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  1. i found the flamingo mascara from a pasar malam nearby my house, and i didn't know how to tell the differences between the real and the fake one until i read the information above. Apparently mine is fake T____Tll but i have used it a few times already, nothing seems to be wrong. :S I did lenghten my lashes really well though.
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    BB Cream

    Hey there Enry! I did say you try Missha's Shiny BB Cream if she likes a little glittery effect on her face, it has tiny giltter particles to brighten the face up and it has SPF27 if i am not mistaken. You can also try Missha Perfect Cover BB cream which comes in two shades. =D Hope i helped.
  3. Hey naughtybutnice, from experience i can tell you that it's better that you don't go rebonding at this moment until your hair has recovered. I have permed my hair before because the salon i usually goes to has a promotion, but after that i didn't like the outcome so i splurged another 250 for rebonding. After i did rebonding, my hair was fine, but a few days later it started breaking, splits ends increased tremendously It took me almost 3 months before it started recovering slowly. It's best you fork out and go for some salon treatments like i did, once every month so it doesn't burn a hole in our pockets , can't remember what the treatment is called but all i know is, is that it's not scalp treatment. (i have old woman's memory ) And do some home-brewed hair mask. Your hair should be better in no time. Hope i am helpful! <3 Shuen_gwen
  4. Hi everyone! I rarely use contacts but since my cousin's wedding and prom is coming (yes i can be really vain ) and i was wondering whether has anyone used this brand? Feel like trying them out, but i am really afraid that it will cause an infection. I have really sensitive eyes. I am have tried freshkon's before but they look really fake Also, does anyone know where to get GEO or G&G contacts around PJ area? I heard that they're pretty good. Thank you! <3 Shuen_gwen
  5. Hey guys, as you can see i have cut my hair to a very short pixie, and a few days after that my cousin said i was going to be his flower girl for the wedding, apparently my hair and the dress is from two different worlds! I checked out lowyat's sales section for women, the seller did not reply. Since the wedding is only one week away, and SPM is in 8 days, so i need to find one soon. I need a decent long wig in black or dark brown. Price ranging from RM100 - 200. Anyone know of a good place? Your help is GREATLY & CRUCIALLY Appreciated !! <3 Shuen_gwen
  6. Ahaha, alright i will post a piccie of it soon! You know that's a big problem now. Apparently i have a wedding dinner coming soon now, and my dress and my hair is from two different worlds >__> and i think i need a wig. EDIT: Here's my lastest hair cut, styled it a lil bit. Or else it will look like dead seaweed on my scalp XD
  7. I get my haircuts from Monsoon-id. I find that they're pretty good! They have one outlet in 1utama's old wing, near the TGV cinema and next to hinode. The haircut's price ranges from different stylist. Top stylist's haitcuts ranges from 30 - 100+, while the creative director's one are 60 and above. Depending on how long or thick your hair is also. But if you do want to try monsoon-id, i did recommend that you ask for Ching Wong (my usual stylist) or Julieen Kong (not entirely sure what her name is already ; Hope i am helpful!
  8. Hmm....i use Vaseline's 100% Pure Petroluem Jelly to remore my make-ups including the waterproof mascara and the gel eyeliner. I find it alot better than other products, it's cheap, it removes all make-ups and you can leave it on your face (i use it on my eye area and it looks a lot fresher in the morning). It's an all-i-one package for me. Hope i am helpful!
  9. Hey everyone! thanks for all of your opinion! I have got my hair cut yesterday, it's really short it's a cross between androgyny hairstyle and pixie. >__>;; not really used to it but ahaha alot of people liked it! Well, that's a surprise!
  10. Heya, thanks for all of the information you have provided! I have did tongue piercing and recently i had my lips pierced. Thank goodness it didn't swell bad. PS. for those who want to get oral piercings, especially tongue and the upper middle part of the lips make sure you go to a certified piercer. I did mine in dragonfly curve, you can ask for a girl named Mafal. She's really nice and she has years of experiences. The aftercare for oral piercing are really important! REMEMBER whenever you want to get a replacement stud for any lips or tongue piercings, make sure you go back to the piercing parlor. It's expensive alright, but it's for you ow good. Cheap ones are always good for your pocket, and the infection will cause more. Hope i have helped! Good luck all!
  11. I'm very well-known in my school for changing hairstyles ;; since i am always curious and always ready to try out something new [though i won't say i have very high self-esteem]. I used to have shoulder-lenght hair, i cut it to a short boy cut. This is my current hair, It's pretty short but i am dying to have Rihanna's and Agyness Deyn's Androgyny hair cuts or those curly pixie hairstyles Audrey Tautou has [ if you have CLEO's October 08 issue you can see her soft curly pixie hairdo on page 174 (the herbal essences special section]. But i don't know whether it's a wise idea or not. My friends keeps pesking me to leave it long again. What do you'all think? PS. I would be nice if anyone could identify my face shape? My parents said it's Square, my friends said it's round but some said it's a heart shape. While i have no idea what it is...
  12. Hey there babybb XD thanks for your warm welcome! I will check out that place when i am free, since SPM is drawing near, i have limited excess to the net T_T;;
  13. Hey everyone, i have been lurking in this forums for months, was too lazy to click the register button ( ish an incredibly lazy girl D= ). *ahem* back to introduction, Hi, feel free to call me Gwen or Christine. I'm 17 this year [sPM is drawing near T_T]. I am from PJ, looking to pursue a career in Masscom or make-up lines in the coming years. Hoping to make some friends here, [ am bubbly girl, ain't gonna gobble anyone up =) ] am gonna stop writing before this turns to an essay =__=;; Lastly, nice to mee y'all!
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