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  1. bluerubies, yeap! I bought the most expensive one, they say greater than 99% accuracy and they say u can use it even on the first day u miss ur period. Teff, nola, hard to find a proper doctor also, so many fake doctors + my uncle is a doctor, it's going to be scary if I get caught cause I somemore went to his house functions, plus all the doctor's gathering so on so forth. lol. plus that exact same home pregnancy kit was accurate for me the first time I used it (diagnosed that I'm pregnant), don't know why its somewhat isn't accurate right now, or it is, just that I'm paranoid that my breast is swollen! anyways, despite all those, yeah, going to find a proper doctor with no strings attached to my uncle with my bf during study leave (next week) to do blood test! sigh. or should I do another pregnancy test again. lol. anyway, thanks for the replies :-)
  2. hmmmm... I did the pregnancy test today again, and it's again NEGATIVE!! but my breast is swollen. ahhh, don't tell me I needa do blood test. sigh. scared of pins and needles.
  3. bluerubies, I don't know, maybe for u it's the same but it's different for me, cause I was pregnant before, and usually my period also the symptoms is on the breast, that's why I can tell if its the "worrying" sensitive breast or "monthly" breast pain. during my period,my breast have stinging sensation when pressed,but when I was pregnant the first time, it was swollen..like now! :'( yeah, its really worrying, and the thought of going through abortion is even worst. sigh, u were in my shoes before? spiritdust, but before the sperm enter our system, the period blood won't "flush" it away ? had it during my first 2 days of period, whereby the period is at its "heaviest" stage. anyway, I just bought new pregnancy test, going to test tomorrow morning....will update u all the good or the bad news thanks for all the advice and opinions.
  4. i don't want the birth control pills where they stop the period also, heard that it's deadly. are there like spermicide or some device that is detach on our body to prevent pregnancy ?
  5. i tried the kit 2-3 days ago, waiting for this coming week to test another time. If it's still negative, I guess I'll go do blood test. Sigh, there's difference between stiff pain for period, and a different one for pregnancy. Pregnant that time the breast looks bigger, more like cause it's bigger, and the whole breast is really firm and nipples very sensitive. The last time I had was last week I think. but so far all with condoms. Only had unsafe sex during period. sigh. Cause I was pregnant once, thats why I can differentiate a pms breast and a pregnant one :'( really really hope I'm not pregnant. How to prevent pregnancy the safest way other than condom ? I tried morning after pill before, it didn't work for me, hence my first pregnancy. any other suggestion?
  6. even if I used the same test for my first pregnancy(that proved that I'm pregnant, got abortion) , the same brand and pregnancy might not be accurate also ? thanks for your advice.
  7. I'm in serious dilemma, HELP. I've got sensitive breast (not the normal before period ones) and period is delayed. But I took pregnancy test and it's negative. I was pregnant before but I had an abortion, and I swore never to return to that place ever again. Period was delayed two weeks!!!!!!!!!!! I had unsafe sex but it was during my period. After that, its always with condom. Is it possible that I'm pregnant again ? I really don't want to kill an unborn child again, cried a river, and watching shows that involves abortion no longer felt the same. My friends told me not to worry, as it can be due to stress, as I was really stressed up since 2 months ago, due to assignment overload. Exams are coming. But from what I read online, though home pregnancy test could show negative, but it might not be 100% accurate. Best is to do a blood test. Anyone knows the % of me being pregnant? I know it's solely my fault, but I really never intended it to happen, and I just couldn't let my boy down without sex. He did tried controlling his urges (especially after the traumatic abortion experience) , but seeing him wank while watching porn and yet not approach me, I felt horrible, and hence I give in once in a while but not as often as before. sigh, are there any other reason why I have stiff breast and delayed period?
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