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  1. i got this information of Haagen Dazs All You Can Eat promotion @SohoKL for only RM 33.90++ per person. T&C apply before i go there thought i want to make sure first about T&C such as the time & day, anyone can help me with this? i got the hotline number 1300889956 but nobody pick up the phone
  2. = sorry, post it on the wrong place, how to delete? =
  3. most saloon here the staff can speak english lah. i can't speak mandarin nor cantonese. try this Hair Room 03-79558886. my hair dresser name is ethan. cut +style RM 50. address PJ Section 8 No. 61, LG Floor. Bangunan Khas, Jlana 8/1E, Petaling Jaya. just had my hair cut there 2 weeks ago
  4. Check our store IDEKO @ The Curve and enjoy the special offer
  5. depend on what kind of perm & highlights do you want...i go to the salon twice, one to ask the price first and the second time to "did" my hair. btw, every stylist can charge different price, in SS2/64 they charge RM 300 for my cold perm and actually they offer bigger rolls to curl my hair, hence...if that time i did my hair in that place, i wont get the result that i want. then i managed to go to the SS2/75 and met Sheeva, he really can deliver what i want, plus cheaper price also ^^
  6. Thanks for the information that I gather from this thread, I can perm my hair in Malaysia. The result is exactly like I wanted but still shocked because it’s very tight curls and earlier it’s only a pic ( not mine ) that I showed to the stylist now become reality…hahahaha When : Oct 21st, 2008 Where : K Care Shop, Jalan SS2 / 75, PJ Telp. 03-78730369 Who : Sheva ( stylist ) How : Cold Perm $$$ : RM 200 Nett ( perm & trim ) Note : open 10 am – 8 pm daily except Sunday closed Here’s the pics : http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t275/cy...ir/DSC00169.jpg http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t275/cy...ir/DSCN8472.jpg http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t275/cy...ir/DSC00173.jpg http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t275/cy...ir/DSCN8458.jpg http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t275/cy...ir/DSCN8491.jpg http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t275/cy...ir/DSCN8516.jpg
  7. wash your jeans with a new jeans with dark colour together. usually it helps. ( can borrow ur family's right ^^ )
  8. misscloud

    Beauty Credit

    Beauty Credit is unfortunately not good at designing the store. it's like just force to open. i've seen the 1 in Sg. Wang. too bad tho because the product is not bad. cheaper than laneige, higher that faceshop
  9. misscloud

    Beauty Credit

    well, i got the info from my friend that happen to be Beauty Credit's GM for Indonesia. She's the 1 who told me that they already got in to Watsons Malaysia ^^
  10. misscloud

    Beauty Credit

    u can get it in watson's
  11. Revlon Microfine Natural Loose Powder. Affordable and love the end result
  12. may i know what's the name and the address? how much is it? ^^
  13. yeah, i know STRIP, they also opened in Jakarta, Indonesia. here they charged RM 88, never tried because like i said earlier in Indonesia even in nice saloon only pay around RM 50. clean and everything, that's why i try to find cheaper place, but now regret T___T read of my story that i posted earlier
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