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  1. Please email me at [email=""][/email] if you have duromine to sell. i am a genuine buyer and will pay higher than market for all your trouble (we'll negotiate this when you email me ok). thanks chicitas!
  2. who has duromine to sell please email me at im a genuine buyer and willing to pay up to rm130/box. thanks
  3. QUOTE (PinkFlyButter @ Oct 22 2009, 12:00 AM) Hi girls,Just wanna share.. There's another product called 'Lami' .its an Indonesian jamu pill. Can buy at those small jamu shops. It works like Reductil..suppress imsomnia.just have to drink a lot of usual. I've just started,recommended by a friend.seems to work..I can only really tell after 1 week. And it boosts my energy(keeps me awake daytime so i can Exercise!) I wonder if anybody here ever heard/tried this one? ps: i know all the precautions of slimming pills,but i still want [img][/img] Hi, I heard this before, I'm interested. but don't know where to get it. expensive kah ?. [/quote]