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  1. there's this one guy.. very handsome, good looking, attractive, full with sense of humour for me, he's physically perfect.. except for his bad habit, smoking. i hate man nor woman who smoke i think they're cutting their life short. OK. enough bout that. back to this guy... he used to be in the same school.. but, he was my senior. 2 years ago. now, he's studying in a local U. - i adore him. very much. i admit it. even i know a lot bout him. tough he may not even notice me. the trouble is.. he's the boy next door (no exactly next door) and... he's moving.. i am really sad. i am darn frust. i never even get a chance to talk to him. tough i admired him since 2 years ago.. and now, he'll be going.. far far away. surely not coming back. (he's no dying) and WHAT SHOULD I DO????
  2. anyone has any idea on how to look glamour (but in polite mood) when attending your school's grand annual dinner, or shall i say promp nite?? - is it OK to wear bling2 outfit? - how bout heels?? 2 inch? less or more? -how bou colour? should it be striking or pastel or what?? owhhh... do help me... i'm not that good in styling esp in formal mood.. any idea?? anyone??
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