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  1. yes, more details please!
  2. usually i eat pork chicken fish. but right now I only eat fish and vegetables (to lose weight). However, I occasionally go meatless for days..weeks.. to a month , few times a year, depends on my mood. lol. no one force or tell me to do it. Even my mom and auntie all salutes my randomness (no vegetarians in my family at all so kinda hard to do it especially eating at home). I tried eating those artificial meat, I put on weight instead.Artificial meat are all quite fattening,oily and unhealthy. why become vegetarian but still eat artificial meat???? The texture and taste all are 60% similar...curbing cravings for meat through that way ? so like when I do decide to suddenly become vegetarian, its usually pure veggies, boiled steam or stirfry. no artificial meat/dishes. It was quite tough, but I did it for a month before (longest). Family all usually cook at home, and the only vegetables available are the pure veggies..hence the fish eating for protein.
  3. [quote name='*~YuMikO~*' date='01 December 2009 - 01:32 AM' timestamp='1259602354' post='576106'] Hi dear, have you got your siy? Let me know how is your result yea. Btw, I will be heading down to KL nextt week, 12th Dec - 13th Dec. any babes who wish to COD with me , you are welcome. My promo for christmas is giving [size="4"]free 1 box SIY with every purchase of 3 boxes. [/size] [/quote] wow it's so super confusing replying everywhere. yeap i got my siy already, finally !! after half a year. but im thinking to try obexlim after siy! im looking for the tread now. tooo many postings bout siy
  4. [quote name='*~YuMikO~*' date='27 November 2009 - 08:35 PM' timestamp='1259325342' post='575906'] Hi dear, of course i do remember. Even hand carry also my friends wouldnt want to help me because they said australian custom check everything. It;s okie if you purchase from others , mummy will nag if she found out. haha. Oh yea, regarding the obexlim, hehe bf doesnt know. he thought collagen. Obexlim is very great in surpressing my appetite and only 1 packet in the morning with warm water before breakfast. More convenient and the obedetox for detox is optional. Some ppl take siy and feel that the night juice make theeir stomach uncomfortable and inconvenient to run toilet in the morning. Obexlim does burn fats too, i started taking because my friend and her sis in law took it and slim down quite obvious and i have this customer from siy, who took obexlim slim down much more compared to siy. taste wise, i would prefer obexlim and price is lower too compared to siy. I hope that you can achieve your target , 10kilos! Do remember, drink more water when taking siy and try to avoid char kuey teoew, nasi lemak, fried chicken, roti canai if possible. If you wish to try obexlim, you may look for me too. I do share cheaper price. you may contact me at 0124172818 if you dont see me online. [/quote] hmm, obexlim is in powder form? how much is it, the share price u offer? cause if its in powder form I want to try to smuggle to Australia to maintain my weight. Hate going back to Australia, alwaysss put on weight and before coming back. oh no, i just drank the night siy. I hope there's no stomach discomfort thats unbearable, cause I am prone to stomachaches that can make me faint. p.s. britney04 aka melissa, nice trading with u today at Curve! u and ur twin sister are sooooooooooooo skinny!!
  5. yeah, family will always be with us. Not worth ditching your family for a guy whom , as you said yourself, might not even last!
  6. I think you should move on, too. Not worth "fighting" for "your man". He wasn't in love with you 100% in the first place ! Many fishes out there No offense!
  7. [quote name='*~YuMikO~*' date='18 November 2009 - 09:12 AM' timestamp='1258506751' post='575284'] QUOTE (mic.darlin9 @ Oct 31 2009, 08:40 AM) anyone selling SIY in KL ? COD. I'm in australia now, but coming back on 22nd nov. I prefer COD, don't have online bank account to transfer money~ Hi dear, i will be down on the 12 Dec 09. you have waited for this siy for at least 6 months already hor.. [/quote] wow, u remember me. yeah, because alot of people msg me that siy cannot really enter australia, have to go through many process. Now i am back in malaysia already, and put on more weight! sigh. now want to lose 10kg. aiya. i already promise to buy from another girl this sunday. 3box rm495. COD. no free 4th box. but actually im going penang this weekend. lol. fri till sunday. but im going with my mom to visit my grandma, and i dont want my mom to know im taking it. but i saw u posting up about obexlim ? i feel like want to try though. How do i buy it ?
  8. anyone selling siy in kl C.O.D? msg me here or email me at mic.darlin9@gmail.com
  9. anyone selling SIY in KL ? COD. I'm in australia now, but coming back on 22nd nov. I prefer COD, don't have online bank account to transfer money~
  10. lol, not all online people are desperate, some happened by chance. i met someone online, tho not on MYB, but went out face to face and was attracted to him. he's actually very goodlooking.
  11. depends if the person is serious or not lor. if serious, and im interested : i love u too, not interested : uh......O.O if not serious, just reply i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  12. Hey everyone, I'm not a very good promoter, but I JUST got the distributorship in MELBOURNE, Australia! (after so much hassle) Anyone who wants to try Monavie in Melbourne, can pm me/ reply here. COD at Melbourne City, suburbs such as Geelong, Boxhill or Burwood is possible, but depending on days. Selling at AUD45 per bottle, and AUD171 per box of 4 bottles (may be slightly more expensive if u convert, but I'm buying it at AUD, not MYR / RM) but if response is really good, I'm going to lower down the price, cause can buy in bulk and I'm not planning to earn money from this. Cause I'm consuming it, and if anyone wants to try it, can help u all get if u all are to shy to approach guai lous..lol. MIGHT to come up with a website with the details of the products soon, but currently busy with assignments. Just want to share the news that Monavie is available to whoever who wants to drink at Melbourne, AUS.. cause I just tried ordering last week, and it came today! phew. Didn't get scam or something. if u all need further details, pm me! or u all are familiar with the Monavie products, and want other Monavie products like their Monavie Active gel..etc, I'll help u all order. Just to tell u all, the one I'm selling is Monavie Active Juice, which is good for anyone in general. Monavie Original Juice is more for kids (below 12 ) or pregnant woman and the Gels (Monavie Active Gels and Monavie Original Gels) are for people who're on the go. Monavie Original Juice is cheaper, but I haven't buy yet. If anyone wants, I'll order. I think it's around AUD40, maybe slightly cheaper/expensive. Have to average the cost out if anyone's interested. Well if anyone wants to order at Jalan Ipoh area, KL, can ask me too. My mom's there. Super staunch Monavie believer, but she's only free on Sundays. Not to exaggerate, but my aunt who cannot give birth since her first child (my cousin, currently 12 years old), after consuming Monavie for about 5months, she's now PREGNANT! not bullshitting at all, I'm going to get a new cousin when I go back! But not really sure if it's Monavie or her ovum decided that its time for the second child, since the first one is so hyper, after 10 years of trying. She did get pregnant once during the 10 yrs course of trying, but the baby drop off =/ That's all!
  13. I don't think slimming sessions work...better to get the suit.
  14. haha,to make u feel less bad/horrible, all of us may be wrong. maybe ur definition of hot chicks are chicks that's hot in ur eyes, and they may be ugly from our perspectives. and I'm from KL.Many girls in KL are like me, seeking "close to perfect guys" or Mr. Right. none of us are like the cheap china hookers u saw in KL =/. they are the ones that are more keen on your wallet too.