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  1. [img][/img] [b][size=4][color=#2E8B57]Skin Food Agave Cactus Toner[/color][/size][/b] [color=#9ACD32][b]Price[/b]: RM100+ for 145ml[/color] [color=#9ACD32][b]Packaging[/b]: 10/10 for very elegant bottle design![/color] [color=#9ACD32][b]Scent[/b]: Pleasant green herbs (some people might not like it)[/color] [color=#9ACD32][b]Overall Rating[/b]: 7/10[/color] [b][color=#2E8B57]Ingredient[/color][/b][color=#2E8B57]: [/color] [color=#2E8B57]Agave Tequilana leaf extract, [/color] [color=#2E8B57]alchohol, [/color] [color=#2E8B57]glycereth-26, [/color] [color=#2E8B57]butylene glycol, [/color] [color=#2E8B57]cereus grandiflorus (cactus) flower extract, [/color] [color=#2E8B57]peg-60 hydrogenated castor oil, [/color] [color=#2E8B57]biosaccharide gum-1, [/color] [color=#2E8B57]hydrolyzed viola tricolor extract, [/color] [color=#2E8B57]ammonium acryloyldimethyltaurate/vp copolymer, [/color] [color=#2E8B57]disodium edta, [/color] [color=#2E8B57]sodium hyaluronate, [/color] [color=#2E8B57]methylparaben, [/color] [color=#2E8B57]phenoxyethanol, [/color] [color=#2E8B57]parfum.[/color] [b]Review[/b]: A bit oily, suitable for dry skin. It doesn't promote oil seeds as the Lettuce Cucumber line.
  2. The BEST slimming product i used so far... [b][size=4][color="#FF0000"]Yili Balo Chilli Slimming Gel[/color][/size][/b]!!! RM20 per tube!!! Last 6 months! Works great. can feel the heat and sweat out with a little exercise! Effect feels like going to those slimming beauty saloon heat therapy. I gave up all the others slimming cream/gel that above RM100+ that doesn't give results at all. The 2nd best slimming product i used... [b][color="#FF0000"]Natural Organic Psyllium Husk Powder[/color][/b]!!! RM15+ depends on brand Just mix a teaspoon of it to any fruit juice every morning! The texture will be a bit jelly jelly... definitely guarantee everyday can poo poo smoothly after 1 week! I've loose 10kg in 1 year, and now working hard to maintain my current weight. Still want to loose 5kg to get the perfect shape I want!
  3. [quote name='TipsyTop' date='04 November 2009 - 04:16 PM' timestamp='1257322561' post='574268'] hi, i've been using eyelid glue everyday and night for 24/7 but still no permanent.... haiz, cuz my eyelid is very fat lor, so i thought of putting slimming lotion on my eyelid and make it thinner.... then apply double eyelid glue and see will permanent or not.... it wont harm my eye la but just wonder if anyone tried that? will it work or really make your eyelid thinner? and anyone got product to introduce? dont care if it burns or pain, i'm too desperate for a double eyelid.... [/quote] Logically.... it'll hurt the eyes... I never tried b4, but isn't most of the slimming products have those 'hot' effect? surely i won't put such chemicals on such a delicate area. do consider cosmetic surgery.
  4. [img][/img] [font="Arial"][size="3"][color="#483d8b"][b]The Skin Food - Lettuce Cucumber Emulsion[/b] Product Rating: 6/10 Packaging: 8/10 Price Rating: 6/10 [b]Review:[/b] This product is not suitable for normal and oily skin. It's for dry skin. Do not apply it near eyes area, will promote oil seeds. [/color][/size][/font]
  5. [font="Arial"][size="3"][color="#483d8b"]Overall rating: 9/10 Packaging rating: 7/10 Price rating: 10/10 Review: Looking for something that can replace Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant... This is it! Also works as a mask. Recommended for all skin type. [/color][/size][/font]
  6. [quote name='babyv' date='23 November 2009 - 12:54 PM' timestamp='1258952071' post='575627'] yeah heard of the bust up drink before.. but im almost giving up already after taking 1 box of fcup cookies.. this corset method sounds very promising though but corsets r way too exp to me @@ thnaks for the info anyway.. will try it some time [/quote] You may try looking for Scarlet brand corset in some supermarket like jusco. There's even more cheaper version can be found in some small supermarkets. Normally below RM50 per piece.
  7. I notice that m'sian babes forum don't have the topic about fragrance.... So.... any sharing about it? I never use any fragrance b4... but would like to know more about it...
  8. QUOTE (EstherEs @ Nov 20 2009, 02:12 PM) Recently I watched an advertisement at facebook. There is a bra tht can makes u have a desirable breast instantly! It just need to press the middle of the bra & it could become larger size as u want! Probably the bra is from China! I m wondering whether it was selling in the market now? Ya... heard of that one too... There's somebody selling it in But my sharing is to increase breast size for real.
  9. This is a sharing from my personal experience. Items that you need: - Corset that have breasts support - Slimming suits that will cover your arms, and shoulder but open on the breast area. - Slimming pants that cover until your small legs. Things that you need to do: 1. Wear the slimming suits and corsets and pants covering up your body. 2. Eat a lot of fattening food!!!! (No junk foods please! Choose dairy products! If dairy products sensitive, consider soy milk, don't forget take more fresh papaya) Concept: - If you want to increase breast size, you have to gain weight! - Wearing the suits to make sure the weight you put going to the place you want! - I read that papaya increases estrogen level in our body, and it helps to increase breasts size. Disadvantages: - Couldn't wear nice cloths during the period of time since wearing fully covered slimming suit.
  10. photo... hehe
  11. Hi babes, I'm back to share some of my reviews. Nescafe Body Partner: Kacip Fatimah & Collagen Cheap and good! I can skip imedeen pills with it. normally I only take 1 classic pills 2 days, now I took 1 sach nescafe daily also can maintain skin texture. The taste is not as nice as the other 3in1 white coffee (Hazelnut flavour still the best) But the best part is it gives collagen, and doesn't taste fishy. Its a great news for coffee lovers. Do add it into your daily diet for nice skin! I've taken 20 sachs already!
  12. hey, just wanna share. the orange parsely emulsion really nice to control oil without drying the skin. a bit warm when first applied. It reduced congested pores very well. but the orange parsely facial wash a bit dry.
  13. Almost many of my fav masks are from Skin Food: All below RM50 also above RM35: ~ Rice Mask for normal skin ~ Cucumber Mask for all skin (hydrating mask) ~ Brown Sugar Mask for dried skin ~ Carrot eye mask for the other brands, I don't think many people will dare to try: ~ Watson brand Olive Hydration mask ~ Garnier Self-heating mask
  14. Hi babes, I'm so frust after knowing that posting stuff for sale here need to pay. OMG, I just want to let go 1 item here. BRAND NEW (SEALED) BRTC PROTECT MULTIPLEX BB CREAM 50ml My brother bought extra for me... I don't want to keep it long, coz these things cannot keep. let go in RM150 free poslaju shipping. ps: only 1 avialable! I'm sorry for the admins... please forgive me!
  15. Issey Miyake L'eau De Issey Giorgio Armani Code Femme Prada Infusion D'lris Gucci Envy me Brut for men (i like it anyways) Unknown Arabian brand Sedap Malam (really smells like books, i like it)