can be trusted? hey i got the same thing too! but different woman. i saw her advertisement on finding a model for a shoot or something. then she replied the same thinG! and deduct the cost on future jobs, she said she's from singapore~ but then i just went M.I.A on her. coZ it just sounded suspicious enough. because she's looking for someone to do photoshoot then suddenly promote bout portfolio so i dont know if it a scam or not , might as well stay away from it .
  4. yeay! found ouT! really hope i got it!
  5. waa tq dear!!
  6. waaa yeay!! thanx dear! waa sabahan also!
  7. ayeee so gila!!! should just run over him with ur car!!
  8. not eating rice does help! but for me. do not sleep around noon or made me gained more weight exercise works but do not overdo iT!
  9. need respond sooN! *sobs*
  10. hey everyone, im getting a Viva soon! but i have no idea if its okay or not, is it more Jimat Minyak? or not? how bout the maintenance? cepat rosak x? actually i prefer Myvi better, but can only afford the Viva, so i hope u guys can give me ur personal experience and reviews tq!
  11. wow! thanx for the tip! yea i wanna go to the beach too!
  12. oh yeah! heard bout it! gonna try em!thanx for the tips!