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  1. [quote name='YungSernLang' date='11 March 2010 - 03:07 AM' timestamp='1268248067' post='579849'] Hi guys, Its been a long time i never online again here, most probably cause my working and dating time arent really enuf for me to use [img]http://www.malaysianbabes.net/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/sweatdrop.gif[/img], and hi to new members i havent get to know yet ok, lets start what i suppose to [img]http://www.malaysianbabes.net/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/sweatdrop.gif[/img] i had a gf whom we already together for about 9 month, we break-up 3 times before, mainly because i said so, -1st time because she wasnt really the one for me, due to her bad behavior and princess like attitude...(she begged me first time for loving me real much) -2nd time still because her attitude, plus after a guy whom very punctual being dragged along to a her slow and unsteady lifestyle, nobody would tried to continue it...(but she begged me back to her side, as i am really caring her very much) -3rd time is because im going to help my dad business soon, and expected im going to have no time for her, but she still begged me to back to her, saying she can endure everything just to be with me, but after together, i just notice she is looking for other guy, and going out with them, love sms them while i stupidly reload for her, until i realize, but she stopped everything about 1/2mth before i caught her in her undeleted sms ?) well, now we are very loving each other, i guess due to how i treat her, cause i usually very caring and treating her real good, patience toward everything she done and mistakes she did, or even when she crapped out or misunderstand, but angry on me until i gotta surrender to her or ask for forgiveness till she is happy back. but from what i told u guys, my gf is very materialistic person, she would -ask me to buy alot of stuff because she wanna get pretty, and due to she worry i get attracted to others rather den her in future -buy stuff recklessly, asking me always but end up with (not agree = she will say, i pay myself, no need use ur money) or (agree = then i claim from u der lor [img]http://www.malaysianbabes.net/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/sweatdrop.gif[/img]) -never introduce me to any1 she know, reason because not stable, not convinced on me, not convinience, or whatever reason, somehow she love to boost me toward her friends, cause mau muka mah.... -never give up no matter wat, very gila money girl, lets see, if u wanna be pretty, work and earn, save and pamper urself, is normal rite ? she is, if cannot afford, work more and make sure can buy, even if buying it means u gotta be eating bread a month or work 2 jobs a day for a month. this kind of mindset really, work till die or what also , i want buy, if can buy to get pretty die also can tat mind....haizzzz. so how can i change my girls bad attitude ? she already can choose sleep more den me, choose money more den me(even ask me money in everything), choose to do her thing when dating with me, choose to work what i hate the most, MLM and Insurance agent, which job required to be single, available, and let other guys seems so interested with u until would buy wat u tell them, then earn their money for yourself, even if its sacrafice your time, your bf or your energy. she even keep saying tat got other guy can love her more, care her more, and whatever better tat u should always think your bf is the best, plus she say this all just to motivate me to do more, what ? only expect expect and expect, cant even let me breath abit and take a rest ? treat her lack attention is wrong, treat her without gift also wrong, treat her not long enuf also wrong, and treat her not good enuf also wrong, how ? from last december onward, im actually had a very much changes in my life, i help out my dad business, and change to drive a better family car, gotta pay 2.5k per month loan to bank, and not getting salary from dec mth till now, gotta buy alot stuff like skin care, collagen, whitening stuff, dresses, gifts and suprises to my gf, eat no need say cheepest also bar b q plaza family set, petrol money gotta spend alot as im travel to work place or to her house also same distance, 25km++ per trip(pergi balik already 50km liao) the car summore is pumping ron 97 petrol, 2,05 per litre....die la... i from last time, skincare freak, perfume freak, and nice metroguy become until gotta go pharmacy use cleanser to care face enuf d, not buying any other things d, and got no time to sayang back myself d, still, my gf complain me not good enuf for her.... howww......teach me howwwwww!!!!! please..... recently just argue cause she bought a rejected perfume from friend, i sure lecture her, then argue again, now she sleeping, and i gotta fork out money of course, lose in war again mah....plus friday is our dating day, but she plan to use tat time to go get her skincare tat we waited for the stocks and bring her go tarc, so its means, no need date la, i only got time free from morning till 3pm also still need do her thing till i work time, haih.... this gf really take everything from me, all i get is sometimes excersize on the bed, plus some bonus on kissing..... [/quote] she nt immature, she vr mature in diggin ur $$ lo..
