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  1. Do you always feel tired at the same time every day, for about the same number of hours? Example - do you feel tired between 2 - 4pm then after that your body will "wake up" on its own? If yes, then it could be your natural biorhythm. Some people believe that the metabolism rate of each person varies throughout the day. This makes your body more active at certain times of the day and more lethargic during certain hours. So once you understand your body 's biorhythm, then you can plan your meals and activites accordingly. However, if you feel lethargic most of the day, then it could be any of these: lack of blood too much sleep (yes, too much sleep is not good!) wrong sleeping pattern - you mentioned that you sleep late and wake up late? Try sleeping by 11pm and waking up at 8am. so called "jet lag" - if you sleep-in during weekends but have to wake up early during weekdays for classes, your body can get confused. Try waking up at the same time every day.
  2. heh heh he.... don't let me scare you off lerr.... it's actually very very slight smell only... the vanilla covers up most of it. If you mix it with a flavoured drink, like soya milk, or milo, or juice, then it is totally ok! You won't even notice it! And after you drink if for about 1 week or so, you will become so used to the taste, you don't even feel it anymore....
  3. Meiji Amino Collagen is selling in Taiwan, and I'm getting my husband to buy 2 packs for me! The taste is ok with some drink, a bit of vanilla scent, but its a bit fishy on its own. is also selling for US$32. Isetan has on-going promotion buy 5 tins, free 1 tin.
  4. I notice it only happens to me when I use certain brands. Recently I tried ROC's retin-ox eye cream, and previously, I tried something from Estee Lauder (can't remember which line), both of these stung. But when I use Biotherm & Lancome, it was ok. So I think maybe it is the formulation. On Christmas day I was in Origins, and asked the SA there about this. What she said is that it is due to our eyes not agreeing with the eye cream, as well as the skin around the eyes being too dry. So when the cream's ingredients are too stong for your skin, it will sting. Yeah, so her advise too is to not use anything which stings the eyes. Sigh.... now my tube of ROC is wasted, it is almost brand new and I can't use it anymore.... By the way, I also learnt something from the SA on how to prevent milia, she says don't apply too much if it is a thick eye cream, and don't rub too long. Maximum is to go 4 rounds around the eye area, then we should stop already. She says some people rub and rub and rub, so that will cause the milia to form.
  5. Sometimes, when I apply eye cream, I get a stinging sensation, especially under the eye. Is it because the product doesn't suit me, or is it because the skin around my eyes too dry? Has anyone else experienced this? I'm wondering, because if it is because of the product, then would it harm the under eye skin, and should I discontinue it?
  6. thanks teff! got it! And this weekend I'll be going to Isetan KLCC to try if I can find it.
  7. wooo... sounds goooood, Teff. I shall go check it out in Isetan. Which department? Supermarket? Mind giving me your Japanese supplier contact? You mentioned a few others which you have tried before - Etsu and NeoCell? Are they any good? I know Etsu can get from Watsons / Guardian, but I never heard of NeoCell before.... Hmmn... I wonder if anyone got good reviews on Imedeen and Estime and all the other supplements? I prefer Estime because they claim to have sunblock... a few years ago, I took it for about 2 months only, then stopped, because it was kinda expensive too.... Now I realise that with my sagging skin and fine lines coming out, I better start taking them lor...
  8. hi, can I know where to get the Meiji amino collagen, and how much does it cost? I've been thinking of trying the Kinohimitsu Collagen, but I find it pretty expensive for just 6 days worth, so I bought the Brand's Innershine instead, cheaper - but that's just basically prune juice. Anyone tried Kinohimitsu before? Also a bit worried about the reliability of some of these brands - since it's something we consume in our bodies, I just want to be more careful, afraid it might turn out like some of those slimming supplements you know, with side effects and does permanent damage to our internal organs...
  9. good luck for your exams, peaches. don't let this affect your grades - you are still young and have a long way to go. It's a good idea to distance yourself emotionally from him, so that whichever way your relationship goes, you will end up ok. For any guys you date, you should remember to always keep something apart, never give 100% of your heart to any guy, because you never know what will happen. Only when one day, you find the Right One, then you can consider giving 100%.
  10. Hi, am wondering when is your next COD in either 1U or The Curve? I would like to order some combinations of face masks and ampoules from you, but you have so many types, I am not sure what to get. I have some visible pores around my cheek area, blackheads mostly on my nose, freckles on my cheekbones and I'm also concerned about my skin sagging. What would you recommend? I'd like to get some ampoules for my friend as well - she has very bad pimples and acne, with some scarring. Hope your ampoules can help her - what do you recommend for this case?
  11. If the guy has asked you 3 times to take a break, and if you do not even feel the love from him anymore, do you think it is still worth it to carry on? The initial stage of a relationship always gives a high feeling, the guy is still chasing, so of course he will be extra nice and attentive to you. Once you are in the relationship, each day will continue to reveal new things about your partner - some things you will like, and some things you will dislike. Sorry if I sound harsh, but have you considered that perhaps this guy has discovered some new things about you in the past 10 months, which he does not like and wants out of the relationship, but he does not want to hurt your feelings? So perhaps he is trying to "save face" for you, and hint to you, by hoping that you would be the one to call it off? If you find that this relationship is really worthwhile to keep, then both of you need to be truly open with each other and communicate frankly to solve whatever issues he might have. But if you are hanging on to this relationship because of the "feeling" of being in love, then it is best to move on, and find the guy who is truly right for you. Just offering an alternative viewpoint, hope u don't get offended.
  12. thanks for the info, cym. i checked out the website u recommended, but its all in Chinese, which I don't understand. Can you give me her contact number / email? I can't seem to find it.
  13. huuyooh... so hard to decide! For me, as long as I get to go for a holiday, any reason is fine! I have no specific objective - after all, its a holiday, right? Go for shopping holiday in KL, also enjoy. Beach holiday, just lie around whole day - enjoy! Europe group tour, mad rush to see all the sights - also enjoy! Tokyo city tour, experience the local lifestyle - fantastic! China holiday with toilets from hell - wow, what an adventure, had a good laugh over it! Museums - I can spend the whole day in one museum man! Hahaha....conclusion is.... me a holiday freak.
  14. Waffle World - their Crepe Suzette is so hard to find anywhere else... Wan tan soup noodles in the food court Dome!!!!
  15. hi, since u have the aloe vera plant at home, good to try it. Just slice them up and plaster them on your face. Leave on for a while, like what Teff says. As for the tomatoes, they r good for you, especially men's health. Supposed to reduce risk of prostrate cancer - so mum knows best. Just Google "lycopene" and u will get some info on the nutrition in tomatoes....