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  1. I'd recommend Rodial Eyelight. it contains Arnica which will strengthen the capillaries so that blood contents to spill out when venous congestion occurs at night and also oligopeptides that gets rid of bile and iron deposits which causes the dark circles. Rodial products use naturally derived active ingredients and are all backed up by scientific and clinical data. Rodial are doing a promo currently at Parkson Pavillion until this wednesday (24th Feb). Failing this you can get the products online at [url=""][/url]. Hope this helps.
  2. [quote name='*~YuMikO~*' date='14 January 2010 - 01:38 AM' timestamp='1263404288' post='577846'] sunplay is too oily. actizen sunblock really non oily gives perfect glow. you may search for actizen at forum to read the review and feedback given on this sunblock. 1 botle can last at least 9-12 months. [/quote] Rodial Glamtox has SPF 18 together with peptides that relax the facial muscles like Botox, Hyaluronic acid that act as fillers for wrinkles, pomegranate ellargic tannins for antioxidants and brightening and also Vit C. I don't think there's a better moisturiser in the market. 1 50ml bottle can last a couple of months if used reasonably. You can get it at [url=""][/url]
  3. [quote name='yschan7050' date='27 November 2009 - 03:11 PM' timestamp='1259305865' post='575894'] hi jz, just accept whatever ur r, do not implant or do anything to ur breast, think carefully before u try to do so otherwise u will regret n no turning back, be small rather than be fake right? good luck! [/quote] actually breast implants are there is a way to "turn back"
  4. [quote name='dr.alv' date='20 November 2009 - 11:26 AM' timestamp='1258687615' post='575473'] hi...i dun think all these Fcup cookies work..or else there wont be so many woman opt for surgery rite?massage,yes but to some extent(jst like stimulations) later it goes back to the original sizes.LATEST technqiue involve FILLERS-by company MACROLANE & HYACORP.These boasts temporary fillers (made from H.ACID) & lasts upto 1.5 -2 yrs.To increase 1 cup,the estimated price is abt 15-18k.(this price is almost equivalent to implants),anyone interested can pm me.dr.alv [/quote] Hi, doesn't seem to make much sense to go for fillers when you can have implants which are permanent but completely reversible. You need many injections to have any kind of visible difference and it's not pleasant. At least surgery you're asleep. Plus for RM 12k you can get implants so why spend RM 18k for something that only lasts for months to a couple of years at the most?
  5. [quote name='babyv' date='23 November 2009 - 12:54 PM' timestamp='1258952071' post='575627'] yeah heard of the bust up drink before.. but im almost giving up already after taking 1 box of fcup cookies.. this corset method sounds very promising though but corsets r way too exp to me @@ thnaks for the info anyway.. will try it some time [img][/img] [/quote] you can try Rodial Boob Job cream...supposed to give 1/2 cup increase in 56 days.... it's available at [url=""][/url] .....they claim to have clinical trials that prove it does work...
  6. [quote name='Jas0902' date='22 November 2009 - 11:03 AM' timestamp='1258858982' post='575596'] QUOTE (babyv @ Nov 21 2009, 07:24 PM) really? what's ur size before n after den? before i consume is 28 cm, after 15days is 29.5cm, today i found a miracle happen!!! As today is 16th day i consumed the cookies, this morning i woke up n measure, this morning already increase to 30.2cm!! i'm so happy with the results [img][/img] Gals..remember don ever think not to eat food after u comsume the cookies..cos ur boobs need fats. [/quote] Maybe you can try a product called Rodial Boob job (I know, what a name!), it's a cream that is apparently clinically proven to increase your cup size by about half a cup in 56 days.....not much but at least no pain of surgery and hell of a lot cheaper (even if it's actually expensive for a cream...RM580 per bottle).... this thing is from UK and supposedly has many Hollywood freinds have travelled to Singapore just to get them because until recently it's not been available in Malaysia...
  7. [quote name='bubblecream' date='15 November 2009 - 03:08 PM' timestamp='1258268903' post='575052'] I was told by frens that there r some skin care which gives botox effect and sell at a expensive price..have anyone try before? can recommend one which is good? [img][/img] [/quote] There is a product called Rodial Glamtox which apparently had certain peptides that relaxes the facial muscles hence has somewhat of a botox like effect on top of being a daily mosituriser. If you look thru their website [url=""][/url], it is apparently very popular among holllywood stars. Looking thru the prices, seems insanely expensive. I've been given a couple of samples of the product, seems to suit my skin fairly well but the prices is a little bit of an issue but then La Mer and La Prairie etc cost probably more. I don't think I've seen it anywhere in Malaysia in the stores but it's available online , maybe it's something you should try...
  8. dermlaze don't have vaser liposelection....maybe laser lipolysis...only 2 clinics in Klang Valley have vaser...
  9. I'll be seeing him tomorrow at 3pm. Can tag along if you want
  10. I am a surgeon but I'm not a plastic surgeon. I'm involved quite closely in the cosmetic surgery industry hence I do know something about it.
  11. Hi Shakira, Sorry I replied your PM before reading the threads here...was wondering what lung infections you were talking about . The tumescent fluid that is injected in lipos is done to help with vasoconstriction (shrinking blood vessels and therefore less bleeding), help break up the fat and also provide anaesthesia. If an untrained surgeon does this, there is a possibility that the fluid might be injected into the lungs...this is an unacceptable complication and no trained surgeon should do this. Your second question I answered in your PM but yes, it can be done under LA but not really advisable.
  12. most of Dr heng's procedures are done at his clinic...only major ones like tummy tucks are done at columbia asia....if you go through perfect enhancement it'll still be roughly the same price...and you will benefit from their doctor's home follow-up after the op...
  13. hi...pls check ur PM and check out for info liposuction/liposelection and cosmetic surgery in general
  14. Laser Lipolysis is very effective and also the cheapest form of lipo. However it has some drawback. First of all, this treatment is only effective if there is only a small amount of local fat to be rid of. If even moderate amounts of fat, then some form of liposuction is needed, which will cost a bit more. It also carries a slight risk of burning to the skin. That said, in the hands of properly trained doctors, this risk is minimal. To find out more or know where best to get the treatment, PM me. Hope this helps
  15. Vaser Liposelection is one the 3 different types of liposuction available today. The others being the Tumescent Lipo (normal lipo) and Laser Lipolysis. Vaser is probably the most modern technique with a promise of more sculptured results compared to normal lipo but it's also the most time consuming and not all plastic surgeons can perform it. You need to be specially trained to perform it and very few in Malaysia are. A surgeon in Tropicana is the leading expert in Vaser in Malaysia. Vaser is generally a bit more expensive compared to the other two. A special technique using Vaser can also sculpt your tummy to exagerate your abdo muscles and give you the sixpack (in men) you always wish you have - this is called Vaser Assisted High-Def Liposculpture (VAHDL). If you want to know more or want to know where to get this treatment, PM me or look thru