  2. im 20,married at18..hvin a wreckonin relationship wit hubby, considerin2divorce bt nt takin baby along..cz im poor he's rich. my parents insist on d baby but i cant,m i selfish?
  3. if ur partner reli love u, u cn ask him/her throw away. or if u reli love ur partner, is no big deal
  4. [quote name='babyv' date='28 January 2010 - 11:52 PM' timestamp='1264693939' post='578411'] [img]http://www.malaysianbabes.net/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/sad.gif[/img] um if i were u.. i wont get married so soon.. ure only 20.. there's still alot of things waiting for u to be explored.. i'd so no to the proposal.. sorry o if offended u.. im also a 20 yr old girl..just saying wat i think [/quote] im20, was married on 18 n nw regreted
  5. [quote name='CyBeR' date='23 October 2009 - 12:12 AM' timestamp='1256227926' post='573515'] Actually, my theory is that time doesn't heal the wounds. [img]http://www.malaysianbabes.net/forum/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif[/img] Really. What heals is letting go, and letting go completely. You can't move on until you let go of that obstacle, boys and girls. No amount of time will change that fact, unless you're talking about hanging on until your strength gives up on you. [img]http://www.malaysianbabes.net/forum/style_emoticons/default/wink.gif[/img] So... why hang on at all? Just let go and do yourself a BIG favour. Live life as it is meant to be. So you f*cked up and lost your ideal girl. Big deal. Let go, learn from your past mistakes. Improve yourself. Look ahead to the next girl, who's DEFINITELY NOT GOING TO FALL FOR A GUY WHO'S DOWN IN THE DUMPS 24/7. I mean, seriously. How many of you girls actually fall in love with a guy who's less fun than a toothache while eating ice cream? And don't pretend to be cheerful, while you're at it. Girls can usually spot a fake a mile away. It's called women's intuition sometimes, but I've found it to be more body language than anything. No one can fake body language completely. Next. [img]http://www.malaysianbabes.net/forum/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif[/img] [/quote] yep. time dont heal..im married bt i stil tink of my x evry9.
  6. hey,thnx4showin me tis video cz i oni realis tat malaysia hv suc gr8blogger tat could spice up ur life wit d things he wrote,i sum sort turn out2admire him,he's my idol nw~~
  7. chloe jane fu = khou cheng hu? means rely on goverment in hokkien? din sound so rite bt close a bit la i gues,anyway sry if u tink is lame cz i oso feel it sounds weird bt tats wt pops out in my mind..sry ya
  8. SSensitiveAAstonishingNNaiveDDistinguishedYYum
  9. Guys Like That You're Charming You're the girl most guys can't get out of their heads Even if they met you on a bad hair day :-) You just seem to "click" with everyone you meet So even if a guy forgets about you for a second... his friends haven't! true, cz in not pretty at all..
  10. Your Stripper Song Is I'm Too Sexy by Right Said Fred "And I'm too sexy for your party Too sexy for your party No way I'm disco dancing" Yes, you're super sexy. But you never yourself too seriously!
  11. You Are 80% Evil You are very evil. And you're too evil to care. Those who love you probably also fear you. A lot.
  12. Your view on yourself: Other people find you very interesting, but you are really hiding your true self. Your friends love you because you are a good listener. They'll probably still love you if you learn to be yourself with them. The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for: You like serious, smart and determined people. You don't judge a book by its cover, so good-looking people aren't necessarily your style. This makes you an attractive person in many people's eyes. Your readiness to commit to a relationship: You are ready to commit as soon as you meet the right person. And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might that person. The seriousness of your love: You like to flirt and behave seductively. The opposite sex finds this very attractive, and that's why you'll always have admirers hanging off your arms. But how serious are you about choosing someone to be in a relationship with? Your views on education Education is very important in life. You want to study hard and learn as much as you can. The right job for you: You're a practical person and will choose a secure job with a steady income. Knowing what you like to do is important. Find a regular job doing just that and you'll be set for life. How do you view success: You are confident that you will be successful in your chosen career and nothing will stop you from trying. What are you most afraid of: You are afraid of having no one to rely on in times of trouble. You don't ever want to be unable to take care of yourself. Independence is important to you. Who is your true self: You like privacy very much because you enjoy spending time with your own thoughts. You like to disappear when you cannot find solutions to your own problems, but you would feel better if you learned to share your thoughts with a person you trust.
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